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After hearing what Qingfeng Li said, Xiaohong Wang felt displeased. She was Xiaoyue's aunt and she found a wealthy gentleman who had a great background. How could this be minding someone else's business?

Yes, Qingfeng Li looked handsome. But looking handsome was definitely not good enough, being rich is more important. Xiaohong Wang had been in business for many years and knew deeply the importance of money.

"Qingfeng Li, you are only Xiaoyue's co-worker. I am Xiaoyue's aunt. You are the one minding another's business." Xiaohong Wang looked at Qingfeng Li and said with a satiric voice.

Xiaoyue Zhang frowned, feeling displeased with her aunt and said, "Aunt, how can you talk like that?"

Seeing the niece who always listened to her contradicting her this time made Xiaohong Wang irritated. She looked back at Xiaojie Zhang and said, "Brother-in-law, look at your daughter. She is taking the side of someone unfamiliar over her own aunt."

What made Xiaohong Wang shocked was the fact that Xiaojie Zhang also contradicted her, "Qingfeng Li is not someone unfamiliar to us. He is the one who saved my life and I hope that you can be careful when you are talking to him."

The look on Xiaohong Wang's face suddenly changed and she said angrily, "Xiaojie Zhang, did you forget how much help and money I had provided you when you were sick on bed? And now you are going against me for Qingfeng Li?"

"I am very grateful for what your help earlier. But it is not permissible for you to talk about Qingfeng Li like this." Xiaojie Zhang shook his head and continued standing at Qingfeng Li's side.

Qingfeng Li felt quite speechless. What he said was said by accident but now it caused the argument between Xiaoyue Zhang's aunt and her father.

"I think you should stop arguing since Xiaoyue will never be Chuang Zhou's girlfriend." Qingfeng Li frowned and said with a loud voice. He thought that since this happened because of what he said, he should be the one solving the problem.

Chuang Zhou was not pleased by what Qingfeng Li said. He liked Xiaoyue Zhang very much, not to mention the fact that Xiaoyue Zhang's aunt had agreed to this relationship. What made this person think that he had the right to disapprove?

"Qingfeng Li, who the hell are you? What makes you think that you have the right to not allow Xiaoyue Zhang to be my girlfriend?" Chuang Zhou said with a cold voice with anger in his voice.

How dare you to curse me?

Qingfeng Li was also offended and cursed back, "Who the hell are you? Xiaoyue Zhang is my girlfriend. Why don't you get the hell out of here?"

What, your girlfriend?

The look on Chuang Zhou's face changed, and said immediately, "I don't know what you are talking about, you boy toy. Why would Xiaoyue Zhang like you? I am the son of the headmaster of the martial arts school. I am much better than you."

"What about you? Big and stupid, tall with dark skin. Xiaoyue will never fall for you." Qingfeng Li said calmly.

After saying these, in order to prove that Xiaoyue Zhang was her girlfriend, Qingfeng Li took Xiaoyue's hand into his and interlocked fingers. This made Chuang Zhou so shocked that his eyes were about to fall out.

Xiaoyue Zhang's hands were held by Qingfeng Li. Her pure face became red like an apple and her heart was pounding.

Yueyue, Brother Li just said that I am his girlfriend. I am going to blush. Xiaoyue Zhang was blushing inside.


Chuang Zhou suddenly stood up. Because he was in a rush, the chair fell with his action. He felt that Qingfeng Li was provoking him by taking Xiaoyue Zhang's hand in front of him.

"Qingfeng Li, I am going to challenge you. The one who wins can get Xiaoyue Zhang." Chuangzhou pointed at Qingfeng Li with his forefinger and said with a loud voice.

Chuang Zhou, as the son of the headmaster of the martial art schools, had been studying Martial arts since a young age and had reached a black belt in 8 styles. There was no problem for him to fight against seven to eight people and win.

At the martial arts school, once people got in a conflict, they fought to settle it. The one who won got the right to choose and the one who lost would give up automatically.

Qingfeng Li hated two things the most, the first was to be threatened by someone and the other is to be pointed at by someone. This Chuang Zhou obviously offended Qingfeng Li with the taboos of Qingfeng Li. Using his finger to point at me is definitely playing with fire.

"Well, I will take your challenge. The one who loses has to leave and never step close to Xiaoyue Zhang again." Qingfeng Li stood up and said with a cold voice.

Xiaoyue would always be his. How could he let Chuang Zhou take her away? Qingfeng Li decided to teach this guy a lesson.

Realizing Chuang Zhou is going to challenge Qingfeng Li, Xiaoyue Zhang and Xiaojie Zhang wanted to stop him since they knew Qingfeng Li well and didn't want him to get hurt. But Qingfeng Li waved his hand and told them not to worry about him.

Yijian Zhou and Xiaohong Wang right beside them sneered. Both of them thought Qingfeng Li was offending them and were hoping that Chuang Zhou would teach him a lesson.

The private room was quite big, about thirty square meters and was enough for a fight.

Chuang Zhou and Qingfeng Li left the table and stood on the side. The rest were looking at them.

Qingfeng Li looked at Chuang Zhou. He knew that this guy came from the martial art school and had learned some Martial arts, but all he learned were basic ones. According to Qingfeng Li, his level would at most be the same as the ability of someone from the special forces. It might seem tough to normal people, but would be far from him.

Qingfeng Li had just became a master at ancient martials, at the beginning stage of the Lower Heaven Level. His skin was as tough as iron. This was the time he wanted to try out the fruits of his practice and Chuang Zhou came along.

Chuang Zhou shouted with a loud voice and swung his right fist abruptly and powerfully towards Qingfeng Li's chest.

This fist carried about two hundred pounds and was extremely powerful. One fist could break several thick wooden boards. If a normal person was hit by Chuang Zhou, his ribs would no doubt break.

Qingfeng Li didn't move at all and looked at Chuang Zhou calmly.

"Big brother Li, try to avoid him!" Xiaoyue Zhang noticed that Qingfeng Li was not moving at all and felt anxious, worrying that Qingfeng would get hurt.

Big brother Li came to help her today. If he was hurt by Chuang Zhou, Xiaoyue Zhang would feel depressed and guilty.

Qingfeng Li smiled at Xiaoyue Zhang, trying to tell her not to worry. He stood still and didn't try to avoid Chuang Zhou's fist at all and also didn't try to attack. He wanted to try the strength of his skin.

"Son, you are trying to find death yourself. Don't blame me." He smiled viciously. His two-hundred-pound fist smashed into Qingfeng Li's chest.


A bone broke with a clicking sound. The sound was so loud that everyone in the room heard it.

Oh no, Brother Li's sternum broke. Xiaoyue Zhang's face was pale and her tears almost came out. She couldn't be more worried.

Yijian Zhou looked glad, looking at Qingfeng Li mockingly. He thought that Qingfeng Li is an idiot. Qingfeng didn't even know to try to avoid the strike and his sternum was broken by the fist of Yijian's son. Did you think you are an X-man? Using nothing but your body to resist this fist.

"AHH, MY FIST!" But just then, Chuang Zhou shouted miserably, confusing everyone.

Shouldn't Qingfeng Li be the one crying? Why was Chuang Zhou crying? But when everyone looked at Chuang Zhou, their faces suddenly changed. They could only see that his fist was cracked and the bones were visible. It looked extremely terrifying.

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