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The next day, the weather was clear, the sun was up, and the temperature had risen, causing the snow on the ground to melt.

Qingfeng Li woke up very early. Due to Xue Lin's over-exhaustion, it was naturally Qingfeng Li who made breakfast. When he finished preparing breakfast, Xue Lin had just gotten up.

 Because there was the additional Ziyi Miao, Qingfeng Li made breakfast for three. After they finished breakfast, they drove towards the company.

Qingfeng Li hadn't been to the company for a number of days. Speaking of which, he was beginning to miss the many familiar faces there.

Right when he entered the sales department, he was stopped by Xiaoyue Zhang.

Xiaoyue Zhang's face was pure, white and tender, her skin full of collagen. She wore a pink professional suit, making her lovely face even more beautiful. Her chest was so full they were about to come out of her shirt, seriously attention-grabbing.

Qingfeng Li sneaked a peek, and then he sneaked another. Everytime he saw Xiaoyue Zhang, he couldn't help but feel turned on. Xiaoyue Zhang was like a delicate flower. Her beauty was different from the others. It solely belonged to Xiaoyue Zhang.

"Big brother Li, how many days haven't you come to work? Did you forget about me?" Xiaoyue Zhang said with slight disappointment in her voice.

Previously, Qingfeng Li was very eager to go to work. Even if he was late sometimes, he would at least show up. Now that he hadn't shown up to work for a few straight days, he seemed to have disappeared.

"Little Xiaoyue, did you miss me?" Qingfeng Li said smiling, as he held Xiaoyue Zhang's small tender hands, tickling the middle.

Xiaoyue Zhang's face blushed. Evidently, Qingfeng Li had guessed correctly. She had missed him during the past couple of days.

Had it been before, Xiaoyue Zhang would've pulled her hands away from Qingfeng Li. This time however, she actually left her hands in his hold, only blushing through her cheeks.


Wanqiu Xia had just arrived at the sales department to begin overseeing work. Just as she arrived, she saw Qingfeng Li and Xiaoyue Zhang holding hands. Her originally good mood disappeared in an instant.

Wanqiu Xia had also missed Qingfeng Li in the past couple of days. She was delighted upon hearing news of his return. But now, seeing Qingfeng Li hold Xiaoyue Zhang's hands, Wanqiu Xia wasn't happy at all.

At the sound of coughing, both Qingfeng Li and Xiaoyue Zhang turned their heads toward Wanqiu Xia, awkwardness was written on their faces.

"Please refrain from physical contact during work hours. Mind your surroundings." Wanqiu Xia glanced at the duo, voice slightly irritated.

Qingfeng Li released Xiaoyue Zhang's hands, he said smiling, "Miss Xia, long time no see, I've missed you dearly."

"If you really missed me, why didn't you come to work for the past couple of days?" Wanqiu Xia questioned, showing obvious doubt for Qingfeng Li's words.

"Miss Xia, don't you know that I was sick from missing you so much? I was healing, only getting better today, so I immediately came to work." Qingfeng Li unleashed his sweet-talking abilities, making Wanqiu Xia slightly happy.

Wanqiu Xia was just beginning to feel better, but after seeing the skin on Qingfeng Li's face, she suddenly frowned. Qingfeng Li had just talked about how he was sick for the past couple of days. The skin of a sick people should be pale, but Qingfeng Li's skin was glistening and ruddy, extremely healthy looking. It was better than any woman's skin, completely unlike the skin of someone sick.

"Qingfeng Li, you dare to lie to me? Look at you, your skin is so impeccable I could squeeze water out of it. You don't look a bit sick. For your punishment, you have to stay for one hour of overtime." Wanqiu Xia said with pouty lips, slightly angered.

Wanqiu Xia didn't give Qingfeng Li the opportunity to explain. She turned her body and strode away from the sales department with her long slim legs, leaving behind an elegant shadow.

"Big Brother Li, your excuse seriously sucked. Were you sick? Look at yourself in the mirror, your skin is rosier than mine." Xiaoyue Zhang reached into her purse and took out a small mirror, handing it to Qingfeng Li.

Qingfeng Li looked at himself in the mirror, speechless. His face was white and tender, rosy in the cheeks, impeccable like a baby's ass.

Qingfeng Li was kind of speechless. Not only Wanqiu Xia, but if anyone had seen him, they would not have believed that he was sick. He had to say, skin-breathing had made his skin way too beautiful, even better than that of a woman. Xiaoyue Zhang was even a bit envious of Qingfeng Li's skin.

Qingfeng Li knew that he had to carry the 'burden' of his perfect skin. The funny thing was that he couldn't explain this skin phenomenon to the others. No one knew of the practices of ancient martial arts other than him. He had to keep it a secret.

"Little Xiaoyue, I'm going to start working, I'll treat you to a cup of coffee after work." Qingfeng Li said with a smile.

Xiaoyue Zhang nodded her head, feeling a bit happy. It had been a long time since the last time they'd shared a meal. She missed it.

Qingfeng Li arrived at his own desk. He took out information from the sales department and began reading. Obviously, he was looking at information regarding Yanzhi Pei. Ice Snow Corporation's main partnership revolved around Phoenix Corporation, also with expansion in mind.

Ring ring....

Xiaoyue Zhang's phone suddenly rang, the sound more apparent in the quiet environment of the sales department. Qingfeng Li and the others had all directed their attention to her.

Xiaoyue Zhang hesitated with awkwardness. It was against the rules to have their cellphones turned on during work hours. As one of the sales leads, she was fully aware of this. However, she was in such a rush in the morning that she had forgotten to put her phone on silent.

Xiaoyue Zhang didn't want to answer the phone, but seeing that the call was from her father, she smiled apologetically towards the others and answered the phone outside.

"Dad, I'm at work, why are you calling me?" Xiaoyue Zhang said after pressing the answer key in the hallway.

"Xiaoyue, your aunt found a date for you. Dress yourself up a bit and go meet him after work."

"Dad, I've already said this. I don't like blind dates."

"Xiaoyue, this guy was recommended by your aunt. Even if you don't approve, you still need to meet him, as a courtesy to your aunt."

"Dad, I'm at work, we can talk about this after work." Xiaoyue Zhang hung up the phone hurriedly, feeling slightly annoyed.

Xiaoyue Zhang's aunt was great to her and her father. She had helped them out a lot back when her father was paralyzed. Now that auntie wanted to introduce her to someone, she couldn't reject the offer even if she wanted to.

Xiaoyue Zhang walked back into the sales department, expression heavy and absent-minded, her mood obviously affected by the phone call.

For the rest of the day, Xiaoyue Zhang was not in the right state of mind. She messed up the spreadsheets a couple of times and even got scolded by Wanqiu Xia.

Even after work, Xiaoyue Zhang's face was still heavy with gloomy clouds.

"Little Xiaoyue, tell me what's bothering you." Qingfeng Li asked as he walked towards Xiaoyue Zhang, smiling.

"Big Brother Li, my aunt introduced to me a blind date, but I don't want to go." Xiaoyue Zhang said while shaking her head.

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