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Chapter 610
Chapter 610: Appearance of the Elder Daoist

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Black Impermanence walked towards Qingfeng Li one step at a time. Even though he was slow, the pressure in the air increased with every step he took. In the end, the air beside them became cold and windy; it was like hell.


A bullet shot out from Death God’s sniper. It went straight for Black Impermanence’s head; he wanted to kill him with one bullet.

The speed was extremely quick, but Black Impermanence used his two fingers and caught the bullet. With a little bit force, he was able to break the bullet into pieces. His hand was harder than the bullet.

Everyone gasped. Black Impermanence was more powerful than they imagined. He was definitely someone super powerful.

"If you want to kill our boss, you have to go through me first." Bald Man hounded. The remaining totem lit up with yellow light. His whole body exploded with power.

Bald Man’s right fist suddenly punched out. Once again he used Arhat Fist’s punch and punched towards Black Impermanence.

Black Impermanence didn’t even look at Bald Man and extended his right palm. The palm had a black cyclone force to it. It made

Bald Man flew back once again and shattered the wall heavily. Bald Man was spitting out blood.

Bald Man was wounded heavily. More of his ribcage were shattered and his organs were wounded as well. He couldn’t get up.

With the Arhat fist and Buddha Totem, Bald Man was able to eradicate two tanks. But in front of Black Impermanence, it was nothing. He was like an ant.

After sending Bald Man flying, Black Impermanence continued walking towards Qingfeng Li.


Death God’s sniper once again shot out a bullet towards Black Impermanence’s head. Black Impermanence caught the bullet and threw it towards Death God.

Even though the bullet was thrown by Black Impermanence, it was extremely quick; quicker than the gun itself. It shot through Death God’s chest and sent him flying as well.

Death God was hit?

Qingfeng Li’s face changed and he was worried. Death God’s sniper was top ranked globally. Before it was always him who shot others, but today it was him who was shot.

Black Impermanence didn’t look at Death God and continued walking towards Qingfeng Li. Alice’s face changed because she knew how powerful Black Impermanence was. It was the most powerful enemy she faced in her

her life.

Alice couldn’t run away because Qingfeng Li was behind her. She could only fight.

Alice’s body moved first because she wanted to attack first. The needles in her hands flew out towards Black Impermanence.

Black Impermanence smirked and created a strong current with his sleeves. It blew away all the needles.

Seeing how even her most powerful attacks were useless, Alice was scared. Black Impermanence was too strong.

Seeing how Black Impermanence was getting closer to Qingfeng Li, Alice’s right fist punched out. She knew she wasn’t strong enough, but for Qingfeng Li she had to fight.


Once again Black Impermanence extended his palm and sent Alice flying. She fell onto the ground and lost all of her fighting strength.

Wolf Fang Clan’s Bald Man, Death God, and Alice were all defeated with one palm by the Black Man. They all lost their ability to fight.

Even though he was facing death, Qingfeng Li wasn’t scared.

"Are you not scared to die?" Black Impermanence asked. He was confused as to why Qingfeng Li wasn’t emotional.

"No." Qingfeng Li smiled plainly and replied.

He fought hundreds of battles and walked along the edge of death multiple times. If he was scared of death, he would’ve died

would’ve died already.

"Wolf King, you are a King of the Wolf continent. I will give you one chance. As long as you join us and become my servant, I will let you live." Black Impermanence said.

"Brother, you have to kill him. Why are you trying to make him your servant?" Hell King’s face changed and said loudly.

He hated Qingfeng Li and wanted to kill him personally. If Qingfeng Li joined them, he couldn’t kill him anymore. Hell King didn’t like the potential ending.

"Master’s order was to kill Wolf King, but if I could make him join us and become my servant. I am sure master will be even happier." Black Impermanence smirked. But there was another meaning inferred from his eyes.

Hell King realized what his brother was thinking. Black Impermanence wanted to humiliate Wolf King. Making him a servant would be more painful than to kill him.

"Wolf King, are you done thinking? I can spare your life if you become my servant." Black Impermanence smirked and threatened Qingfeng Li.

"F*ck off." Qingfeng Li said.

Black Impermanence’s expression changed and his eyes were filled with rage. He was the Black Impermanence of Ghost King Palace. Not only was he powerful, was he powerful, he had a high status as well. It was natural that he was pissed after being told to f*ck off.

"I will kill you since you wanted to die so much." Black Impermanence smirked and appeared instantly beside Qingfeng Li.

Black Impermanence was emitting killing intent. With one palm ripping through the air, he slapped towards Qingfeng Li’s temple. With this palm he could definitely kill Qingfeng Li.


At this moment, a whisk flew towards Black Impermanence’s head.

Feeling the power of the whisk made Black Impermanence’s expression changed. He gave up attacking Qingfeng Li and slapped towards the whisk.


A dull sound sounded after Black Impermanence’s palm and the whisk collided. His body moved back several steps. The whisk moved back as well and landed into an elder’s hand.

The elder was wearing a Tao dress and his beard were white. His eyes were lit up. He was Wudang Mountain’s leader elder Daoist, master of Xuanji Lu.

Xuanji Lu was standing beside the elder Daoist. They came together.

Seeing how Qingfeng Li was wounded and there was a cane knife in his chest, Xuanji Lu ran to Qingfeng Li and said caringly, "Boss, I brought my teacher. Are you ok?"

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