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A+ A- Chapter 609: Senior Brother of Hell King

"Boss, what should I do in order to take out the long blade in your body?" Bald Man asked nervously. He saw that Qingfeng Li was still bleeding and his face was pale.

Alice was worried as well. She wanted to pull out the long blade multiple times, but there was a mysterious dark force that was connected with Qingfeng Li’s body. She couldn’t pull the knife out.

They had to admit, the power of the meteorite was too mysterious. It was the first time the Wolf Fang Clan encountered something like this.

Qingfeng Li shook his head and said: "don’t worry about me. Ghost Three is unconscious. You guys go kill Ghost Two and Ghost Four first."

"Yes sir." The two nodded their heads and went towards Ghost Two. They knew they had to defeat the Ghost King Clan first.

Ghost Two’s two arms were already broken by Bald Man’s Luo Han Fist. With the attacks of Bald Man and Alice, Ghost Two was wounded heavily and fell onto the floor motionlessly.

The last person, Ghost Four, was wounded by Death God’s bullets. Bald Man and Alice only used one attack and made Ghost Four unconscious.

Until now, all of the Ghost King Clan was defeated, either wounded or unconscious. The only one standing was Hell King, but there was a dagger in his chest as well. He wasn’t looking good either.

Hell King had planned for a long time, he even kidnapped Ruyan Liu and gave Qingfeng Li the chance to stab him three times. He still lost even with the help of two Eagle Kings helping him,

He wasn’t satisfied and was in rage. He wanted to burn Qingfeng Li to death, but he had failed to do so. Hell King still remembered the gruesome death of Eagle King.

"Hell King, today is the day you are going to die." Qingfeng Li said with a tone full of murderous intent.

Hell King’s face was pale and he was scared. It was his clone who died last time, but this time it was his original body. If he died, then he would have really died.

"Qingfeng Li, my teacher is the Ghost King. It would be better for you to not touch me, or else he is going to make you wish you have died." Hell King’s face was pale and brought out his teacher’s name to threaten Qingfeng Li.

the arrogant Hell King wanted to live as well; no one wanted to die. He even brought out his teacher’s name to threaten Qingfeng Li.

Ghost King?

Qingfeng Li’s face changed. He knew this name from his teacher Wind-Edge Demon King. Ghost King was a King ten years ago; he was the King from the same time period as the Conqueror Third Master Li. He fought and ruled over the 18 provinces in the north. He was that period’s legend.

Qingfeng Li had asked his teacher before regarding who was stronger, him or Ghost King. His teacher told him that he wasn’t Ghost King’s opponent, only the Conqueror Third Master Li could fight with Ghost King.

Even though Ghost King was scary, Qingfeng Li wasn’t the one to be threatened. He hated people who tried to threaten him.

"Bald Man, go and kill Hell King." Qingfeng Li said emotionlessly.

his body couldn’t move because the knife was still in his body, or he would of killed Hell King himself.

"yes sir. I will go and kill Hell King." Bald Man smirked as well and walked towards Hell King.

In Bald Man’s mind, he had to follow his boss’s order. It doesn’t matter if it was Ghost King or Hell King, as long as they were his boss’s enemies, he had to defeat them. Bald Man came in front of the Hell King and was going to use his fist to kill him.

But the next second a man in black appeared suddenly. The man in black was wearing a Black Impermanence mask.

Black Impermanence mask person extended his right hand and touched Bald Man lightly. Bald Man’s body immediately got forced back eight meters and fell onto the ground. He spitted out blood.

He made Bald Man flew with one palm?

Everyone was surprised by how powerful Black Impermanence person was. Their mouths could have fi

tted a duck egg.

Qingfeng Li met multiple strong masters before, but he was still surprised like he saw a ghost.

Bald Man activated his Buda Totem before and his power increased two folds. In addition, he used his Luo Han Fist. But he was still sent away with one palm by the mysterious man.

"Brother, you are here." Hell King said with a respectful tone towards the mysterious man. He was relieved.

The others didn’t know how strong the man in mask was, but he does. The man in mask was his brother, one of the best student of their teacher. The man in mask was extremely powerful.

The man was wearing a Black Impermanence and appeared gruesome and scary. His name was Black Impermanence, the Black Impermanence that lead people to their after-lives.

"I was conducting closed-door training, but teacher told me you were in danger and told me to come check it out." Black Impermanence smirked. His voice was like the ones in hell. It was light, but cold to the heart.

"Bald Man, are you ok?" Qingfeng Li asked caringly.

Bald Man spitted out blood and said: "boss, he broke two of my ribcage. The man in black is extremely powerful. I feel like he had surpassed the level SSS."

What, he surpassed level SSS?

Qingfeng Li was shocked because he was the at the top of level SSS. Bald Man was top of level SSS as well after he activated his Buda Totem.

now that the man in black was able to send Bald Man flying and broke two of his ribcage, Qingfeng Li knew Bald Man didn’t guess wrong. The man in black definitely surpassed the level SSS.

Qingfeng Li had asked his teacher before about the question if there were people that were stronger than level SSS. His teacher said maybe, but he never saw that power before. Third Master Li was the only one rumored to surpass the level SSS.

"Who are you?" Qingfeng Li said coldly.

He was worried. They were going to kill Hell King, but a powerful person appeared out of no where. In addition, he was Hell King’s brother as well. It was truly unfortunate.

"Ghost King Palace, Black Impermanence." The man in black said his name coldly.

The name had a mysterious power to it. After the words Black Impermanence came out, the air was filled with a hint of coldness.

Black Impermanence?

Qingfeng Li never heard the name Black Impermanence, but it was obvious the man was extremely powerful. He wasn’t some normal master.

In the legend, Black Impermanence and White Impermanence were the messengers of hell. Their job was to bring people to the after life.

"Wolf King, I am here to take your head under my teacher’s order." Black Impermanence laughed coldly. His voice was like the voice from hell, making everyone shiver. It was like they were in hell.

After Black Impermanence finished, he went towards Qingfeng Li. Coldness and killing intent were emitted from his body.

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