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Chapter 615: Monk Welcomes Xue Lin

The second day. The snow was getting bigger and a thick layer of snow covered the ground.

Ruyan Liu opened her eyes, still feeling fuzzy.

Both she and her unborn child were hurt the day before. Thanks to Qingfeng Li’s excellent medical skills, they were saved by his acupuncture and essence blood.

"Miss Liu, you are awake." Alice blinked her bright eyes, pleased. She knew the boss would be thrilled to know this woman had come out of coma.

Ruyan Liu nodded, "Who are you?"

She only knew Qingfeng Li and Monk and had not met other members of the Wolf Fang Clan. The foreign woman was gorgeous with blue eyes and blond hair.

"Miss Liu, I am Alice, a subordinate of the Wolf King." Alice introduced herself with a smile.

Ruyan Liu suddenly remembered that Qingfeng Li was seriously wounded before she lost her consciousness. Anxiously, she struggled up and tried to get off the bed.

"You just came out of coma. You need rest." Alice tried to stop her.

Ruyan Liu shook her head. "No. I must see Qingfeng Li."

Ruyan Liu was determined. Alice gave up and led her to visit Qingfeng Li.

Qingfeng Li was still unconscious; but he regained some color in his face and his

breathing was stable. He was quickly recovering from his wounds.

"Why are you here?" Monk was surprised.

"Monk, I am here to check on Qingfeng."

"His wounds have been cured and he will recover very soon. You take some rest and I am here to look after him."

"No. I want to nurse him." Ruyan Liu insisted.

Pale-faced, Ruyan Liu still felt a bit dizzy. Despite all the discomforts, she found a towel and put it in the hot water. She wrung it dry and rubbed it across Qingfeng’s forehead with care.

At the same time, Xue Lin had arrived at Wudang Mountain. Due to the car repair and the snowy roads, it took them almost a whole night to get to their destination.

"Ziyi, we must climb the mountain." Without taking a meal or rest, Xue Lin and Ziyi began their way up to the mountain.

Snow covered the winding mountain paths and the rocks and trees along them. Some snow blocks dropped precariously close to them. Ziyi Miao guarded Xue Lin carefully and sent the falling chunks of snow away before they hit Xue Lin.

After two hours, a majestic Daoist Temple came into their sight. Built with gray bricks and green tiles, the temple looked ancient and

and heavy. In the yard in front of the Temple was a huge incense burner. Due to the snow, there were no visitors today and the burner stood empty.

Xue Lin and Ziyi Miao were preparing to enter the Temple when they were stopped by a little Daoist. He was a handsome boy of about 15 to 16 years old.

"It’s snowing today. The Temple is closed and is not receiving visitors." The little Daoist told them.

Of course, it was just an excuse. The real reason was that Qingfeng Li needed a quiet place to rest. The little Daoist didn't want outside disturbance.

"Little brother, we need to go in to find someone. Please let us in." Ziyi Miao was amused by the pretty little Daoist.

"I am an adult, not anyone’s little brother."

"Oh, an adult. Do you have a name?"

"Of course I do. My name is Xuanmiao."

"Xuanmiao, can you let us in?" Ziyi Miao asked, looking saintly pure.

Xuanmiao shook his head, "No. The Temple is closed today. No one is allowed in."

Irritated with Xuanmiao’s stubbornness, Ziyi Miao prepared to go in by force. Xue Lin held her back and shook her head, thinking it unwise to enter a Monk temple by force.

 "Xuanmiao, I am here

am here for Qingfeng Li. Monk is Qingfeng Li’s brother and I know him too."

What a beautiful big sister!

Gazing at Xue Lin’s striking face and charming eyes, Xuanmiao blushed.

With countless people coming here to burn incense and pray for happiness, he had seen his share of beauties; but none of them could come close to the woman standing before him. She looked a goddess to him.

Seeing Xuanmiao’s blushed face and avoiding eyes, Xue Lin was amused. "Xuanmiao, can you let me in?" She repeated.

Shame on me! Why do I become speechless in front of a goddess? Xuanmiao scolded himself silently.

"Sister Goddess, do you indeed know my Shixiong Monk?" Xuanmiao asked in surprise.

Xue Lin nodded. She was a bit confused; it was the first time that someone called her by "Goddess".

"Senior brother asked me to stop anyone from entering the Temple. Since you said you knew him, please wait here while I report to him." Still red faced, Xuanmiao ran to the back of the mountain in embarrassment.

"You’ve charmed the little Daoist out of his wits." Ziyi Miao laughed.

Xue Lin was also amused. Xuanmiao was only a teenage boy and it was natural for him to be amazed by her beauty.

Shortly, Xuanmiao came out with came out with Monk.

"Sister, why are you here?" Monk ran forward and asked respectfully.

He had told Xue Lin on the phone not to come and that the boss would return in a couple of days. When she saw that the boss was still unconscious, Xue Lin would for sure know that she had been lied to.

"I’ve had a bad feeling so I have to check up on my husband." Xue Lin explained.

"Goddess, you’re married?!" Xuanmiao wrinkled his cute nose, startled by the news.


Monk hit Xuanmiao on the head with his right palm. "Xue Lin’s husband is the boss Qingfeng Li. Don’t call her Goddess. Call her sister."

Cowering from his Shixiong, Xuanmiao said timidly, "Sister."

Xue Lin acknowledged him with a nod.

What a happy man Brother Li is! He has such a beauty for a wife. Xuanmiao was filled with admiration.

"Monk, please take me to Qingfeng." There was a trace of anxiety in Xue Lin’s voice.

With the delay caused by the snow and the car crash, Xue Lin was impatient. She couldn’t wait to see Qingfeng Li.

 Monk nodded, preparing to lead her to Qingfeng Li’s room. His expression changed when a thought struck him, "Ruyan Liu was right now in Qingfeng Li’s room, nursing him."

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