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Chapter 432 "Wu Chong's Feelings"

Ling Yue wanted to escape, she really did. But whether it be her hands or legs, everything had become paralyzed under that might.

Its already common knowledge that Ling Yue was prevalent in the use of her spirit force so the first thing the elder did was to seal that segment using his eyes. And as the source for all alchemists, their spirit was the main driver in fueling their strength. Therefore, the target here today wasn't in the Dantian that held a martialist's core, rather it's her spirit!

If I crush your spirit then what else are you going to use to save the people of the Northwest! If one can't be used by my clan then they are no longer worthy of existing!

If it was in the past then this famed lord of Da Xia would never lower himself to personally attack an insignificant brat, but now things are different. The lass have shown enough talent and prospect to endanger their very foundation so the threat must be removed before it's too late.

“Such pity, you should've been the best of my grandchildren in this generation." As if muttering to himself, Hong Qing Yun (Marquis Hong) sounded like he's regretting the unfortunate loss.

His original mission here today was to make the lass return to her roots, thus emboldening the Hong House with fresh blood. If the presumptuous girl wouldn't budge and do as he wish then there's no reason to retain this uncontrollable variable. Simply turning her back to the retarded girl from all those years ago would suffice.

“Marquis Hong!” What should've been a swift killing strike wasn't so swift after all. In a blink of an eye after that hollering cry, the door was slammed open and a mysterious force instantly cuts the tie between the girl and her grandfather.

Ironically, the one to enter wasn't a server or the shopkeeper of the restaurant, rather it's an entity that could make even this old marquis break out a sweat at the intrusion.

“Marquis Hong, Second Boss, I was just passing by the Drunken Immortal when I was overcome with an insufferable quench. Mind if I take a drink while I'm here?" Black clothed with a reaper's mask, this was none other than the Lord of the Life Taking Hall asking the question, also known as Lifetaker as his nickname in the wild.

Note: For those that can't remember, he's the mayor of Autumn Maple Town, Ling Yue's hometown.

“You are most welcomed here in the Drunken Immortal. Since the lord of the Life Taking Hall is willing to patronize my establishment today then I must see to it you get the best wine that we can offer. Please excuse me first while I go prepare." Dry on her lips, Ling Yue was still quite unsteady there when running out.

As dark as his eyes were, Hong Qing Yun's (Old Lord Hong) nevertheless didn't interfere. He knows, if he makes a move now then the dangerous foe across from him will move too. Though the room remains intact without a spec of broken glass, but the two masters have already exchanged a blow earlier when the door swung open.

And the results were, concerning for this old lord…..

“What is the meaning of this? As far as I'm concerned this is my family's own business and not the Life Taking Hall's." He's long suspected the Life Taking Hall also having a hand in the destruction of the Sha Sect a while back, but to have a direct connection with the Lan House? That's not within his expectations!

“Marquis Hong, I'm merely doing my part at the request of another. The young miss cannot be harmed, not even a single strand of hair do you understand? This time it is fortunate that it's I who came, but the next time…. I fear your lordship wouldn't be so lucky." Stopping there, the black clothed old-timer known as Lifetaker then used a finger to write something on the table using the wine nearby.

"Umm…” By the time Ling Yue returned with the mentioned wine, only one remains and it wasn't her hateful grandfather!

This undoubtedly brought great relief for the girl's unnerved mindset. She knows, if not for outside intervention today then her spirit would've been crushed with that sudden attack.

So that's the power of a reincarnation master of the fifth element…. It seems I'm getting in over my head lately.

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“Missy, how would you like me to address you? Princess Yue, Sir Thirteen, or would you prefer the leader of the Ghost Sect? During this period your organization have stolen quite a bit of my Life Taking Hall's business you know." Not being polite in his manners, the senior readily received the wine cup and took a big gulp like it's his own home.

So the rumors are true, the Drunken Immortal's wine is as amazing as they say.

“A gift won't be needed, I'm only protecting you because of a request from his greatness the Ghost Emperor." The old-timer simply couldn't resist a laugh at the girl's bluntness.

It's him, it really is him, tightening her jaws, Ling Yue's complexion was a flurry of color after having her suspicion confirmed, the Underground Palace really is omnipresent.

“Three months, Sir only needs to protect me for that duration. Afterwards I will deal with Hong Qing Yun myself." With that said, she directly stuffs the pills into the old-timer's hand without a second for refusal.

Wu Chong, you are like a ghost that won't stop haunting me!

Grumbling with discontent, she soon recalls the last intimate interaction she had with him, "So weak, far too weak…."

Towards this immature reaction, the old-timer was rather dumbfounded because he just realized something, They are too similar. That temperament is like the female version of his greatness….

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