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 Weakling? You called us weaklings?

Yang Guan, Zhuiming Ye, Guiying Wu, Fenghuang Wu were furious. There were the number ones of the Four Big Fighting arenas. They were respected wherever they went. Countless people tried to please them. No one dared to call them a weakling. Qingfeng was the first one to do so.

"Oh my god, is Sky Wolf crazy? Who called the four strong fighters of the Heroes List weaklings?"

"He must be crazy. I wonder if the four of them will attack together."

"Probably not. They are all respectable people. It would be embarrassing if they attacked together."

The surrounding people discussed animatedly. Their words made the four fighters even more displeased.

The fat boss of the fighting arena was excited to see Sky Wolf clashing with the four strong fighters of the Heroes List. He placed his bet once again.

Last time, the fat boss lost 20 million Yuan to King Kong and Black Panther. He was going to open another gambling pool again this time.

The fat boss was very certain that Sky Wolf would lose this time since his opponents were the four strong fighters who were all the number one fighters in their respective fighting arenas.

"Betting time! Sky Wolf vs the four strong fighters. The bet ratio is 100:1. If Sky Wolf wins, the compensation is 100x your betting amount. If you bet on the four fighters and they win, your return will be 1.2x your betting amount."

The majority of the audience went to bet when they heard the fat boss's words. Even though the betting return on the four fighters was not high, but everyone bet 10 thousand, 100 thousand or even 1 million Yuan that the four fighters will win. No one bet that Sky Wolf would win.

King Kong and Black Panther exchanged glances. They walked before the fat boss and said, "We bet 1 million Yuan that Sky Wolf will win."

They had complete trust in Grand Daddy Li. Even though the four fighters were quite strong, they still chose to believe in Grand Daddy Li.

"It's you two again. Are you guys sure that you want to bet on Sky Wolf?" The fat boss asked.

"Yeah, we want to bet that Sky Wolf will win," King Kong and Black Panther said in unison.

A flash of happiness appeared on the fat boss face. He was certain that they would lose their money.

"Four weaklings. If you want to battle, hurry up. Stop taking your time," Qingfeng said as he furrowed his brow.

"Sky Wolf, you are too arrogant. Let me see if you are qualified to challenge me," Yang guan said with a cold smile. He grabbed his long blade and slashed it towards Qingfeng. He wanted to teach Qingfeng a lesson.

The speed of the long blade was so fast that it pierced the air. The blade swung towards Qingfeng's body. Qingfeng would be injured if he was hit by the blade.

Qingfeng stood unmovingly. Just as the long blade was about to touch his body, he grabbed the long blade with his fingers.

The long blade was extremely sharp but Qingfeng's skin was thick like steel. His skin was not broken at all. No matter how hard Yang Guan tried to remove the sword, the long blade would not budge.


Qingfeng clenched his fingers and instantly broke the long blade. Then, Qingfeng pushed forward. Yang Guan instantly felt an enormous force coming towards him and he was forced to take four steps backward.

Yang Guan had lost with a single strike.

What? Yang Guan on the Heroes List lost! The surrounding people were filled with disbelief.

Sky Wolf was too strong! That was a sharp long blade! How could he break it with his fingers? Could his fingers be made of steel?

"You guys said that you wanted to challenge me. Come all at one. Stop wasting time," Qingfeng said as he walked towards the middle of the stage.

Zhuiming Ye, Guiying Wu, Fenghuang Wu exchanged solemn looks. They all knew how strong Yang Guan was. But Yang Guan had lost with a single strike. This meant that they would not be Qingfeng's match if they attacked him alone.

"Guiying Wu, we should join forces," Zhuiming Ye said solemnly.

Guiying Wu nodded and said, "I agree, Fenghuang Wu, Yang Guan, what do you guys think?"

Truthfully, Guiying Wu was a prideful person. She originated from a martial arts family of Huaxia. The other three fighters were also prideful people who originated from martial arts family.

In normal circumstances, they would not join forces to attack a person because of their pride. But Qingfeng's power was beyond their expectations. The only way for them to defeat Qingfeng was to join forces or they would just be the weaklings Qingfeng referred to.

The four of them walked towards the stage together. Even Yang Guan who was just defeated walked to the stage. He wanted to avenge himself.

Qingfeng stood in the middle of the stage and watched as the four of them surrounded him. He did not move. He just stood still and looked at the four of them.

"Attack or I'm afraid you won't get a chance later," Qingfeng said proudly. This was the pride of an Ancient Martialist. He was not afraid of them.

The surrounding onlookers all held their breath as they watched the people on the stage. They were afraid to miss the upcoming battle.


Yang Guan's long blade was broken so he attacked Qingfeng with his fists. His fists were so powerful that they pierced the air. He was already at the pinnacle tier for ordinary people.

"Eight Diagram Fists," Guiying Wu used his entire might to punch a huge hole in the air. He then pummeled his fists towards Qingfeng's body.

On the other two sides, Zhuiming Ye used his Wing Chun fists while Fenghuang Wu used his long sword to attack Qingfeng.

The four of them were very smart. They attacked Qingfeng from four different directions so that Qingfeng would not have time to react. Even if he could defeat one of them, the attacks of the other three would fall on him.

They all began treating Qingfeng as a formidable opponent.

Even though their plan was well thought out, but it was still not enough. Qingfeng stood still and allowed Guan Yang, Guiying Wu and Zhuiming Ye's fists to land on his body.

Qingfeng only reached out two fingers to clench onto Fenghuang Wu's long sword. He easily broke the long sword. Then he used his palm to attack Fenghuang Wu. Instantly, Fenghuang Wu coughed up a mouthful of blood.

Even though Fenghuang Wu was a beautiful woman, Qingfeng injured her heavily and did not hold back.

Katcha, katcha, katcha!

The bones in Yang Guan, Guiying Wu, Zhuiming Ye's fists were all broken when they landed on Qingfeng's body. It was as if their fists had landed on a metal wall.

"I said that you guys are weaklings. Do you know what I mean now? I'm not even moving but you guys still cannot defeat me."

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