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Chapter 891 - See how much longer you can bounce

"Build a college of martial arts training?"

Nineteen was shocked and thought to himself, "Kid, you are quite ambitious."

The surrounding elders were also stunned, many of them started to loudly laugh.

"Hahaha …"

"You think you can create a college of martial arts training? Who do you think you are? How great do you think you are? You think you're worthy of establishing the college of martial arts training? "

"A fool's dream, he thinks too highly of himself."

"Long Fei, you better piss off and take care of yourself. Do you think that just because law enforcement agency does not punish you, you can do whatever you want with it? Do you think that you're so awesome just because you challenged fourteen college of martial arts training s today? Don't you see that the people you challenged today are all new disciples, senior disciples, and elders who are all in seclusion? Do you think that you're very strong? Any college of martial arts training can crush you to death, understand? You are still trying to establish the college of martial arts training, are you not afraid of being laughed out of the blue? "

… ….

The mocking voices in the surroundings continued.

Just as one of the principals had said, the reason why Long Fei could flip through the entire journey today was because those Advanced Disciples were cultivating in seclusion.

Long Fei was currently at the eighth stage of the virtual Immortals, but wanting to completely defeat a college of martial arts training was impossible. The history of any of the eighteen great matrial halls in the god emperor academy was more than two hundred years, with a hundred years of heritage, it was not something that a single person could defeat.


Creating a college of martial arts training was extremely difficult.

It's not like the societies in the universities in my past life, where you can apply for the position just by reporting to a few more people, the conditions to establish the college of martial arts training are too harsh.

Unless it was supported by a lot of Principal and palace question of god s, otherwise, it was impossible.

Long Fei did not pay attention to these sounds of mocking and ridiculing. Instead, he looked at article 19 and asked seriously, "What conditions do you need?"

Nineteen looked at Long Fei and said, "You want to establish the college of martial arts training?"

Long Fei said: "When eighteen great matrial halls didn't even accept me, I had already thought about the establishment of a college of martial arts training, but at that time, I was only thinking about it.


"I have indeed taken the advantage in today's challenge. With the eighteen great matrial halls's several hundred years of heritage, any single college of martial arts training can defeat me. However, with your eighteen great matrial halls's Principal here today, I, Long Fei, will definitely overturn you one by one, especially you!"

Long Fei's finger moved, pointing at Ouyang Zhan, he said: "green dragon matrial hall!"

Ouyang Zhan dared to threaten him, or even threaten his family, this had touched Long Fei's bottom line.

However …

He knew it too.

Ouyang Zhan was just a small fry in the pan family, he could not come up with any tricks, and the person who truly threatened Long Fei was someone from the pan family.

Sky Separating Clan of the Sky Separating Clan!

"Too arrogant!"

"Brat, don't be too presumptuous, is green dragon matrial hall something you can challenge?"

"I think you're tired of living."

Many people felt injustice for Ouyang Zhan.

green dragon matrial hall was the number one college of martial arts training, his strength was extraordinary.

It was also the earliest college of martial arts training.

The depth of one's possession was indescribable.

Ouyang Zhan's eyes turned sinister as he laughed coldly, "Long Fei, you arrogant brat, at some point in time, you wanted to dig your own grave and challenge my green dragon matrial hall. Come here at any time, I'll cripple you anytime."

Long Fei slightly smiled, and said: "Just you wait, I will crush your son the same way I will!"

"How dare you!"

Ouyang Zhan was so heavily injured, and he was extremely unhappy. If qiu wandao had not appeared, he would have already twisted off Long Fei's head.

law enforcement agency's punishments for Long Fei made him extremely furious, if Long Fei were to mention Ouyang Jian now, the anger in his heart would burst like gasoline from a tank, and his entire body would explode.

Long Fei laughed: "I am being presumptuous, what can you do?"

The atmosphere became tense again, as if they were ready to fight at any moment.

19 quickly shouted, "Enough!"

Nineteen said: "Long Fei, you can ask qiu wandao if you want to establish a college of martial arts training. He once wanted to establish a new one, but he failed in the end."

"He should be more experienced."


"Today's matter ends here. No one is allowed to talk about it." 19 controlled the scene and could not let them fight again. Otherwise, they really would not be able to control themselves.

Long Fei looked at qiu wandao.

qiu wandao's gaze darkened slightly. The establishment of the college of martial arts training was the pain in his heart.

The many chairmen were also stunned, they did not know that qiu wandao's attempt to establish the college of martial arts training had failed.

"Get out of the way," Nineteen shouted to the crowd blocking the door.

Long Fei looked at qiu wandao and said, "presbyter qiu, let's talk when we return!"

Following that …

Long Fei looked at Ao Ya and extended his right hand, saying, "Follow me, I can carry you flying."

Ao Ya looked at Long Fei, looking at him very seriously.

Long Fei was also looking at Ao Ya, his heart somewhat excited. "Will it be completed, will it be completed?"

Ao Ya replied, "college of war Martial arts has already expelled me. I already have nowhere else to go, are you sure you want to take me in?"

"Yes, yes." Long Fei answered firmly.

Ao Ya stretched out her right hand, gently placed it on Long Fei's palm, and said: "I'll go with you!"

It was not because of the sword Long Fei had gifted her, nor was it because she was homeless, because she wanted to become strong. When Ouyang Jian was able to defeat her in one slash, she wanted to become stronger even more urgently.

Long Fei was the only one who could make her stronger and improve her Insight into Sword Method.

She needed Long Fei's help!

Long Fei tightly gripped Ao Ya's hand, and said with a bit of excitement in his heart: "Since you're already holding hands, you should have completed the mission, right?"

The system didn't reply after a few seconds.

It was the same, the mission was not completed.

Long Fei bitterly thought in his heart, and thought: "Must I really help her take revenge in order to complete the mission? There are so many elders in palace question of god, how do I know which one? "

"I won a toast!"

However …

If he could bring Ao Ya with him, Long Fei wouldn't have to worry too much about completing the mission.

Even if he couldn't avenge her, he would still have a way to deal with her.

If it didn't work, then he would use a forceful method.

If the matter of the Overlord forcing himself on the bow became urgent, Long Fei could really do it.

Seeing Long Fei holding Ao Ya's hand, Ouyang Jian was so angry that he vomited blood repeatedly, his face turning pale white. Bitch, Long Fei, you and I are irreconcilable! "

The disciples of the college of war Martial arts also watched with eager eyes as Long Fei led their goddess out of the college of war Martial arts.

Their hearts shattered.

It was too hard.


"Why did you fall for his wild boar? My goddess, how could you abandon us?"

His heart was incomparably bitter.

Ouyang Zhan looked at Long Fei's figure that was getting further and further away, his eyes narrowing slightly. Clenching his fists tightly, the killing intent in his heart was extremely strong, "Kid, just you wait."

"law enforcement agency will protect you, palace question of god will protect you, but... No one can protect you in the arena of the academy's tournament! "

"You won't be able to play around for long!"

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