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Chapter 420 “No Option For Help”

It’s exactly as per the girl says, these black fogs only enveloped the Northwestern Plains a few days ago.

Due to the plants withering away and the livestock’s falling sick, it didn’t take long for the illness to spread across to the human population. To make matters worse, even the alchemists of the Alchemist Hall are having trouble handling the situation, causing it to grow more dire by the hour.

“We will only believe in the members of the Alchemist Hall. We heard that a few days ago it was they who saved the herdsmen village.” They are simple people so naturally the villagers wouldn’t take the insult well, especially when it involves the said alchemists that they respect so much.

Grabbing their sickles and hoes, they attempt to drive the pair out of their settlement without a second thought.

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“Outrageous, these rabbles!” Irritated by the interaction, Luo Song wanted to teach them a good lesson only to be stopped by his partner.

Using that good face and polite attitude, it didn’t take long for the girl to persuade the villagers that they are here to help. It also helped when she claimed they are here at the king’s order. Before long, they were brought inside and saw how terrible the situation truly was. Lying on the bed, numerous men and woman were moaning and crying for help.

“These people are likely ill due to the contaminated food and water they consumed. A little bit of my spring water should do the trick.” Giving a quick examination of the patients, Luo Song confidently fed the villagers the water to test his claim.

Yet, instead of getting the results like they expected, the poor patients soon became ghastly white and started to bloat up. Before anyone knew it, these living, breathing human’s had exploded into splatters of gore and flesh!

“How-how could this be?” Luo Song was truly shocked.

Like her partner, Hong Ming Yue was also speechless here. She had clearly taken the same water earlier and was perfectly fine afterwards.

“Monsters! Both of you are monsters! You killed one of our own!” Rushing inside after hearing the commotion, the village chief immediately called for the other folks to attack.

Afraid the boy would do anything rash and cause a bigger scene, the girl hurriedly pushed her partner out of the village. Even by the time their figures were gone from view, the echoing cries of the furious villagers could still be heard in the air.

However, his partner Hong Ming Yue had other ideas in mind after hearing the thoughtless remark. “Oh Senior, now that you mentioned it, I remember now. Your water is too potent. Unlike us who are accustomed to consuming such powerful medicine, they are but common people with an ordinary constitution. It’s only normal that the water would become the strongest poison for these folks.”

Although both of them are high-ranking individuals within the Three Life Valley, but in regards to treating others and medicinal know how, they are completely fresh and new.

“This… aigh, how could I have known about that? Ming Yue, it seems this time we are unable to deal with the strange plague in the Northwestern Plains.” Frustrated inside, the boy wanted very much to show off his good side to the girl. Now it turns out he’s of no use whatsoever.

Unlike the rest of the land, the black misty fog was dreadfully thick here, so thick that they can’t even push an inch inside using the resistance pills at their disposal. With no options left, they can only return to the capital with nothing to show for their efforts.

“So the both of you are saying even the Three Life Valley is unable to figure out the reason for this strange epidemic?” Sounding astonished in his voice, the king thought for sure that with this powerful outside force things would be fine.

“Your Majesty, I fear there wouldn’t be anyone else in Da Xia that could solve this epidemic. But rest assured, once my father comes out of closed door training then he would definitely be able to save the kingdom.” Loose in his promise, Luo Song was very ignorant of the direness of the situation.

Nevertheless, it did have the effect of raising hope in the king’s eye. “Then when would your father be coming?”

According to the rumors, the master of the Three Life Valley have already surpassed the level of a reincarnation master and was considered to be one of the top leading figures among the nine major sects.

While this timeframe was definitely long for the mortals, but for someone that has surpassed the realms of mundane, this was very short indeed.

Though the king didn’t show it, but he definitely didn’t take kindly to this outrageousness statement. If not for the boy being the valley master’s son, he would’ve called for his royal guards to toss Luo Song out already.

But really, what kind of laughable joke was that? Forget half a year, even a week was something the king wouldn’t want to wait. According to his spies, the plague was spreading at an astronomical speed and would likely infect the other territories within days at this rate.

Now, faced with trouble internally and externally, the king can honestly say this was the biggest crisis he has come across since his enthronement. But misfortune wouldn’t just stop because of a single person’s complaint. While he was fretting on what to do, the terrible news of his remaining son had come back to him – Xia Hou Qi have fallen ill!

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