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"Are you from the Ghost King Palace?" Qingfeng Li asked the man in the devil's mask.

"I am. My name is Guinsoo. Black Impermanence ordered me to take your life." Guinsoo sneered, killing intent flashing in his eyes.

Black Impermanence?

Qingfeng Li was no stranger to this name. The guy was at the peak stage of the Lower Heaven Realm and he sent Bald Man flying with only one palm strike. Had the elderly Daoist not come to their rescue in time, Qingfeng Li and his Wolf Fang Team would have been in mortal danger.

"So Black Impermanence sent you here to be killed." Casting a contemptuous glance at Guinsoo, Qingfeng Li goaded him with a snicker.

He had observed Guinsoo carefully and found him just in the First Tier of the Lower Heaven. He was actually on the same level as Qingfeng Li, but Qingfeng Li was matchless on this level.

"You are an arrogant ass. I will kill you." Guinsoo extended his withered palm and struck at Qingfeng Li with great force.

The palm whipped through the air and in a blink of an eye came close to Qingfeng Li with a chilling wind.

Qingfeng Li didn't dodge. He was confident from fighting Ying Zhou that no one at the early stage of Lower Heaven realm could beat him.

Qingfeng Li brought up all his strength and gave a powerful punch which pierced the air. His fist and Guinsoo's Palm collided with a huge Bang.

Deng deng deng deng…

Guinsoo was forced to retreat four steps before he regained his balance. He was shocked. He had not expected Qingfeng Li could block his powerful palm strike.

"Are you…an Ancient Martial artist?" Guinsoo asked with disbelief.

When Black Impermanence sent him to kill Qingfeng Li, he told Guinsoo that Qingfeng Li was only an ordinary fighter and king of the wolf continent. Guinsoo was shocked when he found that it was not the case. 

Qingfeng Li was shocked too. Though his punch forced back Guinsoo, he was chilled by the cold draft brought by Guinsoo's palm.

Guinsoo was even stronger that Ying Zhou. Qingfeng Li had broken Ying Zhou's arm with one punch while Guinsoo was just forced back several steps.

Through their first contact, Qingfeng Li had a feeling that Guinsoo was just one step from entering the Middle Tier of Lower Heaven.

Qingfeng Li was fortunate that the Ancient Martial exercise he practiced was extremely powerful. If he had used an ordinary exercise, he would probably have no chance in beating Guinsoo.

Qingfeng Li was very grateful to the elderly Daoist who taught him the highest level Ancient Warrior exercise—the True Martial Emperor Technique. As long as he kept on with the exercise, he would eventually reach the realm of Grandmaster Martialists.

With a chilling wind, Guinsoo swung his palm with another attack towards Qingfeng Li. His mission was to kill Qingfeng Li. Black Impermanence would not forgive him if he failed.


Qingfeng Li forced Guinsoo to retreat again with another punch. While they fought, the chilling drafts from Guinsoo's palm were penetrating Qingfeng Li's body and damaging it.

However, the essence qi in Qingfeng Li's body was enjoying the chilling drafts of qi from Guinsoo. What's more, Qingfeng Li felt his strength increased a bit after absorbing the chilling qi.

It was a pleasant surprise for Qingfeng Li. He had not expected the True Martial Emperor Technique could help him absorb his opponent's chilling qi and turn it into his strength.

Suppressing his excitement, Qingfeng Li kept up his assault at Guinsoo with one punch after another.

Pang, pang, pang, pang…

Their fists and palms collided constantly with thundering noises. It was fortunate that it was midnight in winter and most people had gotten into bed long ago. Otherwise the upheaval they caused would have attracted a lot of attention. During their fight, the marble stones under their feet were turned into dust.

The longer Guinsoo fought, the more afraid he became. He had become the defensive one with Qingfeng Li aggressively chasing after him. He had planned to use the chilling qi to erode Qingfeng Li's body but found that it was useless.

 After about one hundred rounds of move exchanges with Guinsoo, Qingfeng Li was aware that his strength had increased in such a degree that he was on the verge of a breakthrough to the mid tier of Higher Heaven. The reason behind it was of course the Ancient Martial technique.

The True Martial Emperor Technique which worked in harmony seemed to be tailor-made for Qingfeng, it actually created some sort of resonance with his bloodline and meridians.

Qingfeng Li was pleased to discover the inner connection between his Wolf King bloodline and the Ancient Martial Technique. It felt like two friends meeting each other unexpectedly.

While fighting with Ghost King, Qingfeng Li tried to connect the essence qi he nurtured with Ancient Martial technique and the Wolf King bloodline. His strength grew even more when the two forces combined.

"Guinsoo, I've played with you long enough. Let me send you to hell." A burst of furious qi exploded from Qingfeng Li.

Red-eyed, red-skinned, demon-like Qingfeng Li activated the Wolf King totem on his chest. He whipped out a punch which carried two forces. One originated from the Ancient Martial technique and the other came from the Wolf King bloodline.


His fist broke Guinsoo's arm. Under the tremendous force of the punch, Guinsoo flew up and then fell hard on the ground.

"How can he become so powerful?" Guinsoo was stupefied with fear.

A moment ago, Qingfeng Li had been on the same level as him and now Qingfeng Li's strength had grown tremendously.

Emitting a strong intent of killing, Qingfeng Li walked toward Guinsoo like a god of slaughter.

"Don't kill me. I don't want to die." Sensing the killing intent in Qingfeng Li, Guinsoo was white with fear. He begged for his life.

"Let you live? Impossible. If I were the defeated one, you would kill me without hesitation."


Qingfeng Li walked over and broke Guinsoo's neck with one foot.

"Ghost King Place, wait till I reach my full potential. I will destroy all of you." Qingfeng Li snorted and turned to leave.

What Qingfeng Li didn't know was that he had more enemies other than Ghost King Place. Gator King and King of Assassins Bach were also out for him. Of course, Qingfeng Li wouldn't worry about it even if he knew that.

Wolf King was never in shortage of enemies, nor did he fear them.

In this cold winter night, people and taxis were both scarce. Qingfeng Li stood on the roadside for a long time trying in vain to find a taxi. 

He felt a bit chilled and decided to walk for a while to get warm.

Qingfeng Li stopped at a bridge. He saw a woman standing on it, a very beautiful woman.

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