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Chapter 418 “A Shorter Pain Is Better Than A Long Pain”

When being taken away, Ling Yue can say for sure she’s now numb to the heart by the king’s action. She thought this ruler would be wise and just in this matter if she utilized the connection of the Qing House and Marquis Wu, yet the most unexpected happened. It’s Hong Ming Yue, the girl was something she didn’t take into consideration, not in this critical moment anyways.

“Get in there you bitch. You got quite the nerve to go against the Hong House,” the jailer uncaringly pushes the lass in the prison cell.

“Ling Yue, how did you end up here! Let go of her!” Picking up on the sound of her daughter’s voice, Ye Huang Yu immediately rushed to the front where the mother and daughter were being separated by a mere aisle.

“Yo-you silly child. Didn’t I tell you not to come back to the capital? Tell me now, did you tell them all about your identity? How could you do something so foolish. You had such a bright future ahead of yourself, you should’ve never gotten involved with Mother again.”

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She never cried before the Court, nor did she ever falter before the insults hurled her way by the jailers. However, this was her daughter! Tears could not be withheld from those eyes at the thought of their impending future.

“Mother, a child would never dislike their parents for being ugly. Besides, my mother is still a beautiful woman in her prime. How can I leave you alone in here? Don’t worry Mother, I guarantee the king will come begging for us to leave within three days.” The lass sneered, not in the least worried about their predicament.

Unlike her former opinion of the king, she now knows that no matter the extravagant skin one has, a coward would always remain a coward, the king was no different in this regard.

“Quit being so noisy, this isn’t a street in the market!” A jailer then splashed a ladleful of something foul from the bucket he’s carrying. Just the smell alone was enough to make one puke….

“What are you doing!” Upon getting a closer whiff, Ling Yue can tell it’s the scent of urine. Then upon closer inspection of her mother’s cell, she finally realizes how dirty and disgusting her mother’s cage was. There’s feces and shards of bowls scattered everywhere.

In truth, if these jailers weren’t so afraid of the woman’s power that rivaled their own, they would’ve already gone inside to begin torturing the woman.

“Do what? Of course its to teach you bitches a lesson. Let me tell you this fact, even royalties would have to behave like obedient slaves once they enter this place.” Snorting at the prisoners in his care, the jailer then went ahead to spit at Ling Yue’s cell to show who’s in charge. However, that was a huge mistake on his part.

“Damn dog, I like to see that statement put to the test then.” Following this voice was the sound of bone breaking as a result of a foot stomping down at the jailer’s hand.

“Prince Hou Qi… please have mercy! MERCY!” Losing his very soul the second he looked up, the impudent fool could only see the image of death that was the prince right now.

“Spill it, who ordered you to do this!”

Since knowing that Ye Huang Yu have been imprisoned within the dungeon, this now recognized heir to the throne of the kingdom has been constantly looking for a way to rescue the woman. Only this time he was faced with one barrier after the next. Even her mother and grandmother was dodging him at every turn.

“I-it’s Lord Fang’s wife Zhu Ge Rou and her daughter Hong Ming Yue who ordered me to do this. They also secretly gave me a thousand gold to teach these two a lesson while in the dungeon.” The jailer didn’t expect the prince to show up out of the blue, nor did he ever thought the boy who was usually always kind on the surface to be so terrifying once angered.

Every occupant of the palace has fully become aware of this fact already. Following the death of the fourth prince in the Northwest, the only one left capable of inheriting the throne can only be this one here, Xia Hou Qi of Da Xia.


Before the foolish man could have anymore thoughts or regrets, there were only the sound of something exploding here in the damp dungeon. It was almost like a watermelon being smashed apart, only difference was that the object being the jailer’s head instead of a fruit.

While Ye Huang Yu was definitely startled and shocked by the ruthless act of the prince, Ye Ling Yue on the other hand was emotionally unmoved.

In fact, if she had to compare both princes in terms of violent behavior in their characters, it would be this sixth prince who takes the lead hands down. After all, the boy did succumb to years of torture by the malpractice of his spirit force and the effects of the narcotic plant. No matter how kind a person was at heart, such a long arduous period would twist a person’s mind to some extent.

“Ling Yue, I am very sorry. I did not expect Father to be…” Ordering the other jailers to take away the now deceased individual on the ground, Xia Hou Qi apologetically came before the cell to meet the girl of his heart.

“Your Highness, I would prefer you call me by my former title instead. This place is unsuitable for a prestigious person like yourself.” Distant in her tone, Ling Yue didn’t show a pang of warmth in her voice. This obviously pierced the poor boy’s heart like needles in a pin cushion.

“You don’t have worry Ling Yue, I will definitely get you out of here.” Bitterly smiling at the reception, Xia Hou Qi could only sadly walk out of the dungeon knowing he’s not wanted. Even so, the fact that the boy made a visit today did have an unexpected result of deterring anymore unwanted harassments by the guards.

First was replacing the dirty cells with a comfortable one. Then secondly was the food, they were all replaced with fresh fruits and vegetables, something unheard of in this damp dungeon.

“It’s better this way Mother. Cutting the pain short is better than dragging it out long-term. Moreover, your daughter I already have plans in mind. I had originally intended to take you away and live in seclusion after exacting revenge, but now that you have Uncle Feng Hang by your side I no longer need to do that. After the storm is over, I will leave Da Xia and have a look around the world.” It’s not like Ling Yue doesn’t understand her actions are hurting the poor boy, but feelings can’t be forced. If she doesn’t hold him in her heart then it won’t change, now and in the future….

While Ling Yue and her mother remains in the dungeon awaiting their sentencing, Xia Hou Qi on the other hand was much busier on the outside. He literally disappeared right after leaving the dungeon, and by the time his mother the queen discovered this, the boy had already flown to the Northwestern Plains with an alchemic beast on his own.

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