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Chapter 1569 - Planet Suzaku

The starry sky was calm like the dark ocean that was sleeping without any wind or waves. The sparkling stars were like the eyes of mothers that would make one feel extra homesick.

When one no longer had any close relatives, those sparkling eyes would become blurry. A sense of sadness would surge from the body of your heart and become a sigh.

Cultivators were also people… They also had emotions and memories they couldn't give up.

"They bullied me, their punishment was too light. I want you to turn that Xu Liguo into a little piggy, no, wait, into a leaf. The let me stomp, stomp, stomp him to death!

"Liu Jinbiao too, he actually dared to deceive me. Hmph, those who deceive this king will have miserable ends. Your punishment of turning him into a slave for 1,000 years is too light. You should also turn him into a leaf so I can stomp, stomp, stomp him to death!" The madman followed Wang Lin and continued to talk nonstop until it became a buzz around Wang Lin's ears.

Seeing that Wang Lin was staring into the distance and not paying attention to him at all, the madman gave up roaring at Wang Lin. Instead, he began to circle Wang Lin and roar at the same time. It seemed as if he wasn't going to give up until Wang Lin listened to him.

Wang Lin silently walked forward. He was getting closer and closer to planet Suzaku. Even with his eyes closed, he could find planet Suzaku in the Brilliant Void. Some of it might be due to his spells, but, more importantly, there was something there that made his soul sad.

The madman's chatter became even more intense and didn't stop at all. He didn't feel tired and continued to circle Wang Lin and roar.

"Turn them into leaves, I'm going to stomp, stomp, stomp!"

"Enough!" After the madman had circled him thousands of times, Wang Lin's thoughts were interrupted. Wang Lin raised his right hand and caused the madman to stop before him.

Wang Lin looked at the madman and slowly said, "Be quiet for a bit."

The madman was caught by Wang Lin and stared at Wang Lin as he roared, "Turn them into leaves!"

Wang Lin frowned.

"I don't care, you have to turn them into leaves, into leaves, into leaves!!" The madman didn't care and constantly growled. He was like a child that wanted a toy from his parents.

Wang Lin's voice was calm as slowly said, "You actually had long seen through their plan and scam…"

"Uh… This king… This king didn't see through them." The madman was startled for a moment and his eyes turned, shaking his head. He shook his head like a mortal child playing with a  rattle drum.

Wang Lin meaningfully looked at the madman and loosened his grip as he walked forward.

"The blood you gave Xu Liguo and Liu Jinbiao was useless. All that blood, even after being refined, wouldn't match half a drop of your real blood!

"They were cheating you and you were also cheating them. Do you still want play this kind of trick before me? I, Wang Lin, have already dealt justice. The punishment they suffered is enough, don't mention it anymore." Wang Lin turned away from the madman and his words slowly echoed.

The madman winked, then his face turned red and he giggled. A moment later, he said, "How can this wise king be deceived by them… However, that Xu Liguo and Liu Jinbiao really do have the ability to deceive this king. Hmph, they're too evil, good thing this king understands how precious his blood is. Back then, that who, who, who…"

The madman kept muttering, then he saw Wang Lin walk away and quickly followed. His voice slowly weakened. After following Wang Lin for a bit, he looked at Wang Lin with a puzzled expression. Once more, he felt the feeling he got from Wang Lin when they first left the Nether Beast.

Wang Lin was silent the entire way and didn't speak a word. Soon, a planet filled with rich spiritual energy, to the point that it was in a radiant state, appeared before him!

This planet wasn't big; it could be considered a small planet. However, when Wang Lin saw this planet, his body trembled and he stopped.

He silently looked at the planet, looked at the hometown that was engraved in his mind. Soon, lots of faces appeared before his yes. Those familiar people formed his life on planet Suzaku.

The melancholy on his face became even stronger.

Things remain the same but people change is a phrase used to describe time. However, for Wang Lin, even these eternal things seemed to change...

He stared stunned at planet Suzaku. There was a powerful formation around the planet that surrounded the area and was constantly active. It formed a ripple that spread across the star system.

Wang Lin remembered that this formation didn't exist when he left.

From his view, this formation was fairly new and only been up for a few decades. After a long time, Wang Lin let out a sigh and slowly walked forward. The madman followed Wang Lin and looked curiously at planet Suzaku.

