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"You guys are so weak, and you still want to challenge me?" Qingfeng asked with a smile of disdain.

In the eyes of ordinary people, these four fighters were extremely strong. However, in Qingfeng's eyes, they were way too weak.

We lost? Even though we joined forces?

Yang Guan, Zhuiming Ye, Fenghuang Wu and Guiying Wu exchanged looks of fear and astonishment.

The four of them originated from martial arts families of Huaxia. They had all perfected their family's technique, but they still lost. How strong must Sky Wolf be?

At this moment, they recalled what the seniors in their families told them, "Huaxia was filled with powerful fighters". They left the mountain so that they broaden their horizons. If not, they would still think they are the strongest fighters in the world.

After defeating the number one fighters of the four big fighting arenas, Qingfeng became the number one fighter on the Heroes List.

"Sky Wolf won! How amazing!"

"Yeah, I never expected Sky Wolf to win. He defeated the four strong fighters easily."

"Oh my god, Sky Wolf won. Does that mean I lost all the money I bet?"

"Sigh, I bet 100 thousand Yuan that the four fighters would win. I didn't think they would be so trash."

The surrounding people discussed animatedly. They looked at the four fighters on the stage with disdain. Everyone would be upset if they lost money.

Contrastingly, Black Panther and King Kong were elated. They had bet that Sky Wolf would win. The betting ratio was 100:1. Since they had bet 1million Yuan, they won 100 million Yuan. In total, the two of them won 2 million Yuan. They were over the moon.

King Kong and Black Panther walked towards the fat boss. The fat boss was ghastly pale and looked like his parents had died.

"Fat ass, pay up. 100 million Yuan per person. It is 200 million Yuan in total," King Kong said with a smile.

He did not pity the fat boss at all. It was the fat boss's fault for saying Grand Daddy Li would lose.

"Big brother, I don't have 200 million Yuan. Let me go," The fat boss pleaded.

King Kong said coldly, "If you don't have money, I will break your legs. You will be in a wheelchair for the rest of your life."

"No, no ... please let us talk it out."

"Fat ass, this fighting arena is yours. You can use it to repay us."

"Alright, this fighting arena is yours," The fat boss said.

The fat boss had suffered a huge loss. He lost all of his savings and his career.

But it was his own fault. If the fat boss had thought that Qingfeng would win, he would not have suffered such a heavy loss. He could only blame himself.

Qingfeng's hearing was very sharp so he heard the conversation between King Kong and the fat boss. He did not pity the fat boss at all. Everyone had to be responsible for their actions.

When Qingfeng walked down the stage and was about to leave the fighting arena, he was stopped by an elderly in grey clothes.

The eldrer in grey cloth was in his sixties. His hair was grey but he looked to be in good health. His eyes were sharp. Even though he hid his power, Qingfeng could sense a strong hidden power from his body.

"Sky Wolf, Qingfeng Li, 24 years old. The Wolf King of the Wolf Continent and the ruler of the Underworld. You are the direct descendant of the Li Family of the Capital. Your father is the Great Conqueror – the Third Master of the Li Family. You work at Ice Snow Corporation as a sales man. Your wife is Xue Lin," The elder said with a smile as he listed Qingfeng's information.

Qingfeng narrowed his eyes. A flash of killing intent crossed his eyes. The elder had investigated him thoroughly. He hated it when others invaded his privacy; the elder's actions had crossed the line.

When he sensed Qingfeng's killer intent, the elder said, "Please don't be angered Wolf King. I do not come with bad intentions. I just want to invite you to join us."

"Join you? Who are you guys?" Qingfeng looked at the elder but did not attack. He sensed that the elder was extraordinarily strong.

"I am a member of Fiery Emperor Palace. I wish to invite you to join us," The elder said with a smile.

Fiery Emperor Palace?

 Qingfeng shook his head; he had never heard of such name.

"Fiery Emperor Palace is an ancient martial force. Only Ancient Martial artist can join us. I saw that you easily defeated four strong fighters on the Heroes List. You must be an Ancient Martial artist. Joining Fiery Emperor Palace is your best option," the elder said.

Qingfeng learned from Elder Daoist that there were many powers and sects amongst the Ancient Martialists. Fiery Emperor Palace must be one such group. However, he did not plan to join them.

"I am sorry. I do not wish to join Fiery Emperor Palace," Qingfeng rejected the offer.

The elder in grey clothes furrowed his brows. Clearly, he did not expect Qingfeng to reject his offer. However, he did not give up. Instead, he chose to try to convince Qingfeng. After all, Qingfeng was very strong.

"Wolf King, you might not know Fiery Emperor Palace. Let me explain it to you. There ancient Martial artist powers can be divided into three tiers – tier one, tier two and tier three. Fiery Emperor Palace is a tier one power. We have existed for thousands of years and we are a formidable force within the Ancient Martial art world. You can obtain more resources to improve yourself if you join us," The elder tried to tempt Qingfeng.

"Thank you for your invitation but I don't plan on joining any Ancient Martial forces," Qingfeng said as he rejected the elder's offer and walked away.

"Hold up, Wolf King."

"Is there anything else?

"Wolf King, you must know that the Forbidden district of Kun Lun Mountain is opening in five months. In order to enter the Forbidden district, one needs to have a Forbidden District token. The top ten fighters of Heroes List are all entitled to a token but the tokens are issued by Fiery Emperor Palace. Since you rejected our offer, you don't want the token anymore?" The elder said when he saw that he could not convince Qingfeng to join Fiery Emperor Palace.

The Forbidden District token?

Qingfeng furrowed his brows. The situation was slightly difficult. His father and teacher were both in the Forbidden district of Kun Lun mountain. He needed to enter the area to save his father and teacher so he needed the token.

"Do you have the Forbidden District token on you right now?" Qingfeng asked.

"No, our young mistress keeps the tokens," the elder replied. The tokens were resources of the highest level. Only the Hall Master of Fiery Emperor Palace and young mistress had access to the tokens.

"Since you don't have the tokens, we have nothing to talk about. I will consider joining Fiery Emperor Palace when your young mistress comes to me with the Forbidden Hall token," Qingfeng said before leaving.

"Hmph, you want our young mistress to personally meet you? Who do you think you are? Our young mistress does not even care about the Dragon King. Why would she care about you?" The elder in grey clothes said with a sneer.

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