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A+ A- Chapter 611: Black Impermanence Retreating

"I am alright. Why did you come?" Qingfeng Li asked confusingly. He told Xuanji Lu to protect Xue Lin, but why was he here with his master.

"It was Alice who called me and told me to come." Xuanji Lu said.

Alice was Wolf Fang Clan’s information queen. She knew that it would be dangerous today, so she told Daoist before hand and told him to bring his master with him.

From what things are now, Alice definitely was right. If she didn’t notified Daoist, then Qingfeng Li and Wolf Fang Clan would be dead meat.

"Qingfeng Li, the knife has the power of meteorite. It is eroding your body." The elder Daoist came towards Qingfeng Li and said.

"You know about this power?" Qingfeng Li asked.

The elder Daoist nodded and said, "Yes I do. I will take care of Black Impermanence first and then pull out the knife for you."

"Daozang Lu, you are the Temple Master of Wudang Mountain. Are you going to protect Wolf King?" Black Impermanence’s brows tensed up and asked.

Black Impermanence knew the elder Daoist in front of him. He was the leader of Wudang Mountain and was known by most of the powerful masters. He was extremely powerful before, but his level dropped due to a strong wound.

"Black Impermanence, Qingfeng Li saved my life. You better leave, or else I am going to defeat you." The elder Daoist said plainly with the whisk in his hand.

"Daozang Lu, you were wounded heavily three years ago. All of your power is lost. What do you have to fight me?" Black Impermanence didn’t take the elder Daoist seriously.

Facing Black Impermanence’s humiliation, the elder Daoist smiled and said: "I said it before, Qingfeng Li was my savior. He cured my meridians and took care of my body.

What? Cured meridians and body?

Black Impermanence’s face changed and he was shocked. He looked at the elder Daoist closely. He saw that the elder Daoist’s body was filled with power and all of his body was cured.

F*ck. Qingfeng Li cured Daozang Lu, how come I didn’t know about this intel. Black Impermanence was out of words.

But Black Impermanence was here today because of his master’s order to kill Qingfeng Li, he wouldn’t leave that easily.

"Daozang Lu, even if your meridians were cured, you are probably less powerful than before. Today, let me test your power level for you." Black Impermanence smirked and walked towards Daozang Lu.

He knew that the most powerful enemy was Daozang Lu because he was the leader of Wudang Mountain and was extremely powerful. Even though he was wounded before, Black Impermanence wouldn’t dare to look at him lightly.


Black Impermanence stepped on the ground heavily and the marble floor became powders. The force was stronger than both Qingfeng Li and Hell King.

With the force of his foot, Black Impermanence appeared in front of the elder Daoist instantly like lightning.

"Ghost King Palm." Black Impermanence extended his palm that had black lights coming out. It ripped through the air and went towards the elder Daoist.

Ghost King Palm was extremely powerful and was the ultimate of Ghost King. Being the pupil of Ghost King, Black Impermanence learned the skill as well.

Even though he didn’t perfect the palm, the power it had was powerful enough. Both Bald-man and Alice were sent flying by the Ghost King Palm.

Daocang Lu became serious. Even though he was cured by Qingfeng Li, his powerful level still decreased. If he was at his apex state, he could of send Black Impermanence flying with one punch. Now he obviously couldn’t.

"Taichi Fist." Daozang Lu formed a Ying Yang circle with his body. His right fist formed a Taichi and punched towards Black Impermanence’s Ghost King Palm.

Taichi always used its softness to fight hardness. Just when Black Impermanence’s Ghost King Palm touched Taichi Fist, it was brought to the side by Daozang Lu. He couldn’t land his attack on the elder Daoist.

Black Impermanence continued to attack, but every attack was neutralized by the Taichi Fist. He couldn’t land any hits onto the elder Daoist.

Ghost King Palm was meant to attack continuously to all the death points, but when face with the Taichi Fist, it couldn’t do anything.

After neutralizing all of Black Impermanence’s attack, he used Taichi’s borrowed force and Black Impermanence’s power to send Black Impermanence flying back.

Black Impermanence was sent back with the force and had to use five steps to finally balance his body. His clothes were ripped and his breathing was rushed.

"Even with wound you were able to send me stepping back, you are worthy of your title of Wudang Temple Master." Black Impermanence smirked, but he began to be careful.

Ten years ago, Daozang Lu was a famous master as well, an extremely powerful master. He lost his reputation after he was wounded heavily.

"Black Impermanence, you can’t do anything to me because you are only perfect SSS+. Only your master Ghost King could fight me." Daozang Lu looked at Black Impermanence expressionlessly.

"Daozang Lu, you are stopping me from killing Qingfeng Li. Are you sure you wanted to become Ghost King Palace’s enemy?"

"Black Impermanence, I’ve said it before. Qingfeng Li is my savior, so I have to save him."

"Fine, just you wait. My master Ghost King is going to kill you." Black Impermanence threatened and left with Hell King and the wounded Ghost King Clan.

Black Impermanence wasn’t able to land his attacks and was even pushed back by Daoznag Lu during their fight. Black Impermanence knew that he wasn’t able to kill Qingfeng Li and he would be at a disadvantage after some times. Thus, he left.

"Master, why didn’t you kill Black Impermanence and Hell King?" seeing how Black Impermanence left with the others, Xuanji Lu asked.

Regarding Xuanji Lu’s question, the elder Daoist didn’t say anything. After making sure Black Impermanence and the others left completely, his face suddenly reddened up.


The elder Daoist suddenly spitted out tons of blood. His face was pale and he appeared to age instantly.

"Master, you are wounded?" Xuanji Lu’s expression changed and asked caringly.

The elder Daoist nodded and said: "my power decreased too much from my wound before. I had to force myself to power up during the fight with Black Impermanence and it damaged my meridians. Fortunately, Black Impermanence left. If he found out that I was wounded, then we would be in danger."

After hearing the elder Daoist’s explanation, Qingfeng Li and Xuanji Lu understood why the elder Daoist didn’t kill Black Impermanence. It was because he was wounded and could only scared them away.

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