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"Xiaoyue, don't worry. I will go on the blind date with you." Qingfeng Li observed that Xiaoyue Zhang's face filled with anxiousness. Qingfeng thus made a move.

To be honest, there were some other motives for this action, that is, he could not let Xiaoyue Zhang become somebody else's girlfriend. If Xiaoyue Zhang got a boyfriend, Qingfeng Li would be very sad. That belongs to one of his tiny selfishness.

"Big brother Li, will you go to the blind date with me?" Xiaoyue Li's rosy lips curled. Her eyes were shining, feeling a bit happy.

If big brother Li comes with Xiaoyue, then she just needed to drove away the guy aunt introduced for the blind date.

"Xiaoyue, let's go. I am going to the blind date with you."

"Big brother Li, did Sister Xia ask you to work overtime after you finish work?"

"Your blind date is more important. So, no working overtime today!" Qingfeng Li waved his hand and said with an arrogant voice.

After saying this, Qingfeng Li left the sales department, dragging Xiaoyue Li with him. After Wanqiu Xia finished her work and came to the sales department, she realized that Qingfeng Li was not there, and was quite angry.

Wanqiu Xia didn't actually want Qingfeng Li to work, it was just an excuse for her to spend more time with him. Now that Qingfeng Li was gone, it gave her the feeling of being left out.

Qingfeng Li and Xiaoyue Zhang left the company, driving Xiaoyue Zhang's car to the Zhang Hotel.

The Zhang Hotel is a Five Star Hotel. It is very luxurious which made most people choose to dine here.

Right at the moment, inside one of the VIP rooms inside the Zhang Hotel.

Xiaojie Zhang, as Xiaoyue Zhang's father, was sitting at the host seat of the table. On his left side was Xiaoyue Zhang's aunt Xiaohong Wang. Xiaohong Wang was about 40 years old. Although she was no longer young, her skin looked good, both white and smooth, and she was in good shape.

Xiaohong Wang was in the business of sports equipment. She had a considerable income and she payed attention to the maintenance of her body which made her seem very beautiful.

On the other side of the table was someone middle-aged and another young man. The middle-aged man was big and tall with a powerful body. He seemed very strong. His name was Yijian Zhou and he was the headmaster of the Eastern Sea Martial Art Academy.

The young man beside Yijian Zhou was about 20 years old. He was also very big and tall with big eyes and bushy eyebrows. His skin was a bit black, but his body was very fit.

The young man was called Chuang Zhou. He was the son of the headmaster of the martial art academy. He loved to practice martial arts in his spare time and was very good at Kung Fu.

"Xiaohong, when will your niece be here?" Yijian Zhou frowned and asked Xiaohong Wang.

Xiaohong Wang smiled and said, "Principal Zhang, please wait for another while. I called her and told her to come sooner. She will be here in a moment."

Principal Zhou was someone that Xiaohong Wang could not offend. The martial art school prepared to buy sports equipment that was worth one billion in total this time. The school invited many companies to bid and Xiaohong Wang's company was one of them.

In order to get this business deal that worth a billion, Xiaohong Wang intended to introduce her niece to Yijian Zhou's son, Chuang Zhou. If there was any chance that Xiaoyue Zhang and Chuang Zhou started dating, then this business deal would no doubt be hers.

Poor Xiaoyue Zhang thought her aunt wanted to introduce a future boyfriend to her sincerely. However, her aunt was doing so for her own business.

Xiaojie Zhang used Xiaohong Wang's help before, so he was not brave enough to go against her will. Plus, both the appearance and the status of Chuang Zhou were not bad. Thus, he agreed to this blind date.


The sound of knocking came from the outside of the private room. Xiaohong Wang suddenly became glad and said, "It must be Xiaoyue. I will go get the door for her."

When Xiaohong Wang opened the door, the look on her face changed. That was because there was a man beside Xiaoyue Zhang. She told Xiaoyue clearly to come alone. Why did she take a man with her?

"Xiaoyue, didn't I tell you to come alone? Why are you bringing an outsider?"Xiaohong Wang looked at Xiaoyue Zhang blamefully, feeling unsatisfied.

What was wrong with Xiaoyue? I told you that this is a blind date. If you feel shy, you can bring a girlfriend or some girl that is close to you. What did it mean to take a man with her? Xiaohong Wang blamed Xiaoyue for being not thoughtful.

"Aunt, he is not outsider. He is my co-worker Qingfeng Li." Xiaoyue Li frowned, also feeling unsatisfied with her aunt.

"Mr. Li, you are also here. Please come in!" Xiaojie Zhang knew Qingfeng Li. He saw him standing at the door and immediately walked towards him to greet him.

Xiaojie Zhang felt very grateful to Qingfeng Li because Qingfeng Li cured his paralysis before. Also, Qingfeng Li gave him money to open the restaurant. If it wasn't Qingfeng Li, Xiaojie Zhang would not have been able to accomplish these achievements.

Xiaojie Zhang was very zealous towards Qingfeng Li. He dragged him to the table and let him sit beside him. He seemed to treat Qingfeng warmer than Chuang Zhou. This made Xiaohong Wang unsatisfied with his attitude.

Yes, this Qingfeng Li looked handsome. But he was only an employee of the company. What talent could he have? Chuang Zhou is the son of the principal. His background, strength and status are all better than Qingfeng Li. Xiaohong Wang had some complaints for Xiaojie Zhang's narrow view.

"What a beautiful girl!" Chuang Zhou was glad to see Xiaoyue Zhang at first sight.

Xiaoyue Zhang's face was pure, like a budding lotus. Her skin was white and smooth like fine jade. Her eyes were shiny, like the stars in the sky. Her rosy lips were like cherries and made men want to bite it.

She was wearing the pink suit she wore to work. The outfit showed her perfect and curvy body-shape well.

Chuang Zhou looked at Xiaoyue Zhang fiercely, with the desire of swallowing her. He was the son of the principal of the martial arts school. Most of the students in the school are males. Though there were girls, they were all bad-looking. They were not as pretty as Xiaoyue Zhang.

Chuang Zhou was fascinated by Xiaoyue Zhang. His eyes never left Xiaoyue which made Xiaohong Wang very happy. Because she knew, as long as Chuang Zhou was interested in Xiaoyue Zhang and they started dating, her one billion business deal would be sealed.

"This is my niece Xiaoyue Zhang. She works at the Ice Snow Corporation as a team leader. How do you think?" Xiaohong Wang looked at Yijian Zhou and Chuang Zhou and said.

Yijian Zhou nodded and was very satisfied with the girl. She was not only pretty but also pure and demure. She looked like a good girl at first sight.

"Aunty Wang, Xiaoyue is very nice. I hope that she can be my girlfriend." Chuang Zhou said with passion.

Xiaoyue Zhang frowned, feeling unhappy. She just promised aunt to come a take a look, but she never agreed to say yes to this impolite person.

"Xiaoyue, Chuang Zhou is the son of the principal of the martial art school. His family is worth a couple billion Yuan. It is your honor to be his girlfriend. Just say yes immediately." Xiaohong Wang winked her eyes to Xiaoyue Zhang, asking her to say yes to Chuang Zhou.

"Aunt Wang, this is Xiaoyue Zhang's blind date. Not yours. Should you mind your own business?" Looking at Xiaohong Wang being so excited, Qingfeng Li was definitely not pleased and said straightly.

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