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Bald Man activated his Buddha Totem, and the bloodline power covered him with golden light.


Bald Man shouted in a low voice and suddenly blew his right fist, along with golden light, aiming to Ghost Two brutally.


Ghost Two's fists were broken off and the inner white bones came out. He kept on stepping back and finally held his body still after a dozen paces.

Ghost Two obviously underestimated the power of Bald Man. He had not expected either that Bald Man was able to give out such horrifying power after activating blood, just like a vehicle rushing over. Fortunately he was super strong, if it were an ordinary person, the man would be definitely crashed to death.

Seeing that Bald Man was so powerful, Hell King got quite shocked. He previously focused on collecting the information on Qingfeng Li while he did not collect too much information about the team members of Wolf Fang Clan.

"Ghost Two, use the genetic power potion." Hell King shouted, reminding Ghost Two of the genetic power potion.

Having seen that his men were repressed by Wolf Fang Team, Hell King was so worried that he really wanted to fight, but he was just unable to pull out the Life-Reaping Dagger in his chest.

F*ck, it's wicked, the Life-Reaping Dagger seemed to have stuck onto me. I just couldn't pull it out. Hell King thought with rage.

"Yes, Boss." Ghost Two nodded, knowing that at this time, he was unable to defeat Bald Man. He had no choice but to use the genetic power potion.

Ghost Two quickly took out a bottle of red potion and opened the cork. A kind of fierce energy was spread out. It was very rich, and the red liquid seemed to be boiling.

Ghost Two looked up and immediately poured the red potion into his mouth. Along with his mouth, throat and esophagus, the potion flew around into his body, blood, meridians, limbs and so on.


A trace of furious energy gave off from Ghost Two's body, and his strength was doubled than before. His eyes, face and the whole body all appeared bloody red, just like a mutated blood man that looked extremely horrifying.

"Go to hell." Ghost Two shouted with rage, holding up his broken fists to hit Bald Man. It was so dreadful that he could not even feel the pain for a moment after taking the red potion.

Bald Man had already felt the furious power from Ghost Two, so he had to be more careful and blew out his fists again. Their fists crashed hard with each other.


A huge force came out along with the place where the two men were fighting. The ground was full of cracks, and the marble floor that used to be smooth and flat turned out to be bumpy.

Dang, dang, dang, dang...

Bald Man and Ghost Two both stepped back for several paces. Due to the furious power, they both backed up so as to get rid of the power.

It had to be said that Ghost Two had become extremely strong after taking the genetic power potion. He had been unexpectedly tied with Bald Man who took him back with only one punch just now.

Hell King felt very glad to see Ghost Two become so strong after taking the genetic potion. As long as he could defect Bald Man and kill Alice later, Qingfeng Li surely would die like a rat in a hole.


Being hit again by Ghost Three, Alice vomited a mouthful of blood and flied back to the air then fell down to the ground. Her clothes had been reddened by her blood.

Although Alice was weaker than Ghost Three, she was still able to run away if she intended. But in order to protect Qingfeng Li behind her, she had to fight hard rather than running away.

At the sight that Alice got hurt, Qingfeng Li shouted with anxiety in his eyes:" Bald Man, I allow you one minute, get Ghost Two done right away."

In fact, Qingfeng Li did not intend to push Bald Man, but Alice was really in danger. And Bald Man was the only one who was able to save Alice, considering that Qingfeng Li himself had no strength at all and Death-god was in the middle of the fight with Ghost Four.

"Boss, it seems I have to disobey the order of my teacher and use the ultimate skill of Shaolin Temple." Bald Man's facial expression changed with a hint of misery in his eyes.

When he was young, Bald Man's parents were killed by bad guys. He escaped to Shaolin Temple and learnt martial arts from the abbot there. After succeeding his apprenticeship, Bald Man went around killing all the bad guys to avenge his parents. Due to the fact that he had killed too many people and broken the redemption, Bald Man was kicked out of Shaolin Temple.

When being asked to leave there, Bald Man should have been deprived of what he had learnt, but the abbot did him a favor and just let him go.

The abbot asked Bald Man to make a vow, however, that he would never use Shaolin Temple's Kung Fu and never do harm to Shaolin Temple's reputation. As a result, during the battle, Bald Man mostly relied on his own strength.

But this time, it was clear that Bald Man had to break his promise and use Kung Fu in order to save Alice. In terms of strength alone, he was almost as strong as Ghost Two, which meant neither of them was able to win.

"Arhat Fist."

Arhat Fist was the consummate skill of Shaolin Temple, which was extremely powerful that just one blow of this could smash and tear up the air. Therefore Ghost Two paled and blew out his fist as well, resisting with all of his strength.

Ka ka!

Ghost Two's arms were both broken, broken off by the Arhat Fist. Apparently, Ghost Two had underestimated the power of the Arhat Fist.

As was known, Arhat Fist was the utlimate skill of Shaolin Temple and was well-known all over the world. Even if Qingfeng Li without Wolf King Totem was afraid to fight against Arhat Fist, not to mention Ghost Two.

After kicking out Ghost Two with Arhat Fist, Bald Man did not go after him. Instead, he ran toward Alice, for he had noticed that Ghost Three's fists was about to smash to Alice's head.

"Ghost Three, you're courting death." Bald Man roared and speeded up like a bomb, instantly standing in front of Alice and blowing hard to Ghost Three.


Bald Man's Arhat Fist was giving off golden light with incomparable power, which blew onto Ghost Three's chest and hit out him in the air. Ghost Three crashed onto the wall and fell down to the ground, tilting his head with a mouthful of blood, ending up with passing out.

Undoubtedly, Bald Man, equipped with Arhat Fist, was almost invincibly powerful. He was so strong that he knocked out Ghost Three by using just one blow.

"Big bald head, thank you." Alice smiled and said with blood on her lips. She used to witness how powerful Bald Man was, but it was less stunning than what he had performed today.

If Bald Man was able to overturn a tank previously, then with the Arhat Fist, he was now powerful enough to knock over two tanks.

"Boss, are you ok? Would you like me to pull out the long broadsword?" Looking at the broadsword in Qingfeng Li's chest, Bald Man asked in a tone of concern.

Qingfeng Li shook his head and said:" There's an outer-space meteorite in this blade. It's very weird and is giving off dark energy, so it can't be pulled out."

Qignfeng Li now experienced the same mood as that of Hell King, because his Life-Reaping Dagger was in Hell King's chest as well, which could not be pulled out due to the meteorite energy from the inner dagger that pinned Hell King down.

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