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Chapter 613: Ruyan Liu At Risk of Miscarriage

Based on his excellent medical knowledge and skills, Qingfeng Li saw in a glance that Ruyan Liu's pregnancy was affected. The blood oozing from her body was a sure sign of the disturbance. It was the result of shock and being bound to the chair for a long time.

The baby was due just in a month. If she miscarried, Qingfeng Li would kill to retaliate.

"Ghost King Palace, I'll destroy all of you when I become an Ancient Martialist." Qingfeng Li spat out the words with hatred.

 Ghost King Palace had hurt Ruyan Liu, Wolf Fang Clan members and himself. Qingfeng Li was furious with this evil force of Antient Warriors. One day, he swore, he would kill all of them.

More infuriating for Qingfeng Li was that Black Impermanence took Yama King from his hands. He wished to be an Ancient Martialist so he could ground Black Impermanence into dust.

Barely suppressing his fury, Qingfeng Li took out the nine silver needles and pierced them into Ruyan Liu's acupuncture points. This was hard for him to perform in his current wounded condition, but the baby's life was on the line. He gritted his teeth

in pain and turned the needles with his last strength.

To save the baby, Qingfeng Li cut his finger and squeezed out a drop of essence blood. He directed the blood into the acupuncture points thus giving a mysterious power to the needles.

The nine needles hummed. The baby was saved with the special effect of the essence blood.

Qingfeng Li felt lucky that he possessed essence blood which could cure the dead and grow flesh on bones. Without it, Ruyan Liu's baby would have died.

Qingfeng Li dropped to the ground and passed out due to excessive bleeding, loss of essence blood and exhaustion.

It was a miracle itself that Qingfeng Li could last this long. The only thing that sustained him was the thought to save the baby. With that goal accomplished, he collapsed.

"Boss!" The Daoist rushed over.

"Don't worry, Xuanji. Qingfeng is just exhausted. He will recover with a few days' rest." Daocang Lu diagnosed with a quick look.

Xuanji Lu drove Qingfeng Li, Wolf Fang Clan members and Ruyan Liu toward Wudang Mountain.

Qingfeng Li's wounds could not be cured with ordinary hospital skills. It required the extraordinary methods only magical places like Wudang Mountain could

could offer.


Qingfeng Li's phone was ringing. He could not answer it in unconsciousness.

The Daoist was not prepared to answer it until he saw it was Xue Lin's call. He pulled over and picked it up.

"Qingfeng! It's very late and you're still no home!" Xue Lin said anxiously.

It was 12 am in the night. Qingfeng Li was usually home at this late hour. Xue Lin was worried.

"Sister! I'm Monk." Xueji Lu answered.

"Oh it's you Monk. Where's Qingfeng?" Xue Lin was surprised.

"The boss is hurt."

"What?! Where are you? I am coming over."

"No, don't come. We are almost at Wudang Mountain. The boss will go home when he gets better."

Almost at Wudang Mountain?

Xue Lin was taken aback. She was frustrated that it was impossible for her to travel that far at midnight.

"Monk, are Qingfeng's wounds serious?" Xue Lin asked with concern.

Xuanji Lu looked at Qingfeng Li and decided to give a white lie. "It's no big deal. The boss will be back in a couple of days. I have to go now. Bye."

Xue Lin was unsettled. She had planned to ask more questions about Qingfeng Li's condition. It was evident that Xuanji Lu was reluctant to

reluctant to talk.

Xuanji Lu drove to the foot of Wudang Mountain. Still unconscious, Qingfeng Li and Ruyan Liu were carried up to the Daoist Temple.

"Senior brother! How is Brother Li?" Xuanmiao had been sleeping. He was roused up by the upheaval and rushed over to them.

Xuanmiao was very grateful to Qingfeng Li who had saved his Shifu.

"Xuanmiao, go and heat a pail of water with herbs. I'm going to give him a sponge bath. And then please brew some tonic medicine."Xuanji Lu told Xuanmiao what to do.

Wide-awake, Xuanmiao hurried to the kitchen at the back of the mountain. Heating water and brewing medicines had been his daily tasks.

This time, the Wolf Fang Clan was severely damaged. Not only was Qingfeng Li hurt and unconscious, but Bald Man, Death God and Alice were wounded. Their loss had never been this heavy since the day the clan was established.

It was fortunate that the elderly Daoist had come to rescue at the last minute and forced Black Impermanence to retreat, or Qingfeng Li and the whole clan would have been slaughtered.

Half an hour later, Xuanmiao brought in the hot water and Daoist cleaned the dirt and blood dirt and blood off Qingfeng Li. Bald Man and others all took a shower.

Monk fed Qingfeng Li some tonic after the sponge bath.

"Master, when will the boss wake up?" Monk asked Daocang Lu.

Daocang Lu coughed. "Don't worry, Xuanji. He will come to tomorrow morning. Tell him to come for me when he wakes. I will go cure my own wounds."

 Daocang Lu asked Monk to look after Qingfeng Li. Then he walked to the back of the Temple to recover his meridians which had been wounded again in the battle with Black Impermanence.

"You go and look after master. I am here to take care of the boss." Daoist told Xuanmiao.

Xuanmiao nodded. He walked to Daocang Lu's room with a bowl of tonic in hands.

"Boss, please wake up." Monk looked at Qingfeng Li, deep concern in his eyes.

In another room, Alice was looking after the unconscious Ruyan Liu. As a woman, she had known the other woman was pregnant. And the father was without question Wolf King.

Watching the exquisite Impermanence of Ruyan Liu, Alice felt a bit jealous. Despite of her envy, Alice would still take good care of Ruyan Liu because she was Wolf King's woman.

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