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"Qingfeng, the long blade cannot be left in your body. The dark energy of the meteorite will cause you great harm. I'll pull it out for you." Daocang said with a frown.

"I tried it by myself but couldn't get it out. Do you indeed have a way to pull it out?" Qingfeng Li shook his head, frustrated.

"The power in the meteorite is quite extraordinary. Only with a special method can it be taken out. Mere strength is no use to it." Daocang Lu explained. He had seen weapons made of meteorite and knew how to deal with it.

"Temple master, I'd like to know about the strength of Black Impermanence and the power you possess." Qingfeng Li arched his eyebrows and inquired with a trace of curiosity.

Qingfeng thought that Black Impermanence's strength in the palm strike that sent Bald Man and Alice flying was even greater than his own. It may have exceeded the level SSS.

"Qingfeng, you are the African Wolf King, the best of the generation. What is the maximum strength in your punch?" Instead of answering, Daocang Lu asked a question of his own.

Though unsure of the intention of the question, Qingfeng Li replied, "I can punch with a strength of 500 kg at the peak of my time."

How much is the power of 500 kg? There is a simple example to understand it: if Qingfeng Li encountered an attacking tiger or lion, he could kill it with one punch.

"Qingfeng, the power of Black Impermanence's punch is five times of yours, which is 2,500 kg." Daocang Lu's words shocked both Qingfeng Li and all the people around him.

"It's impossible. Even I, the king of at the pinnacle SSS level, can only unleash 500 kg of power in one punch, how could Black Impermanence manage 2.500 kg? Is he also a king? Even a king does not possess that kind of power." Qifeng Li said doubtfully.

If it had been another man instead of this elder Daoist told him that Black Impermanence possessed the strength of 2.500 kg, Qingfeng Li would have struck him for uttering nonsense. Now he was filled with doubt and shock.

"Wolf King, I acknowledge that you are a bad ass. But you are only the master and king of the ordinary mortals. Above you there are Ancient Martialists." Having seen the doubt in Qingfeng Li's eyes, Daocang Lu said.

Ancient Martialists?

Qingfeng Li frowned. It was the second time that he heard this name. The first time was with his teacher Wind Edge Demeon King who told him that the Conqueror Third Master Li was an Ancient Martialist. When Qingfeng Li asked about the Ancient Martialists, his teacher only told him that they were existence beyond ordinary people.

"Qingfeng, Ancient Martialists exist above common people. Martial arts have prospered since ancient times in Huaxia. Ancient Martialists came from the large number of people who study in different sections and schools such as Shaolin, Wudang, Ermei, Ghost King Place, etc.."

"Ancient Martialist are a group of people coming from different schools and families. They have different ways of practice from the modern Wushu which consists of Sanda fighting, boxing, and taekwondo. Ancient Martialist have their own unique ways of practice. The Yi Jin Jing of Shaolin Temple and the Taichi of Wudang Mountain do exist in the real world."

"An Ancient Warrior of Lower Heaven State is invulnerable and cannot be hurt by any blade or gun. In the Higher Heaven State, one can walk on water and be dripping with swag. In the Grandmaster State, an Ancient Warrior is able to fly in the air and wound enemy with a leaf, killing without a trace."

"I used to be an Ancient Warrior, but my power was greatly reduced after a severe wound in the Ancient Martial meridian. All I want to tell you is that the power of Ancient Martialists is beyond your imagination."

With a solemn face, Daocang Lu gave Qingfeng Li a short report about Ancient Martialists.

Ancient Wushu has always been around since Shaolin era. It is unnoticeable because the ancient wushu circle has regulated that its followers should not interfere with the life of ordinary people.

Of course, there were always law-breakers. Ghost King trying to kill Qingfeng Li was one example.

"Temple master, are the Ancient Martialists really more powerful than me?"Qingfeng Li was still doubtful.

He was the master and king in both Africa and the Dark World. It was definitely hard to accept that all of a sudden he was overpowered by a group of people.

"Qingeng, don't be narrow-minded. You are the best among the ordinary people. But in the eyes of the Ancient Martialists, you are the weakest." The words of Daocang Lu gave Qingfeng Li another blow to his self-esteem.

Qingfeng Li was shocked speechless. "Temple master, stop stomping on my self-estem. I am the peerless Wolf King in the Dark World. How come I'm reduced to be the weakest?"

Daocang Lu shook his head, "your greatest strength is only 500 kg while an Ancient Warrior of the lowest state can give a punch of 1,000 kg. Don't you think you are the weakest?"

What the heck? Even the lowest level warrior can give a punch of 1,000 kg? Qingfeng Li was stupefied.

"Temple master, please tell me about the levels of the Ancient Martialist and the strength of Black Impermanence." Qingfeng Li asked.

It was natural for Qingfeng Li to want to know more about the Ancient Martialists who were stronger than him. Otherwise, he would be a dead man when he encountered one of them.

"They are divided into three levels or states which are Lower Heaven State, Higher Heaven State, and Grandmaster State. Each state is again divided into low tier, mid tier, master tier and pinnacle tier. The weakest is the early stage of the Lower Heaven State which has a strength of 1,000 kg. Black Impermanence is in the pinnacle of the Lower Heaven State and he can unleash 2,500 kg in one strike.

Qingfeng Li was amazed. He was the master and king among the ordinary people but the weakest in the eyes of the Ancient Martialists.

"One day I will defeat those Ancient Martialists." With fists clenched, Qingfeng Li swore silently.

He had confidence in himself. He had been an ordinary boy of 8 when he went to the Wolf Continent with his teacher. After years of hard practice he had defeated countless opponents and become the Africa Wolf King.

"Qingfeng, now you have some knowledge of the Ancient Martialists. I am going to pull the meteorite blade out." (TL: wait why you gotta wait bro) Daocang Lu came to the side of Qingfeng Li. He held the handle of the blade and chanted silently some words from Daoist Scripture.

In his palm appeared a yellow ray of light. Then he grabbed the handle and in a flash the long blade was out.


Daocang Lu spat some blood for the second time. Evidently pulling the blade out had cost him greatly, making his wound more severe.

Qingfeng Li felt a sharp pain in his chest where a spurt of blood rushed out. Bearing the pain, he took out nine silver needles and penetrated them into the acupuncture points around the wound to stop the blood before bandaging it.

After that he staggered to the side of Ruyan Liu. He quickly loosened the ropes binding her and called her name several times. Ruyan Liu remained unconscious.

 A trace of blood oozed from Ruyan Liu. Qingfeng Li watched closely and suddenly felt frightened: The baby in her belly had been disturbed.

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