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Chapter 416 “The Hong House’s Other Daughter”

There were various reactions to the king and the ones coming out of the study room, but the ones most happy here had to be Marquis Hong and his eldest son. In contrast, Marquis Wu and Lan Ying Wu were dreadfully dark in their faces.

“Ming Yue, when did you return?” Old Lord Hong and the others didn’t expect the lass to be her of all people, hence the reason why his old voice sounded so surprised there.

“Grandfather, Uncle, I heard His Majesty is unwell and is suffering from headaches. Since my senior and I are nearby on a mission, I figured we could make a short trip back home to see to the king’s headache. Oh yes, this is Luo Song, my senior,” the girl explains.

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With the surname Luo, anyone can guess the boy had to be the son of the current master of the Three Life Valley. Now it made perfect sense as to why the king would personally see to the pair’s departure, the boy’s background was not to be trifled with.

But now that’s no longer an issue anymore. With the Three Life Valley getting involved, its only normal that the status of the Hong House be elevated beyond the opposition.

Let’s take the cultivation level of this Luo Song for example. At twenty years old, the boy have already made it up to the third element of the reincarnation realm. That fact alone was enough to make the boy one of the most talented geniuses among his generation.

Furthermore, the king’s not blind. He can clearly sense the powerful admiration and desire circulating in the lad’s eye when facing Hong Ming Yue. That’s clearly a boy captivated with the arrow of love so why would he want to bring trouble upon himself?

“Majesty is being too kind, it’s our pleasure to help. Also, in regards to the matter we mentioned earlier, I hope you would help arrange it as soon as possible.” Nodding slightly with his head, Luo Song doesn’t appear to hold any respect for the king at all.

“Grandfather, I still wish to visit my mother with my senior before leaving. So, please excuse me for not staying.” Originally Hong Ming Yue only intended to make a short trip back home due to the mission at hand, therefore it came as a huge surprise even for her when Zhu Ge Rou wrote a letter, pleading for the girl to come back and help.

There are definitely some segments about Hong Fang holding an affair with another woman called Ye Huang Yu – though not true at all – it doesn’t change the fact that it’s left a huge scar in the lass’s persona of her father.

Regarding the woman mentioned in the letter, Hong Ming Yue truthfully doesn’t have much memory of it. After all, the incident was before her times when Ye Huang Yu was driven out of the Hong House. If she had to recall back to when she first learned of such a person within her home, it would be from the mouths of the older generation of servants within the family.

According to what the lass knew from hearsay, the woman was a poor example of a wife and had more than on one occasion violated the rules of the House. Then when the daughter was born, it didn’t long for the doctors to diagnose the child as mentally incapacitated. Combining all of these factors together, her father Hong Fang was left with no choice but to expel the pair after the final straw was pulled on one dreadful morning when the woman made critical mistake.

As the filial daughter that Hong Ming Yue was, according to her self evaluation anyways, the girl would of course take action in response to her mother’s grievances. That’s why the girl would initiate the return with her senior Luo Song today, she wanted to use the boy’s status to put pressure on the king and sway the situation in their way.

“Majesty!” Marquis Wu and Lan Ying Wu stepped forward, desperate to make their case.

“Don’t say anymore, I have already made a decision in my heart.” Showing an apologetic face, the king knew he was sacrificing the innocent woman for the sake of his own gains.

Although in his view Ye Huang Yu doesn’t deserve death for the deceit, but at the very least she can’t be spared. The best he can do here was to deprive the woman of her position as General and expel her from the capital.

“Reporting to Your Majesty, Hong Fang is seeking an audience with you.” The king was just ready to return to his study room when a servant stopped him with this announcement.

When the bastard first came into the side hall, he was definitely surprised by his daughter’s presence. Nevertheless, that didn’t hinder Hong Fang from performing his due diligence of bowing to the king.

“Hong Fang, I only have one thing I like to ask you in regards to summoning you back to the capital. Ye Huang Yu is your wife, I like to hear your opinion on her crime.” The king asks using a mild tone, not sounding like he cared much at all.

“My king, your subject here have nothing else to say. In my life I only have Zhu Ge Rou as my lawful wedded wife. As for that woman, all she has with me was but a brief encounter in the past, hardly worthy to be considered a relationship. I also want to further add that such a deceitful woman deserves to be severely punished. Back in the Northwest I have already seen how connivingly evil she is, constantly temping the soldiers of the Tiger Wolf Army to ignore my command. General Nie is a great man and deserves better, he shouldn’t be ruined just because of a witch’s seduction. I implore Your Majesty to abolish her cultivation and exile her to the bitterly frosted land of the high north!” Righteous and just in his words, Hong Fang clearly prepared his speech ahead of time.

Not only does he want to ruin his ex-wife, he also wants to exile her into the bitter lands of the north where she’s doomed for certain death!

Even Marquis Guan Wu who held a bias opinion was getting chills from the nasty response.

Abolish Ye Huang Yu’s cultivation? The king grew hesitant.

“If Your Majesty don’t mind an outsider adding in an opinion, I would like to say a few words. Lord Fang is correct. If a weed isn’t ripped from its roots then it will just be a matter of time before it regrows itself. A second element master would surely pose a threat to the Court of Da Xia if allowed to roam free.” Luo Song may appear indifferent in that tune, but those eyes were vicious and cruel like the bastard that was Hong Fang.

“An outsider should know when not to interfere.” It was then a cold chilling voice interjected itself, bringing the attention of the crowd to the door.

Like Ming Yue, her appearance here today was quite outstanding too. The only difference would be that flaming rage seared into those eyes, giving off an almost battle-ready feel.

“Ye Huang Yu, the one being held in the dungeon, is my mother. I dare ask, do I have the right or do you have the right to interject?” Ling Yue’s voice was sharp in every word.

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