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Chapter 433 "The Younger Wu Chong"

It was several years ago in the dead of night. Cold and chilly, none should be stirring in such weather. But not Wu Chong. Coming alone, he personally sought out this old-timer that's known as the Lifetaker in the underground world and met his only failure and defeat.

“Three months, that's when I will return and defeat you," those departing words could still vividly be heard in the old-timer's ear.

At the time he only took it as child's play, dismissing it as nothing but idle threat. But three months later, Wu Chong did indeed return as promised and completely crushed him. Since then forward, the Life Taking Hall has fallen under the banner of the Underground Palace and became one of its earliest followers.

Then what came afterwards were public knowledge by now. Like a shining star, Wu Chong's power soon created the most influential dark power of this land, thus bringing forth the one known as the Ghost Emperor that they all knew today. However, those that truly do know the man's history was far and in-between.

Alone again and out of the Drunken Immortal at last, Ling Yue's mood gradually returned to normal.

She thought she had already shaken the foundation of that family, but now it seems that's far from enough. Hong Qing Yun was the real foundation, so long as that person lives then that House can't be toppled. But what to do…. Killing a reincarnation master of the fifth element was no easy task.

Just you wait, I will uproot your entire clan from the grounds up this time! Staring down at the ground, her eyes turned sharp, This time I must succeed in this mission to the Northwest.

With her mind set, Ling Yue immediately decides to rush for the destination. Issue though was the company assigned to her by the King, it was Hong Ming Yue and Luo Song.

“Princess Ming Yue and Sir Luo are both masters of the reincarnation realm. For them to willing offer their assistance is a great fortune for Da Xia. In addition, my son Xia Hou Qi will also accompany you to the Northwest." As if blind to the horrified expression on the girl's face, the King deliberately turns away in order to not make eye contact.

Like the boy, the King also felt it was the right decision to make after weighing the pros and cons. After all, Xia Hou Qi will eventually inherit the crown, meaning this dangerous venture would be a good opportunity to polish his spirit and pave the way for the future.

Of course, all this was decided without the consent of the girl in question. Seeing how clingy the lad was, Ling Yue honestly felt utterly helpless against the pursuit, What do I have to do to make him understand?

While the daughter here was brimming with love from all angles, the mother on the other hand wasn't so fortunate. Though Marquis Guan Wu have relented after much brainwashing from his wife, the condition remains that Ye Huang Yu can only step into the family's door after Nie Feng Hang becomes a first ranked official.

As a result of this, Ye Ling Yue's return to the Northwester Plains this time had just suddenly expanded by several people – this includes Lan Caier of course.

Several days later…..

Flying across the prairie at breakneck speed, the ones leading the party was none other than Nie Feng Hang and Ye Huang Yu due to their excellent horsemanship, then followed by Ye Ling Yue, Lan Caier, and Xia Hou Qi riding last.

As for the Hong Ming Yue and Luo Song, the two would almost never show their faces unless they were resting because they had their flying artifacts at their disposal. Then again, they wouldn't mingle with the others anyways even if they were on the ground.

Freakishly enough, despite the big girl's voice being almost inaudible under the galloping hoof steps of the horses, Hong Ming Yue actually caught wind of the sentence the minute it came out and shot a down casting glare that frightened even Lan Caier.

Ever since the identity of Ye Ling Yue and her mother became public knowledge, plus 'those things' with Zhu Ge Rou in the palace, the one hailed as the Ice Beauty finally started to show some emotions. Though this change can't be perceived on a normal basis, but if looked closely enough, there would be a sense of darkness within those eyes.

“Ling Yue, don’t get into any conflict with that Hong Ming Yue." Noticing the change with the girls behind herself, Ye Huang Yu promptly swung her steed to the back.

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Deeply aware of her mother’s concern too, Ye Ling Yue attempts to sugar coat the issue: "Don't worry Mother, so long as she doesn't provoke me then I won't do anything in return."

But if she does come and provoke me then don't blame me!

With that thought in mind, she then peers up into the sky where her enemies were parading around her head. She does have to admit, flying does give the user a much bigger advantage over those on the ground.

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