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Chapter 629
Chapter 629: Going to See Feifei Xie

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The Eagle King died?

Gator King's expression changed and his body emitted a scary presence. The messenger was so scared that he had to step back. He was tremoring in fear.

Even the alligators in the swamp were trying to run away from the Gator King.

Gator King knew how strong the Eagle King was. He was at the pinnacle of the SSS tier. With the help of the potion, he had doubled his original power. But he was still killed by Qingfeng Li.

Did Qingfeng Li surpass the SSS tier?

After some time, Gator King drew back the presence he emitted and said, "Wolf King Qingfeng Li is braver than I thought. Was he not scared to kill my pupil?"

"Gator King, Qingfeng Li was trying to provoke you by killing Eagle King. What should we do now?" the messenger said. His clothes were wet from his sweat, but he wouldn't dare to complain.

"Go notify the Tiger Continent's King of Assassins Bach and tell him his brother was killed by Wolf King. He will know what to do." Gator King said to the messenger.

"Yes sir." The messenger saluted and left the swamp.

King of Assassins Bach, a name that would scare the entire Tiger Continent. He was the King of Assassins who had assassinated

hundreds of people before, including wealthy, influential characters or other elite martial artists. It was a name to be scared of.

Qingfeng Li and Xiaoyue Zhang left the hotel. Qingfeng Li said after seeing her face was pale, "Sister Xiaoyue, don't worry. Ying Zhou was defeated by me already."

"Big brother Li, thank you so much. You helped me so many times, but I couldn't help you at all." Xiaoyue Zhang said sadly.

When Ying Zhou punched the wall and was going to attack Qingfeng Li, Xiaoyue Zhang felt that she was weak and helpless. She could only watch, but she couldn't do anything to help.

"Stop being so stupid. You are so innocent; I wouldn't let you get hurt. I am here to protect you." Qingfeng Li patted her head and tried to comfort her.

Xiaoyue Zhang was the closest friend Qingfeng Li had in the Ice Snow Corporation. She left a mark in his heart after treating him to food on the first day they met.

Qingfeng Li dropped Xiaoyue Zhang back home and was going to go home. Feifei Xie called and asked him why didn't he didn't contact her for several days.

Qingfeng Li didn't know what to do regarding Feifei Xie. This was because he took her virginity and felt awkward every time he met her.

In addition, Qingfeng Li

Li almost died from the battle facing the Hell King. He had already forgot about Feifei Xie.

Speaking of Feifei Xie, it was kind of sad for her as well. She met Qingfeng Li half a year ago and was going to date him, but Qingfeng Li suddenly disappeared and married Xue Lin in Eastern Sea City. Furthermore, this time Qingfeng Li disappeared once again. This made Feifei Xie unhappy.

Qingfeng Li told Feifei Xie he was going to visit her in a bit.

Qingfeng Li stopped a taxi and went towards the hotel. The hotel's manager knew him and greeted him immediately.

Qingfeng Li nodded his head and greeted the manager. He then went towards Feifei Xie's room.

Feifei Xie was wearing a set of black pajama. But the lingerie would be a better fit.

Feifei Xie was able to become a huge idol because she was extremely pretty as well. Her skin was like tofu with no flaws. Her lips were red and emitted a seductive scent.

Feifei Xie was seductive and excited. She ran into Qingfeng Li's arms immediately when he walked in.

"Feifei, you are a celebrity. You have to be more reserved." Qingfeng Li said with Feifei Xie on his body. She was too passionate and he couldn't withstand it.

"You didn't visit me after taking my virginity. Did you forget about

forget about me?" Feifei Xie said with an unsatisfied tone. Of course, she was just trying to be playful.

"Feifei, you were the one that forced me onto the bed and took my body. I am the victim here." Qingfeng Li said with sorrow.

Seeing Feifei Xie was a little angry, Qingfeng Li flirted, "Feifei, you didn't know how aggressive you were. I am scared."

Hearing what Qingfeng Li said made Feifei Xie reddened up. She knew how crazy she was last night; she raped him multiple times.

"It was your fault you hid from me half a year ago. You even hid from me for the recent couple of days. I am going to rape you again tonight." Feifei Xie's face was red like the sunset.

After she finished, Feifei Xie pushed down Qingfeng Li again and started raping him.

"How unfortunate this is ... I am the one being passive every time." Even though Qingfeng Li was complaining, his body was enjoying it.

Qingfeng Li was the one being aggressive when he was with other women, but with Feifei Xie, he was the one being passive. It was unique.

The battle lasted more than an hour. It ended around 11p.m.

Feifei Xie didn't want Qingfeng Li to leave and rathered him stay with her at the hotel. But Qingfeng Li had to leave because he had because he had to go home.

No matter how many women he had, only one woman could be his wife. Xue Lin was the most important woman in his heart; no one could take her place.

When Qingfeng Li left the hotel, he stopped after a couple of steps. This was because he felt someone was following him and the follower had a killing intent.

Qingfeng Li turned around and saw it was a man in black that was following him. He was wearing a devil mask.

Devil mask?

Qingfeng Li thought of the Ghost King Palace after seeing the mask. This was because only people from the Ghost King Palace liked to wear devil masks; it was one of their symbols.

The elder Daoist already told him that assassins from the Ghost King Palace would try to kill him, but Qingfeng Li didn't think they would be here this fast.

But the current Qingfeng Li was already early-stage of Lower Heaven realm and had the strength of two thousand kilograms. He wasn't scared at all.

"You are not scared after seeing me?" seeing how Qingfeng Li was just standing there looking at him, the man in the mask was baffled.

His dress code was extremely scary, especially at night. People who saw his mask would be scared to death, but Qingfeng Li was expressionless.

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