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236 – Devouring Sacred Warriors, Evolution

With a gentle leap, Thunder Claw leaped out of the ground, operated his qi, and forcibly healed 80% of his injuries, restoring his fighting strength to about 70%.

Thunder Claw said embarrassedly: “Tyrannic Blade, King Kong, thanks a lot! I might have died if you hadn’t come in time.”

Tyrannic Blade said straightforwardly: “Let’s withdraw! This black dragon is really strong. Only when more than 10 Sacred Warriors matched with a few Legend Priests are dispatched, would it be possible to kill it.”

King Kong nodded with a solemn expression. Just now, he only managed to hurl the mechanical black dragon away by catching it off guard. Although he surpassed many beastman Sacred Warriors in terms of strength, but he still wasn’t a match for the mechanical black dragon.

The mechanical black dragon flapped its wings, erupted with a gust of wind, and directly stopped its backward flight. It turned its eyes and erupted with fierce, terrifying life force in a flash. The frightening life force was infinitesimally close to that of a Starry Sky Knight rank powerhouse.

“Soul stone, a common currency among powerhouses of different planes. It turns out that creations with souls have infinite evolution potential! Souls are things that contain the mysteries of eternal life.” Watching the battle from a distance through a projection, Yang Feng saw the change in the mechanical black dragon and his eyes lit up slightly.

In addition to the mechanical black dragon, Yang Feng made many other mechanical battle beasts with level-4 extraordinary life form rank fighting strength by employing xizu technology coupled with alchemy he learned in the Turandot Subcontinent. When those mechanical battle beasts were manufactured, their combat prowess were fixed, and they could only be strengthened by means of various external equipment.

The mechanical black dragon, however, was different due to the mysterious top-notch soul stone that fully integrated with it, making it a very strange and unique mechanical creation. It became a strange existence, a mixture of machinery and flesh-and-blood life form. The preciousness of soul stones could very well be imagined.

After searching through the treasuries of the various major forces of the Turandot Subcontinent, Yang Feng still found some inferior and intermediate soul stones, yet he didn’t manage to find a single superior soul stone.

Superior soul stones had appeared in the Turandot Subcontinent in the past. However, whenever a superior soul stone appeared, it would be taken away and used by Great Warlock rank powerhouses. As a result, even though Yang Feng had searched the treasuries of the major forces, he still didn’t manage to find a single superior soul stone.

The mechanical black dragon’s eyes flashed with fierce light and it fixed its gaze on the 3 Sacred Warriors of the beastman empire. Finally, it locked on Thunder Claw, flapped its wings, and rushed towards Thunder Claw in a frightening gust of wind.

“Idiot! There are three of us. Even if you’re a dragon, you’re still just an animal, after all!” Thunder Claw gave a piercing roar, erupted with his qi, and surrounded himself with lightning. He executed a very strange footwork, and, while leaving after images in his wake, shot towards the mechanical black dragon.

Tyrannic Blade focused and his gaze congealed. He drew the black blade, poured all his qi into it, released a half-meter-long blade ray, and slashed at a wing of the mechanical black dragon. If he managed to cut off a wing of the mechanical black dragon, they still would have a fighting chance against the mechanical black dragon.

With a bellow, King Kong erupted with frightening qi and slammed his fist with the pressure of a mountain towards the neck of the mechanical black dragon. At full strength, his punch could smash the gate of a city.

Unfazed, the mechanical black dragon opened its bloody maw and bit down hard, biting Thunder Claw lightning fast. Numerous extremely sharp teeth pierced into Thunder Claw and shredded him to meat paste.

In that instant, Tyrannic Blade hacked at a wing of the mechanical black dragon and cut open a huge cut. Blood gushed out.

At the same time, King Kong’s fist slammed into the huge neck of the mechanical black dragon and blasted it slightly askew.

After it bore the all out blows from 2 Sacred Warriors, the mechanical black dragon slapped with its wing at Tyrannic Blade, before breaking his bones broken and slamming him into the ground. Tyrannic Blade spat out a big mouthful of blood. He was severely injured.

“King Kong Break!” With a furious bellow, the apeman Sacred Warrior King Kong frantically channeled his qi to the limit, tensed up his body, and threw a frenzied punch at the mechanical black dragon.

Bang! King Kong smashed the dragon scales of the mechanical black dragon and blasted a 30-centimeter-wide, bloody hole into the mechanical black dragon.

Ignoring King Kong, the mechanical black dragon opened its bloody maw and bit hard at the tigerman Sacred Warrior Tyrannic Blade. With a crunch, blood sputtered from its bloody maw, and a Sacred Warrior of the beastman empire died just like that.

