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Chapter 636
Chapter 636: Hosting Wedding in Two Weeks

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After Qingfeng left the Eastern Sea City Fighting arena, he parted with King Kong and returned to Noble Palace.

He had just slept with Mengyao Xu last night and did not return home last night. So, he felt slightly guilty returning home.

As the saying goes, the more you are afraid of something, the more likely it will happen. Qingfeng saw Xue Lin sitting on the sofa when he pushed open the door.

 Xue Lin had a beautiful face and smooth silky skin. She was pretty but her expression was dark. She seemed to be in a bad mood.

Qingfeng could guess the reason. She must be mad that he did not return home last night.

"Honey, you are so beautiful today," Qingfeng said with a light smile.

But his compliments did not work. Xue Lin glanced lightly at Qingfeng and said, "Why did you not return last night?"

Qingfeng quickly thought of an excuse and said, "I faced an assassination attempt last night so I did not return." 


Xue Lin's expression changed when she heard Qingfeng's words. A flash of worry appeared in her eyes. Her displeasure turned into worry. She said, "Husband, are you okay?" 

"I am okay but I spent the entire night fiercely battling the assassin before I killed him. This morning, someone from the Heroes List came to challenge me

and I nearly died. Comfort me, dear," Qingfeng said sadly as he sat next to Xue Lin.

Even though his expression was sad, he silently praised himself in his heart. He thought, "What a good excuse! Xue Lin started to worry about me when I mentioned the assassination."

"Husband, why do the bad guys always try to kill you?" Xue Lin asked. She did not take her hand away from Qingfeng's grasp since she was trying to comfort her husband.

"It is because they are jealous of my handsome looks," Qingfeng said narcissistically as he lifted his head.


Initially, Xue Lin was very worried. However, she broke into a smile when she heard Qingfeng's remarks. Of course, Xue Lin also knew that Qingfeng was making a joke so that she would not worry about him.

"Dear, let us conduct our wedding," Xue Lin suddenly said. She had pondered on the matter for a long time. She really wanted to have a wedding with Qingfeng and give her body to him after the wedding.

A flash of happiness appeared on Qingfeng's face. He had waited a long time for this day. But when he used his medical observation technique, he saw that Xue Lin was not fully recovered.

"Dear, you still have not recovered from your past injuries. You need at least 2 weeks before recovering. Let us wait 2 weeks before conducting the wedding," Qingfeng said with

with a smile as he hugged his arm around Xue Lin's waist.

Xue Lin nodded in agreement. There was no rush for the wedding. Furthermore, she still felt tired and weak sometimes. These were all signs that she was still recovering from her injuries.

Xue Lin had suffered very serious injuries and almost died. Thankfully, Qingfeng had used his blood and medical skills to save her life. However, a woman's body was weaker than a man's body. It took a longer time for her to recover.

Since Qingfeng met an assassination attempt last night, Xue Lin decided to personally cook him a meal so that he could rest.

Dinner was sumptuous. There were four dishes and one soup with a mix of vegetarian and meat dishes. Xue Lin wanted Qingfeng to eat more to replenish his body. Of course, Qingfeng had a big appetite. He finished three of the dishes by himself. If he did not have to leave one dish for Xue Lin, he would have finished all four dishes.

After Qingfeng became an Ancient Martialist, his appetite had doubled.

After dinner, Qingfeng carried Xue Lin to her bedroom on the second floor. This had already became a habit for them. If Qingfeng was at home, he would carry Xue Lin to her bed and tell her a fairy tale.

After Xue Lin fell asleep, Qingfeng covered her sheets for her and left the room.

Qingfeng has


Qingfeng has been fighting none stop for the past few days so he was quite tired. Thus, he returned to his bedroom to sleep.

Thai Mountain, Fiery Emperor Palace 

Thai Mountain was one of the five big mountains of Huaxia. It was famous in history. It was the site where ancient emperors were crowned and also where citizens worshipped the gods.

The headquarters of Fiery Emperor Palace were located deep within Thai Mountain. There were a large area of ancient buildings here. In the central region, there was a luxurious palace that was plated in gold.

At this moment, inside of a room within the palace, a woman was fiddling with an Eight Trigram plate to predict the future.

The woman was in her twenties. She was very beautiful with silky pale skin. Her eyes were bright like stars. She had cherry lips. This was a woman who was beautiful beyond imagination. Her beauty was comparable to Xue Lin.

Surprisingly, the beautiful woman was wearing ancient clothes instead of modern clothes. Her breasts were really big and her figure tall. Her figure was stunning even though she was wearing ancient clothes.

The beautiful woman was the young mistress of Fiery Emperor Palace, Xianzhi Qin. She was a woman as beautiful as a fairy.

An elder in grey clothes stood in front of Xianzhi Qin. Qingfeng would be surprised to see that it was the same elder the same elder who had tried to recruit him to join Fiery Emperor Palace. However, Qingfeng had turned down the elder's offer.

"Elder Wang, you said that Wolf King rejected your invitation?" Xianzhi Qin said as she continued to fiddle with the Eight Trigrams.

"Yes, young mistress. Wolf King is very proud. He said that unless you personally meet him with the Forbidden district badge, he will not consider joining Fiery Emperor Palace," the elder replied unhappily.

Wolf King was very strong but he was only the King of the ordinary world. Young mistress was the descent of an Ancient Martial power with thousands of years of history. How could Wolf King request young mistress to meet him?

"Hehe, this Wolf King is quite interesting. I want to meet him," Xianzhi Qin said with a blooming smile.

"Young mistress, your time and presence is precious. Wolf King does not deserve to meet you," The elder said as he shook his head. Clearly, he did not approve of Xianzhi Qin meeting Qingfeng.

"Elder Wang, the Forbidden district of Kun Lun Mountain is about to open. All the different powers will try to go into the district to find the treasure. We have many opponents so we need to strengthen our forces. Wolf King is a strong fighter. I will personally go and recruit him," Xianzhi Qin said as she stood up and walked out of the room.

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