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Chapter 614
Chapter 614: Xue Lin Wants to Go to Wudang

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Villa No. 13, Noble Palace

Wearing white pajamas, Xue Lin could not settle for the night. Her bright eyes were clouded with concern for Qingfeng.

Xue Lin was blessed with a gorgeous figure. Her pajamas could not conceal the curves of her voluptuous breasts. With her milky white skin and sensuous curves, she was an eye-catcher wherever she went.

She paced in the hall in a pair of cotton slippers. It was 1 AM in the early morning and she was wide awake with agitation.

She had been troubled with a feeling of uneasiness ever since the call with Monk.

"Ziyi, do you think Qingfeng is in trouble?" Xue Lin asked Ziyi Miao anxiously.

Xue Lin and Ziyi Miao were now quite close after getting to know each other for a while. Xue Lin called Ziyi Miao by her first name, and today when some villains tried to hit on Xue Lin, Ziyi Miao drove them away with her whip.

Xue Lin was very grateful to Ziyi Miao’s protection. As a modern woman with contemporary ideas about ranks, Xue Lin regarded Ziyi Miao as a friend instead of a servant.

"Please rest assured, Mistress. My master will be fine." Ziyi Miao answered.

She had absolute confidence in Qingfeng Li. After all,

he was the African Wolf King who had defeated her with only one move at Miaojiang.

"Ziyi, I have told you many times not to call me Mistress. I am one year older than you so please call me Sister Xue."

"Qingfeng Li is my master and you are his wife. I should call you mistress."

"I will get mad if you call me mistress again. Just call me sister Xue."

"Well…sister Xue." With a slight frown, Ziyi Miao submitted reluctantly.

Xue Lin smiled at her submission. The smile dropped from her pretty face when her thoughts turned to Qingfeng Li. She had a bad feeling about him.

"Ziyi, I am very worried about my husband. Let’s travel to Wudang Mountain." Her uneasiness was getting worse as time went on.

Ziyi Miao frowned, "it is now one o’clock in the morning and Wudang Mountain is quite far from here. It’s better if we go tomorrow."

Xue Lin shook her head. She said in agitation, "Ziyi, I have a bad feeling. I need you to go with me to Wudang Mountain now."

Moved with Xue Lin’s concern for her master, Ziyi Miao felt a little envious of Qingfeng Li for having such a devoted wife.

 "Ok, I will go with you."

It was one o’clock in the early morning. The community was quiet with people

people deep in sleep.

It had begun to snow. The chilling night was dead silent without any movement of people or animals.

Ziyi Miao opened the door and frowned at the flying snowflakes.

"It’s snowing now, sister Xue, and it’s also one o’clock in the morning, how about we go tomorrow?" Ziyi Miao tried to dissuade Xue Lin.

"No. I have to go to my husband right now." Determination was written on Xue Lin’s attractive face.

When Monk answered the phone call, Xue Lin had known something was wrong. If Qingfeng Li had only been injured, he would have picked up this call. Only one situation would have made him unable perform this simple act and that was unconsciousness.

Xue Lin was a smart woman. She made a correct judgement about Qingfeng Li’s unconsciousness with only the fact that he could not pick up the phone. She drew the further conclusion that Qingfeng Li must have been severely wounded if he was in a coma.

Her smart deduction was extremely close to the real situation. 

 Sensing Xue Lin’s determination, Ziyi had to obey. She asked Xue Lin to dress warmly.

"It’s freezing!"

Chilling gusts rushed in with snowflakes the moment Xue Lin open the door.

Xue Lin went back to her bedroom on the second floor and came down in a heavy goose feather parka.


feather parka.

"Let’s go!" Xue Lin drove the car out of the garage and toward the direction of Wudang Mountain.

The snowfall was getting heavier. The road was soon covered in white and some places got slippery due to the low temperatures in the early morning.


Filled with worry for Qinfeng Li, Xue Lin drove fast. Several times the car almost flew into the roadside gutters.

"The road is slippery with snow. You must slow down." As the Miaojiang Saintess, Ziyi Miao had never driven a car and seldom travel in one. Her heart was in her mouth when Xue Lin drove recklessly on the slippery snowy road.

Crash! The moment Ziyi Miao voiced her caution, the car slipped and collided with a stone column at the roadside. The column was chipped and the front of the car was distorted.

Xue Lin’s head would have crashed into the front window but for the air bags springing forward to cushion her. Even with that protection did she feel the concussion acutely on her head.

Luckily it was just past one o’clock in the morning and the road was almost empty in this snowy weather. They would have been in big trouble if they had hit people.

Xue Lin tried to turn the car around but the car was dead. The circuits in the front in the front were damaged.

"We can’t make it to Wudang Mountain. You must call the car maintenance company to repair the car." Ziyi Miao suggested.

With frustration written on her face, Xue Lin looked quite like Qingfeng Li at this moment. She could do nothing but to call the maintenance staff.

Thanks to the early hour and the snowy weather, the car repair men were reluctant to come. Xue Lin had to promise a reward tripling the usual price before one maintenance guy took the offer.

At the same time, Qingfeng Li was still in coma, totally oblivious of everything around him. If he had known that Xue Lin crashed her car in an effort to get to him in the snowy weather, he would never have let her come.

Monk fed Qingfeng Li tonic medicines at predefined intervals. The tonic was made of precious herbs collected in the uncontaminated areas deep in the mountain. The high quality of the herbs ensured their results.

The curing energy contained in the tonic flowed into his body and nurtured his wounded skin, muscles and meridians.

Absorbing the curing power of the herbs, Qingfeng Li regained some color in his face. With qi and blood restored, his breathing became long and steady.

He was still unconscious, but his body was repairing itself.

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