After the mechanical black dragon swallowed the Sacred Warrior Tyrannic Blade, its eyes turned and flashed with ridicule, it instantly erupted with formidable life force, and healed the wound opened up by King Kong at a speed visible to the naked eye

“Monster! You monster! Fucking freak of a dragon!!” His face deathly pale, King Kong’s figure shook and he retreated frantically. Although his attacks could injure the mechanical black dragon, but that was it. They couldn’t seriously injure the mechanical black dragon, which had an abnormal healing ability.

The mechanical black dragon flapped its wings, threw itself at King Kong in a gust of wind, and bit down at him.

With a crunch, the mechanical black dragon crushed the third Sacred Warrior of the beastman empire, and blood splashed about.

“Dragons deserve to be at the top of the food chain. The 3 were Sacred Warriors, Legend rank powerhouses, of the beastman empire. Unfortunately, in front of a dragon, they still seem to be unable to withstand a blow. If the reproductivity of dragons wasn’t so low, the Feisuo Plane would quite likely be dominated by dragons.” Mused Yang Feng as he saw the mechanical black dragon easily devour the 3 Sacred Warriors of the beastman empire.

The 3 Sacred Warriors of the beastman empire were peerless powerhouses. With Yang Feng’s current forces, they could only choose to flee or die if they failed to flee. The mechanical black dragon easily ate the 3 Sacred Warriors of the beastman empire, which was a testament to the strength of dragons.

Of course, this had a huge bearing on the fact that the mechanical black dragon was infinitely close to the Starry Sky Warlock rank. Ordinary dragons definitely weren’t as strong as the mechanical black dragon.

After the mechanical black dragon devoured the 3 Sacred Warriors, its soul suddenly throbbed, it erupted with a terrifying life force, its scales disintegrated inch by inch, and it dripped red blood.

Yang Feng was startled when he saw this scene: “Is it going to evolve into a real ancient dragon?”

For the most part, the mechanical black dragon was produced by Yang Feng from the corpse of the ancient dragon Veidarnia. The ancient dragon Veidarnia was a terrifying Starry Sky Warlock rank being and could contend against demigod rank powerhouses. However, after being sealed for too long, its strength degenerated to the Great Warlock rank.

After being merged with the top-notch soul stone, the mechanical black dragon had infinite evolution potential. However, Yang Feng didn’t think that it could be promoted to a demigod rank being so soon.

Yang Feng pondered for a while, then his figure shook and he disappeared.

Not long after, a magic carpet flew over from the horizon. Sitting atop the magic carpet, Yang Feng watched the mechanical black dragon struggle in pain down below, and he sank into his thoughts.

“Massacre, blood energy, and fear. Of the 3 divinities, blood energy is of the least use to me. I’ll just give it to you! I hope that you can reach further heights!” Yang Feng thought for a while, then silently chanted an incantation, operated a secret method, and pointed at the space between his eyebrows. The divinity of blood energy in his spirit sea shivered slightly, and slowly flew out of his spirit sea.

Yang Feng’s eyes were solemn. He slowly pulled out the divinity of blood energy, and then flicked his finger. A golden light dropped from the sky and entered the mechanical black dragon.

The mechanical black dragon trembled as soon as the divinity of blood energy entered its body. Countless power gathered and condensed on the divinity of blood energy, and broke through some limit. The mechanical black dragon transformed, broke through, and promoted to a terrifying Starry Sky Warlock rank divine life form.

The so-called demigod were beings who ignited their divine fire, but had yet to form their divine domain.

On the Feisuo Plane, apart from some extremely powerful extraordinary life forms like dragons, all other life form had to rely on faith power to ignite their divine fire, break the limitation of their body, and become a demigod with terrifying power that transcended the realm of mortals and fighting strengths comparable to that of Starry Sky Warlocks of the Cangzhi Plane.

Dragons, giants, ancient fiends, ancient devils, and some other naturally powerful extraordinary life forms could continue to evolve even without gathering faith power and possess terrifying strength comparable to that of a demigod or even a god.

The mechanical black dragon was currently only a divine life form with the fighting strength of a demigod. However, it wasn’t a demigod of the Feisuo Plane in the true sense.

Yang Feng looked at the mechanical black dragon and its kindred-like fags, and corners of his mouth raised slightly: “It should have transformed to a vampire black dragon! Interesting! I’m quite looking forward to what you will evolve into in the future!”

Suddenly, the mechanical black dragon turned its eyes, locked on Yang Feng in midair, and said in a low voice: “Master, I want to have a name. Please give me a name!”

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