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Chapter 429 "Its Healthier to be Tortured (4)"

Meanwhile back at their home, Old Lord Hong was currently sitting in the main hall with the other members of his family.

It's been many years since this senior, lord and master of the Hong House, have interfered with the matters of the Court. To be clear though, not being involved doesn't mean he's ignorant to what's going on; in fact, it's the contrary. As soon as his eldest son returned from the palace, the snivelling bastard had ratted on his third brother Hong Fang out to their father.

“Milord, the third master and both young ladies have all left to pick up the third madam from the palace. As for young master Yu Long, he is still outside somewhere. I've already sent someone to retrieve him." The housekeeper was the one to respond to the senior's question, knowing full well none of the others present would dare answer.

Of course, this senior among the servants had deliberately omitted the part about the coachman returning earlier to grab another carriage. He's not dumb enough to go poking at the hornet's nest on his own.

The Third House is getting more and more arrogant, they actually have the nerve to make everyone wait for them like this. The eldest son's wife starts complaining on the side after rolling her eyes at the situation.

Note: When a man has more than one wife in ancient china, the wives and their children are separated and called "Houses". First House stands for the eldest son and his family, Third House stands for Hong Fang and his family here because he's the third born.

This wasn't anything new anyways. As the wife of the eldest son, the norm was for their side to inherit the entire family's fortune and name; however, following the ascent of Hong Ming Yue's recent achievements, it's within expectation that the competition would be annoyed and jealous.

Old Lord Hong's main wife have long passed away many years ago. Therefore, the only one allowed to be called "madam" here would be the eldest son's wife. To have the word "third madam" blurted out so randomly, anyone here can guess who she's referring to.

Sure enough, the expressions from the other Houses have all turned into a strange one in no time at all.

“What are you mumbling about?! Son, watch that wife of yours. If any rumors leak out into the public then I will first deal with her!"

Under the intimidating stare of the old senior, the woman instantly shrank her head back in fear. Well, that's only on the surface. The truth was this dastardly woman was jumping with glee inside.

HA! That's what you get you damn whore! Always flaunting the fact that you are from a powerful sect, now let's see how you will gloat in front of me again!

Before long, Hong Yu Long (Hong Fang's son) have also returned following the news. The capital may be a big city but it's never big enough to cover up foul gossips like this. As such, the boy's complexion didn't look so well after catching all the bits and pieces along the way. He just couldn't come to terms with the fact that his beloved father would be divorced by a lowly peasant girl….

The first to realize what was going on had to be Hong Fang. Though it's not unheard of to gather the entire family for a meeting, but his father's gaze was dreadfully cold, thus telling him things can't be good.

Besides, the eerie silence only added on to the freakiness of it all.

“Mother, how come it took so long for you to return…” Hong Yu Long initially wanted to go help his mother there, but after seeing how dreadfully dark his father's face was and how terrible his mother appeared, the words that he wanted to say were instantly stuck within the throat.

“Ohoho, Ge Rou, I heard you went to the palace to meet with the Queen and Dowager, but why did I see them both at the temple?" Pretending to start an idle conversation, the eldest son's wife was utterly ruthless in ripping open those wounds again with those popping eyes of hers: "Oh my, sister, how come you are looking like this? It can't be that you've really been… you know, within the palace?"

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“Shut up!” From the usually kind and gentle appearance, Zhu Ge Rou instantly flared out and became a roaring lioness. Because of this drastic change, even the woman that's deliberately seeking trouble had to take a step back due to how shocked she was.

Royal divorce letter? Zhu Ge Rou was dreadfully white upon hearing this. Turning around, she faces her husband in search of an answer too.

In light of garnering the attention of everyone inside the main hall, Hong Fang didn't utter a single word; instead, he only pursed his lips like he's suffering a great humiliation.

“Show me the royal divorce letter,” the senior demands it.

As unwilling as he was, this bastard can never revolt against his father. In the end, Hong Fang can only offer up the scroll in utter shame.

Only one glimpse, that's all it took for the old lord to slam his hand down at the table. And as a direct consequence of this act, the thin sheet of paper actually got imprinted right into hardwood!

“Ye Huang Yu, that bitch got quite the nerve."

Humiliation, what a great humiliation this is! Because of his anger, the senior can even feel his chest faintly hurting as a result.

“Look at the good things you've done, the dignity of our entire family has been ruined by you! Ge Rou, I'm only going to ask you this once, did you really do that stuff in the palace…." Not missing the dreadfully dark face of his son there, Old Lord Hong can already guess the answer to that question. Nevertheless, he must confirm it with his own ears.

“Father, you must be get justice for me. I was framed by someone. I know, it must be that Ye Ling Yue! She colluded with the Queen and plotted against me. I only have my husband in my heart so how can I possibly do such disgraceful things out there." Crying her hearts out, Zhu Ge Rou never felt so helpless in her entire life.

Of course, the pain wasn't just over the fact that she's been thrust into that ordeal, rather it's the gaze coming her way by her own man – it's that of a stranger's which held no warmth or intimacy.

Then there's also the ridiculing and schadenfreude eyes of the others here. They are all like needles piercing into her heart, making it more painful than it needs to be.

Not missing the current state her mother was in, Hong Ming Yue immediately called for the other servants to bring forth the body of the now deceased granny. She knows only she can help defend their side now.

In no time at all, the sack was brought over, thus revealing the lifeless corpse of Granny Chen inside.

Sighing at this picture, the old lord closes his eyes in pain: "You are already thirty something this year, how could you allow a lass half your age pull one over you like this? Whatever then, I will handle this matter from this point forward. All of you in the Third House is to stay within your rooms for self-reflection in the coming days. If anyone dares to make trouble during this period then I will immediately expel them from the family. Do you all understand!" With that said, Old Lord Hong got up and waltz out of the hall, leaving behind the frightened members of his family in the background.

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