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Chapter 431 "Crisis, Old Lord Hong's Rage"

The reputation of the Hong House was already at a new low, there's no questions about that. In fact, it's been dragged through the mud recently. If she too, the one and only recognized genius of the Hong name, also falls due to the rumor of her murdering the girl, it would spell the end for her parents.

Now that's where Luo Song comes into play. His background hails from the Three Life Valley. To kill a simple princess that's not of genuine blood like Ling Yue would be easy and without any consequence.

Truthfully, the man was quite taken aback by Ming Yue's teary and pleading look. In Luo Song's mindset, his junior sister here have always been known as the Ice Princess, always cold and indifferent to everything around herself. To suddenly change so drastically, it's simply not within his expectations and quite charming actually.

“No, you can't just kill her. I also want her to suffer immeasurable pain and humiliation before death." Exuding an overwhelming level of killing intent, this girl that's hailed as the genius of the Hong House has finally revealed her true nature.

“You want to?” Greatly startled there, Luo Song have never seen his junior sister so vicious.

“Brother Luo, don't you think that Ye Ling Yue is quite the looker? No matter what, she still inherited a portion of my father's good points. Though not enough to be called a real beauty, but she should still be considered a rarity."

Initially Luo Song didn't know how to react to the temptation, but after recalling that dainty face and fine features, he can't deny the desire that's quickly brewing in his lower half.

“If Brother Luo wishes it, you can have your way prior to killing her." Despite the cruel words that's spouting from her mouth, Hong Ming Yue actually manages to twist the situation around like it's her who's suffering a great grievance.

As expected, all of the men in this world are the same.

Father is like that, and so is this Luo Song.

Coughing to clear the awkwardness, Luo Song finally found an excuse for his momentary stupor. “Ahumph, if this is what you want Ming Yue. Though I'm still reluctant to do it, but so long as you wishes it then I can lower myself to dealing with that Ye Ling Yue using the manner that you described."

Exalted inside now, the man can't even wait anymore. If he could, he would rush to the Northwestern Plains this instant and bag up this pair of sisterly flowers. One girl in each arms, any man would be overjoyed with such a paradise.

While the trio from the Hong House departed to the palace with these dirty thoughts in mind, Ye Ling Yue on the other hand had just received a message from the shopkeeper of her restaurant after coming home. It was from the Drunken Immortal and the person was inviting her to have a meeting at the establishment.

"Second Boss, the guest is waiting upstairs in the 'East Wing' room. Umm, should I go inform the Big Boss too?" The shopkeeper readily welcomes her in from the doorway.

It was around noon when Ling Yue arrived outside the restaurant. Unlike the rest of the businesses here in the capital, only her Drunken Immortal would be overfilled with customers at this time.

“No need, the Drunken Immortal is booming with people so I'm sure that the customer would also know this." Showing an indifferent smile, she dismisses the shopkeeper to make her way through the bustling hall and up the stairs for the mentioned room.

“Old Lord Hong, long time no see," her greeting was on point like she didn't hold a spec of astonishment at who it was.

Then again, there really was no reason to be surprised by the old grandpa's sudden visit. Hong Fang got openly divorced and Zhu Ge Rou got humiliated, if this elder still doesn't make a move then he wouldn't be the head of the Hong House.

This insolent and unruly girl not only didn't greet me properly, she actually took a seat across from the table! She truly is as she looks, wild and undisciplined!

“Oh? For someone that would drive his own granddaughter out of the home and not ask about her wellbeing for fourteen years is still considered a grandfather? Old Lord Hong, don't you think such a good thing is asking too much?" Snorting at the senior's demand, Ling Yue was rather disdainful in her tone and she knows it!

Towards the lass's refute, this old marquis really wanted to slap her across the room. Even those veins on his forehead was already popping up and down.

“Ye Ling Yue, I am here today to ask you one more time. Are you willing to return to your roots? I can ignore your mother's matter for the time being but the blood of the Hong House cannot fall into the wild."

This was already the limit of man's patience.

“Outrageous! Don’t think just because His Majesty is shielding you that I wouldn't dare touch you." Almost at the breaking point, the senior was huffing and puffing with rage.

“Old Marquis, it just so happens that I would dare. I like to see what you will do to me today." Almost shining there in her smile, the girl was absolutely enchanting for some reason.

In Ling Yue's view, she's currently the most sought after individual in the capital. In fact, it's not unreasonable to say she can get whatever she wanted until the plague in the Northwest becomes cleared.

Just that, she's wrong…..

“The lives of those in the Northwest, what does it have to do with me!" Sneering with contempt, the senior's next reply completely shatters the illusion hovering in the room.

“Secret Arts: Demon Slayer!”

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