As the two moved forward, several rays of light flew toward planet planet Suzaku. There were four cultivators in total, three male, one female, three young, one old. Their faces were filled with respect as if they were on a pilgrimage. They flew past Wang Lin and the madman toward the formation around planet Suzaku.

When the four rays of light got close to the formation, the old man said with a dignified tone, "This is planet Suzaku, the Lord of the Sealed Realm's hometown!"

"Remember not to cause any trouble after entering planet Suzaku. This is the holy land of the Brilliant Void, or even the enter Inner Realm! A large amount of old monsters live here to protect the planet for the Lord of the Sealed Realm!" The old man looked toward the three younger cultivators behind him and they quickly nodded. The respect on their faces became even stronger as they looked at planet Suzaku.

Wang Lin slowly arrived outside the formation around planet Suzaku. He was several thousand feet from those four cultivators. As he looked at planet Suzaku, he became even more emotional.

The madman was very lonely along the way and couldn't help but miss Xu Liguo and Liu Jinbiao. He began to mutter secretly in his heart,

"Actually, those two fellows were not bad to his king…" As he muttered, his gaze caught the four people several thousands of feet away and his eyes lit up.

"Haha, three little girls, tell this king, tell this king your name. This king will reward you!" The madman's eyes lit up and he waved his hand. He immediately began calling out to those four cultivators.

His words were abrupt, and the four cultivators were startled for a moment. The female cultivator subconsciously looked back thinking there would be more cultivators coming from the distance.

The madman excitedly roared, "What are you looking back for? This king isn't talking about you, I'm talking to the three little girls behind you. Little girls, what are your names…" 

After he spoke, aside from the old man, the expressions of the two young men changed. He coldly stared at the madman and was about to speak. The old man frowned and lifted his hands to stop his disciples. He wasn't looking at the madman but at Wang Lin, who was still looking at planet Suzaku with reminiscence in his eyes.

"Fellow Cultivator, I presume you also came on a pilgrimage to the hometown of the Lord of the Sealed Realm. The Lord of the Sealed Realm's hometown is a holy land. I hope you restrain your companion and refrain from causing problems." After the old man finished speaking, he no longer looked at Wang Lin. Instead, he waved his sleeves and he and his three disciples stepped toward the formation.

The three disciples all stared viciously at the madman. In particular, the two young men were extremely angry.

The madman pursed his lips and revealed a look of grievance as he muttered, "If you don't want to say it, then don't say it. Why stare at this king like that… This king was only asking for their names."

Wang Lin's expression was neutral and he patted the madman's shoulder. He didn't directly enter planet Suzaku but entered through the formation.

Since he was coming home, he was going to enter through the front gate. What kind of logic was it to avoid it?

The old man leading his three disciples in front entered the formation. At this moment, two people appeared. They were old men, but they were phantoms. Their eyes were like lightning as they calmly looked at everyone that had entered the formation.

"This old man is Master Virtue from the Summoned River's planet Ming Mei. I'm bringing my three disciples to come here on a pilgrimage. I hope the holy guardians can let us in." The old man's expression was serious as he clasped his hands at the two phantoms.

One of the two phantom figures said, "Planet Suzaku is open to all cultivators of the Inner Realm, do you know the rules?"

"We know. We can't take anything from planet Suzaku, we can't destroy anything on planet Suzaku, we can only stay on planet Suzaku for three days!" The old man nodded.

After hearing this, the two phantom figures formed seals and waved their hands. The formation light spread and a stairway through the clouds appeared before them. The stairway connected to planet Suzaku.

The old man clasped his hands and took his three disciples on the stairway. They slowly walked down the stairs.

Wang Lin took the madman and calmly stepped onto the stairs. They also walked toward planet Suzaku.

The two phantom figures didn't stop but coldly looked at Wang Lin and the madman. After they disappeared, one of the phantom figures frowned.

"I feel like that person is a bit familiar, as if I have seen him somewhere before…"

"Eh, you feel the same way too? I feel this as well, but I can't remember where I've seen this cultivator in white before."

The two people pondered for a bit before they disappeared while shaking their heads. The formation around planet Suzaku gradually calmed down until the light disappeared.

Planet Suzaku appeared before Wang Lin as he walked down the stairs. The end of the staircase was connected to the highest mountain on planet Suzaku. It was like a stairway to the heavens!

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