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"Wolf King, this is the first time you called me this year." Katherine picked up the phone. Her red lips slight curved up when she talked, with a little bit of a complaining tone.

Qingfeng Li ignored her complaints and said calmly, "Katherine, help me issue a challenge at the under world arena. I want to challenge the Gator King."

Hearing that, Kathrine was surprised. She reminded him, "Wolf King, I admit that you are very good, and was the top King of the underworld last year. But don't you forget, there is a new King in the dark world every year. The Gator King was the King of the Tiger Continent over ten years ago. He is considered an older generation of King. When he was the king, you were still in kindergarten."

Qingfeng Li wasn't mad about what Katherine said because he knew that she was just stating the facts.

He was only eight years old when the Gator King became the king of the underworld. So what? If he sent Bach to kill me, then he deserves payback.

"Katherine, all you need to do is issue the challenge and I will head over to the Tiger Continent three days from now." Qingfeng Li smiled, saying with confidence.

"Wolf King, are you sure you would like to challenge the Gator King? I heard that he is a ancient martial artist."

"Ancient martial artist? Kathrine, no need to worry. I'm not afraid of him now that I'm challenging him."

"Alright, I will issue the challenge in the underworld for you and you will have to fight at the underground arena of the Tiger Continent after three days." Katherine smiled, hung up the phone and started the porocess of issuing the challenge.

When the breaking news of the Wolf King challenging the Gator King was released, the entire dark world was excited. Countless fighters in the dark world was paying full attention to this challenge.

This was a challenge between a new king and an older generation king who represented two new forces.

The older generation kings have always been suppressing the new kings using the reason that they were seniors. However, the new kings never wanted to submit to them. The contest between the two had always been existent.

After the phone call with Kathrine, Qingfeng Li came back to the number 13 house.

The light was still on and Xue lin was waiting for him to come back.

Qingfeng Li took out the key and opened the door. There were three more people besides Xue Lin sitting in the living room. Two of them were his in laws and Hai Lin was there too.

"Brother in law, you are back." Hai Lin ran over to Qingfeng Li, giggled.

Ever since the last time Qingfeng Li made himself a Hero at Eastern Sea University, Hai Lin had been seeing him as his idol. He also wanted to get in touch with Jiaojiao Liu through his brother in law.

Qingfeng Li nodded, considering it as a greeting.

"Mom, Dad, how come you guys came over?" Qingfeng Li asked with respect and a smile on his face.

Even though Qingfeng Li was the Wolf King of the Wolf Continent and was famous all over the world, he was very respectful and modest with his in laws.

"Qingfeng, Xue told me it's only half a month away from your wedding, so we came over to see if everything is okay. " Mother in law Xiaoyun Mu said.

Xiaoyun Mu was very heartbroken over the car accident at the last wedding, so this time, she wanted to come in much earlier to make sure this wedding was more magnificent and safer.

"Yes, in half a month I plan to host a world-class wedding for Xue Lin." Qingfeng Li smiled at her, eyes full of tenderness.

Xue Lin was always quiet and magnificent, but she became a little girl in front of her mom. Hearing what Qingfeng Li said, her pretty face blushed and made her look even prettier.


Seeing himself ignored, Shi Lin coughed a bit just to remind his existence.

Qingfeng Li jokingly asked, "Are you not feeling well father in law?"

Shi Lin rolled his eyes not knowing what to say. I coughed to get your attention, not that I'm sick.

Seeing this, Xue Lin tittered. She thought Qingfeng was quite a bully. But she was much closer with her mom than with her dad. She wouldn't criticize Qingfeng Li for her dad, instead, she would even admire him more.

"Qingfeng, Xue is my only baby daughter, this wedding better be very magnificent." Shi Lin said, trying to cover the embarrassment just now.

"Don't worry father in law, I will give her a world-class wedding. And I'll invite the president of the Wolf Continent and the Princess of Denmark." Qingfeng Li laughed.

What? President of the Wolf Continent?

Shi Lin looked astonished and baffled, "Son, I know you are the eldest son of the Li family and very established. But don't fool me, how on earth would the president come?"

If Qingfeng Li told him the major would come, Shi Lin might have believed it. But the President? Shi Lin dared not trust this. He is a business-man, so he surely know all the forces. Even if the richest person in Huaxia is getting married, the president of the Wolf Continent wouldn't show up.

"Dad, just wait and see. It is certain that he will be there." Qingfeng Li said with confidence.

"Dear, mom hasn't eaten yet, go make something for her." Xun Lin said, she noticed her husband was bluffing so she wanted to defuse it while he was cooking.

Qingfeng Li nodded and went to the kitchen to cook.

In the living room, Xiaoyun Mu frowned and said, "Child, I like everything about Qingfeng, it's just the bragging thing. It's fine with us but he would sure be made fun of if he went out and told other people about it."

Xue Lin blushed with embarrassment. She didn't know how to put it since she didn't want to talk back to her mom.

Even though Qingfeng Li was cooking in the kitchen, he heard everything they said with his acute hearing. He was filled with complicated feelings.

"Why does no one trust me when I tell the truth?" Qingfeng Li was depressed. He felt like no one believed him every time he was trying to tell the truth. On the other hand, they only believed when he told them lies.

Whatever, they will believe me when the president shows up at the wedding in half a month and they will be so surprised.

Qingfeng Li sorted up his thoughts and focused on cooking. He made two dishes and two soups since there were a few of them.

There was a meat dish and vegetable dish as well as a cold dish. He also made pork bone seaweed soup with shredded tripe.

When the dishes were served, his in-laws were quite satisfied about how delicious they were.

"Qingfeng, you are such a great cook. You can be a chef if you opened up your own restaurant." Xiaoyun Mu gave him a thumb up and commended. She was a cook herself but she thought Qingfeng cooks better than herself.

"Brother in law, you cook so well and my sister is such a lucky girl." Hai Lin saw the trend and grasped the chance to suck up to him. Of course, he wouldn't do it if the dishes weren't actually that delicious.

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