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Chapter 628
Chapter 628: Kneeling Down and Apologizing

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"Qingfeng Li is so powerful. He beat Ying Zhou with one punch."

"I didn't even see how he punched. I only saw a purple after-image and Ying Zhou flew away."

"Qingfeng Li, I think I heard this name before. It was Eastern City's Grand Daddy Li, extremely powerful."

The crowd started chatting after Ying Zhou was defeated easily. Some of the crowd knew people from the under world and knew about Grand Daddy Li's name.

Everyone was looking at Qingfeng Li with shock. They didn't think they were able to witness Grand Daddy Li here.

"The True Martial Emperor Technique is definitely powerful." Qingfeng Li was expressionless on the surface, but he was extremely happy deep down.

When the elder Daoist was teaching Qingfeng Li this antique martial art, he told him that this martial art could defeat any master on a similar level easily.

Qingfeng Li could toy with his opponent if they were on the same level because this martial art trained the skin and made it harder and purer.

Of course, if Qingfeng Li met someone more powerful than him, then he would lose. But, he could still run away safely.

Iron Fist Sect's Rock-Shattering Fist could only be considered an average ancient martial art. When compared

to Qingfeng Li's martial art, it was like heaven and earth. Thus why Ying Zhou lost so utterly.

"I remembered you told me to kneel and apologize?" Qingfeng Li walked to Ying Zhou and said, expressionless.

Even though he said it plainly, his tone was filled with killing intent. It made Ying Zhou shiver.

"Qingfeng Li, today is my fault. How about we just forget about everything today?" Ying Zhou said. There was no way he was going to kneel down and apologize.

Qingfeng Li smirked and said, "Do you really think that's possible? I will give you one more chance. If you don't apologize, I will eradicate your Dantian."

"Qingfeng Li, I am a pupil of the Iron Fist Sect. Are you sure you are going to fight my sect?" Ying Zhou's face changed and threatened Qingfeng Li.

The Dantian was the most important part of an ancient martialist. It was the part that stored all of its power. If it was broken, the ancient martialist would be crippled and could never practice martial art again.

As an analogy, it would be like breaking the legs and arms of a normal person. He would be crippled forever.

"Don't threaten me with the Iron Fist Sect. I am going to break it if you don't apologize." Qingfeng

Qingfeng Li didn't care about the Iron Fist Sect at all.

Ying Zhou didn't think that Qingfeng Li would not care about the Iron Fist Sect whatsoever.

To be honest, Ying Zhou regretted that he tried to help his father and younger brother. He didn't think he would be the one to get hurt after.

Seeing how Ying Zhou still didn't kneel, Qingfeng Li lifted up his right hand and said, "Since you are not going to kneel, I am going to break your Dantian."

"Please don't .... I will kneel..." Ying Zhou said fearfully.

Even though he lost his reputation through kneeling, he was still an ancient martial artist. No one knew what happened today except the crowd. When he got out of here, he would still be respected.

Ying Zhou wasn't stupid. After comparing the advantages and disadvantages, he thought losing his reputation was better than losing his life.

Ying Zhou kneeled down and was apologizing. Everyone was shocked by this view.

"Big brother kneeled down?" Chuang Zhou's face was pale. His whole body was shivering in fear.

In Chuang Zhou's mind, big brother was a pupil of Iron Fist Sect, an ancient martial artist. His big brother was his role model.

But now his role model was destroyed by Qingfeng Li. Qingfeng Li was a devil, a

devil, a cruel devil.

Qingfeng Li let him go after seeing the blood was coming out of Ying Zhou's head from kneeling. He walked out of the room and gave one look to Yijian Zhou and Chuang Zhou. This look made them kneeled on the ground with fear. Chuang Zhou even peed his pants.

Qingfeng Li covered his nose and said, "Tianci, the room is broken. Get Yijian Zhou to pay you back for the repair. He is the principle of the Martial Art School, he should be pretty wealthy.

Qingfeng Li looked at Yijian Zhou and asked, "Do you have any problems with that?"

"No. I will pay for the room." Yijian Zhou's face was pale and was nodding continuously. He was scared to say no because Qingfeng Li was like a devil to him.

"Little sister Xiaoyue, let's go. The problem is fixed." Qingfeng Li smiled and left the room with Xiaoyue Zhang.

Even though Ying Zhou was kowtowing, his eyes were filled with rage. Today was the most embarrassing day in his life and he would not forget. He was going to get people from the Iron Fist Sect to get revenge for him.

Wolf Continent, Rain Forest.

It was a huge swamp and was filled with alligators. Multiple alligators climbed out from the swamp and the swamp and the air was filled with a fearful scent.

The alligators were extremely powerful and were rushing to a man sitting around the swamp. They wanted to eat the man.

The man was largely built and was white. It was a clear contrast with the color of the swamp. He had blue eyes and blonde hair. He had the appearance of a native.

The alligators were only a meter away, but the man still didn't move. His eyes were shut, it was like he was sleeping.

The alligator at the front opened his mouth and bit towards the man. It wanted to bite off the man's head.

The man opened his eyes and used his index finger to touch the alligator's head. The gator's head was like a balloon and was popped. It didn't even get a chance to cry before falling onto the floor.

How much power was needed to kill a gator with one finger? People would be shocked and wouldn't believe what just happened.

The man pointed multiple times and popped the remaining alligators. They all fell to the ground with a hole in their head.

The air was filled with blood and was extremely gruesome.

"Gator King, I have bad news. The Eagle King was killed by Qingfeng Li." An anxious voice sounded from behind.

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