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Chapter 430 "The World Is So big, Yet I Was Blind Enough To Have You In My Eye"

"Good things won’t leave the door but bad things will travel a thousand miles." This old saying was perfect for the things that transpired on Hong Fang recently. And as the capital of the great Da Xia, there's bound to be an abundance of gossips and rumors floating about. This was especially true whenever it involved the Royal Family or other officials of the Court.

As an outstanding contributor of the state, the word on the street about this female general would naturally garner many good wills from the public: thirty years of age and still maintained a face better than most young ladies, worked her way up from being a common soldier, exceptionally high cultivation and a true heroin. But of course, those points above were nothing but icing on the cake. The main form of attraction for the populace here wasn't about how capable she was, rather it's the almost fairy tale like background story she endured.

First was Ye Huang Yu's tragic past of being discarded by her former husband (Hong Fang) while carrying a helpless child, such a story would bring tears to anyone with a heart. Then there's the second half that came later of how Nie Feng Hang became enthralled with her and finally winning the woman's heart through thick and thin. Truly a legendary story of both tragedy and love!

Of course, if there's a good side to something then there's bound to be a bad side too. Which brings the subject up to the woman's ex-husband and the main topic of discussion for the second gossip.

Hong Fang have always enjoyed the benefit of being the role model of a perfect husband in this nation; however, after news broke out about his past, that instantly shattered the illusion and turned his fame into pure infamy. A scum, that's the sort of description others had for him right after his reinstatement. The main reason was that everyone now knows he's the very same bastard in the heart wrenching story that's been so prevalent recently. Then as if scum wasn't a bad enough nickname for him, the bastard also became the most famous man in the history of Da Xia – he's the first man to be ever divorced by his ex-wife!

Of course, for the time being these various gossips were still limited to the alleyways and small time establishments of the city, meaning the Hong House was still oblivious to how bad their name were in the public's eye.

Now as to Zhu Ge Rou's relationship with her husband, it can only be considered to be in a state of disrepair. Though no words were ever said by the man, but the fact that Hong Fang would move himself out to the study room for sleeping was enough to show his thoughts on the matter.

This naturally left the woman with a lot of grievance, especially when the servants are starting to show signs of gossiping behind her back. But what can she do here in this case? Run off and make a scene to tell the whole world about what occurred inside the palace? Of course not!

As such, another ten days had passed before the couple could come to terms with their situation. Sadly, just when they thought they could put this behind them, that occurred….

The day was bright and sunny, nothing unusual like any other so Hong Fang thought it would be a good time to bring his youngest daughter Hong Ming Yue and Luo Song into the palace for an audience with the king. He plans to seek permission to send the pair back into the Northwestern Plains again.

But as soon as they stepped out of their front door, that's when they heard the children playing nearby.

“Go, go, go, go away," the guards attempts to drive the kids away.

“It's just a few children, forget it.” Hong Fang's appearance was a bit haggard there, nothing like the prominent handsome man that he was once known for as the Royal Tutor.

The name of the song was called "The World Is So big, Yet I Was Blind Enough To Have You In My Eye". It details the fact that Hong Fang abandoned his wife and daughter for wealth and power, as well as Zhu Ge Rou being a husband stealer who knows no shame. Of course, the ending part also included the shameful act of an old eunuch violating the woman in a very detailed fashion!

“Scram! All of you scram!" Due to how enraged he was, Hong Fang almost couldn't contain his emotions there and nearly vomited blood.

“Child, come over to sister here. If you tell me who taught you this song then I will give you some candies." Resisting the urge to lash out at the kids, Hong Ming Yue quickly pulls aside one of the children for questioning.

"It's the city's biggest restaurants. The Drunken Immortal and Fairy Square is currently teaching everyone how to sing the rhyme." Tilting his head, the child almost wanted to say that there are also some sisters working there explicitly out to teach the other kids. And if they are good and loud, the sisters would even reward them with some copper coins as a reward.

Drunken Immortal and the Fairy Square, don't they belong to that Lan Caier and Ye Ling Yue? Green in their faces, Hong Fang and the young girl now knows who's behind it all. Even so, they can't do a thing to the lass right now because the King would not have it.

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It was the very next day after Ye Huang Yu was released from captivity when that occured. Aside from being crowned with the title of Princess Yue by the King himself instead of just the Dowager, making her position even more stable, Ling Yue was also assigned to deal with the plague in the Northwest. Because of these reasons, she's untouchable until the issues at hand becomes resolved.

Princess Yue, another Princess Yue!

Right now Hong Fang really had the compulsion to break into a laughing fit. He finally understood why His Majesty the King would be so gracious to reinstate his position – it's nothing more than a way to comfort him after the insult!

Not missing the terrible shape her father was in, Hong Ming Yue was both angry and filled with hatred at the one responsible for it all. Furthermore, she still hasn't forgotten the sorrowful appearance of her own mother in recent days during the repeated cleansing of that soiled body.

Originally the lass here didn't intend to kill Ling Yue, merely to abolish her cultivation. However, after witnessing how fast the girl was rising, Hong Ming Yue she can't continue like before because even she was starting to feel threatened.

“Ming Yue, it's nothing but a little princess. Why are you so bothered with her? If you like I can just kill the girl for you."

“Brother Luo, are you really willing to help me?” Unfortunately for this heir to the Three Life Valley, contrary to his expectations, the girl didn't reject the proposal and even revealed an almost hopeful expression. This directly sucked the very soul out of the boy.

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