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Chapter 428 "Its Healthier to be Tortured (4)"


For those ministers still lingering around due to the commotion, their eyes were quite astounded by the letters inscribed onto the scroll pinned to the now destroyed carriage. The reasoning? It's because the title right at the top were the words "Divorce Letter"!

And if their memories serves them right, the writing style was very similar to the king's, which got quickly confirmed by the stamp seal at the bottom right!

That's right, on the very first day of Hong Fang's reinstatement as the Royal Tutor of Da Xia, he was divorced by his ex-wife Ye Huang Yu, the very first female general in the history of the kingdom.

To make matters worse, not only can he not discard it, he also has to place it at the altar and worship it with incense and prayers, all because it's technically a royal gift.

“Milord, the carriage… do you still intend to pick up the madam from the palace?" The coachman was terrified at the moment. In all the years that he's been with the Hong House, he's never seen his lord so enraged befor.

“Go inform my brother to send another carriage over." Pressing down his humiliation that's thumping at his heart, Hong Fang immediately swept his threatening gaze around at the other ministers.

Fortunately this occurred right outside the palace gate. Considering their own family's status and influence, he's certain these people wouldn't have the nerve to start any negative rumors about him.

Thing's just didn't add up.

After some searching using a random excuse, he was soon ready to give up and leave when his eyes caught sight of a huge sack hidden behind a fake mountain. Confused by this, he quickly moved up to open the thing to peer inside.

To his great surprise, the one stuffed into this sack was none other than his wife's faithful servant Granny Chen. Though the nose has been broken in and the face bruised beyond recognition for most, he nevertheless recognizes the old lady through the clothes and trinkets.

"Granny! Where's my wife, what happened!"

Perhaps it's due to the familiar scent, or the sudden movement, but this already thought to be dead Granny Chen suddenly started to groan and slightly opened her eyes.

"Mi-lord, save the madam…." Using her dying breath, this faithful servant finally rolls her eyes and moves on into the afterlife.

“Granny Chen, where did she go! Who did this!"

Feeling a gush of horror flowing into him, the immense emotion compels him to look inside knowing what awaited. Sure enough, it was his wife Zhu Ge Rou and another man on the bed. Just that his wife's long slender legs were tied into a upside "M" shape while having her mouth stuffed with the prunish old eunuch's groin rubbing back and forth. Then looking downwards, Hong Fang can see plenty of toys that's usually reserved for those extreme ladies in the brothels. Whatever candles used to stuff the bottom parts, whatever whip to lash at the flesh, there's even some metallic balls still slippery wet from the earlier foreplay!

“YOU DAMN DOG!!” Despite his rage, Hong Fang still hasn't lost his mind yet. He can tell something wasn't right with his wife based on those hollow eyes.

“Lor-rd Fang, I-how come you…." Scared out of his wits at the intruder, the old eunuch didn't even have time to pull up his pants before having his skull smashed in by the man's palm strike.

“AHHH!!! MURDER!! SOMEONE'S BEEN KILLED!" Following this loud exclaiming cry, the various palace maids coming over to check up on the scene were frantically fleeing for their lives.

Then perhaps it was the drugs wearing off, or maybe it's just the loud cries in the air, but Zhu Ge Rou’s eyes were slowly starting to regain their lights now.

At first she still wasn't sure what's going on, but that instantly changed when she leaned forward to reach out for her man. It was bristly cold at the top, pushing her to the realization of how naked her entire body was!

Going ghastly white on her face, she starts whimpering like a helpless female that didn't know what to do: "Husband, I, what is going on? How can I be….?"

In front of his sobbing wife, Hong Fang didn't have the energy left to reprimand her. He knows this must be the work of Ye Ling Yue and her mother so he didn't have any grounds to go on anyways. Nevertheless, just recalling the image of the old prune squatting on top of his wife's face and ravaging her private parts with those filthy hands would make him nauseated.

“Wife, it's nothing, let me send you back home first." Enduring the disgust filling his heart, he goes up to wrap a heavy layer of blanket over his wife before heading out of the estate with her.

“Father, Mother she…." Already waiting outside the palace gate was Hong Ming Yue and Hong Yu Ying.

“Mother, what happened to you?!”

Through the loose blanket and robe, Hong Ming Yue – being the more perceptible one – was able to notice the traces of shame hovering over her mother's face. Then matching it with how gloomy his father was, she can already guess something terrible must've happened.

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“Husband…” Zhu Ge Rou whimpers out for the man. Yet, instead of getting a comforting reply, she only got the cold shoulder from her husband as he went straight into the carriage. Towards this sort of treatment, this woman can no longer suppress her grievance and burst into tears.

While Hong Yu Ying continues to be oblivious to the situation, Hong Ming Yue on the other hand was already dreadfully dark on the face.

Ye Ling Yue, Ye Huang Yu, why didn't the both of you die back then?! Just wait, one day I will repay the both of you for all the pain you've instilled onto me and my family today!

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