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Chapter 419 “Demonic Energy”

“Senior, further ahead is the Northwestern Plains,” the girl calls out with relief in her eyes. This youngest daughter of the Hong House understands full well the boy had ulterior motives for her, evident by those dirty eyes seeping with desire. But what can she do? Not like she can just tell this young lord of the Three Life Valley to go away.

Likewise, Luo Song was fully aware of his own status and their difference in standing. He’s the son of the current master of their sect, making him the future heir. So long as he increases his pressure, this boy was confident he would be able to take the girl for himself soon enough. What’s more, he still hasn’t forgotten the day where he caught a glimpse of the girl’s divine bodily contour at night. Though he couldn’t get a perfect view, but just the shape alone was enough to make him burn with lust at the bottom half.

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Prepared now, Luo Song led the way to an open patch of grass where the boy deemed it safe. Just that when they landed though, a giant centipede with a body width of thumb had lunged at the girl in a attempt to bite her.


Smashing the repulsive insect into two halves with her flute, the girl was braver than most men in these situations.

“How did an ordinary centipede grow to such size and length?” Puzzled, she attempts to investigate by reaching out with her hand.

Unexpectedly, the centipede that they thought were dead suddenly moved without indication. Jerking its head up with those pincers wide open, it takes a thorough bite at the girl’s palm.

“Don’t move Ming Yue, let me have a look first.” Taking advantage of this opening, Luo Song immediately made a grab for the girl’s palm with that demonic claws of his.

This didn’t bold well for the young miss at all. She felt molested, violated even. Nevertheless, the boy did do as he implied and saw to the wound with the crystal-clear water from within his gourd.

This item was called the Wind Gourd, an item given to him by his father for this special occasion. Unlike Hong Ming Yue’s flute that uses music to fight, this container holds a liquid capable of purifying most toxic and vile matters of this world.

The only issue though was Luo Song’s personality and character. In light of already healing the wound, the boy kept fondling those dainty fingers like he owned them. In fact, if they weren’t senior and junior of the same sect, its not unreasonable to suspect the boy forcing his way with the girl by now.

“Senior’s spirit artifact is indeed powerful.” As adamant as it was for Hong Ming Yue to admit, Luo Song was indeed the perfect candidate for this mission.

“So it’s this weird substance that’s causing the plague in the Northwest. I remember clearly during the last time I came through this region that there no such stuff.” Truly dead this time, a fume of black smoke had spewed out of the centipedes remaining carcass.

“You mustn’t underestimate these dark matters Ming Yue, they are what we call ‘Demonic Energy’ according to what my father told me.” Wanting to show off in front of his crush, Luo Song didn’t keep anything hidden and divulged an important secret.

“Demonic Energy?” Hong Ming Yue was quite shocked by this piece of information.

“The truth is Father had sought out the guidance of the Three Life Stone months ago. The images he saw was an unknown being ushering in a catastrophe so great that he couldn’t perceive the truth. As you know, our Nine Sect and Three Schools have long banned anyone from trespassing onto the Dark Valley that’s located in the Northwestern Plains. I suspect the dark misty fogs hovering across the entire region is the work of said creature.”

Of course, this mission wasn’t without ulterior motives. As a father, the valley master wanted to pair the girl with his son like any good parents would.

“Then what exactly is the thing under the seal? And what is with the black fog?” This was the first time she’s heard of a power outside of the convention norms so she’s quite intrigued to learn more.

“Father did not elaborate. I suspect even he doesn’t know to tell you the truth. Though its true that the seal was created by all of the major powers, but from what I heard, the true eye and center of the seal was solely established by the Three Schools alone.” Luo Song may be a proud and arrogant person, but when the subject of the Three Schools was brought up, even he cannot avoid weakening his tune.

Furthermore, its rumored that the disciples of said schools would usually abstain themselves from roaming this world and that even the lowest student was at the reincarnation level. In contrast to Three Life Valley, Luo Song can only lower his head in shame when thinking of his own sect. The gap was too gargantuan that he can’t even fathom the distance.

But of course, that sort of logic only applied to the boy. Hong Ming Yue on the other hand was much different. Her eyes were glowing once the topic of the Three Schools was brought up.

On that fateful day she was but an innocent maiden that didn’t know the dangers of this world; nevertheless, that didn’t stop her heart from being captured by that dashing person. It may have been short, in fact it was but a glance, even so, she can never forget that face….

“Ming Yue, let’s not talk about this for now. We should go investigate the nearby settlements first.” Luo Song can see her junior sister’s mind was no longer with him. Rather than keep at it, he would rather get back to business.

“Are the both of you alchemists from the Alchemist Hall?” When the villagers saw it was two strangers coming into their home, they immediately assumed it must members of Moon City’s alchemist force.

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