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Chapter 415 “Their Background is Powerful”

Despite being the most noble person in the entirety of Da Xia, the king himself can say for certain he’s not doing so well lately. He’s been plagued with trouble at every turn after the farce in the Court from yesterday.

“There are others seeking an audience with His Majesty?” Surprised by the fact, Marquis Guan Wu thought aside from himself there wouldn’t be any other who would want to get mixed up in this mess.

Since he couldn’t get an audience as he wished, plus he definitely didn’t want to go home and face his frowning wife or his mad dog of a son, the old elder can only take to the side hall until his turn arrives. However, what awaited him inside had left him utterly stunned.

Holy crap, what is going on here? This is literally all of the big figures currently available inside the capital!

The people here were divided into two groups. To the left sat Marquis Wu, General Lan, and the father and son pair from the Qing family. Then looking to the opposite corner in the right, there sat Marquis Hong and his eldest son as well as Marquis An who’s practically a lacky of the Hong House now.

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The elder can understand why General Lan and Marquis Wu would be here today; after all, Ye Huang Yu can already be considered a member of the commoner’s faction by now. But what’s the deal with Marquis An and the Qing House getting involved? Then there’s also Marquis Hong, why would someone like him be here?

“So Lord Wu, are you also here for….?” Make no mistake, Marquis Guan Wu may be of the same rank in Court as Gu Cangtian (Marquis Wu), but that doesn’t mean they are of equal.

“I came here for the sake of my disciple.” When facing the inquiring man, Gu Cangtian definitely seems irritated based on those eyes.

The great senior had high hopes for his newly recruited female apprentice, that’s why he sent Ye Huang Yu to the Tiger Wolf Army back then. He wanted her to be refreshed under the tight and strict military tutelage of Nie Feng Hang. Yet, the most unexpected thing occurred. Despite the man looking pretty darn upright on the outside, it turns out he’s the biggest predator of them all on the inside! Now his precious apprentice just got gobbled up without a bone left to chew!

Ye Huang Yu is actually Marquis Wu’s apprentice?!

It wasn’t just Nie Feng Hang’s father who was shocked by this, even Marquis Hong also had a change in complexion. In particular was the latter. He and Marquis Wu have been enemies for many years. For the opposition to take the woman in as a disciple in light of knowing her identity, that’s equivalent to mockery and insult, a constant reminder of what their family did.

“Lord Wu sure have a good apprentice. Of all the people out in the world, you just had to take her in during your senior years.” Marquis Hong’s tone was exceptionally eerie as if trying to hint at something elicit.

If I knew this Ye Huang Yu was such a troublesome woman then I never would’ve allowed her to leave the House alive.

“You are right. I am really satisfied with this apprentice. The land may be far and wide, but to be able leap across two levels and break into the second element is truly a feat worthy of applause.” Cynical in his voice, Gu Cangtian deliberately mocks his rival in return using those words as a form of reminder that its they who drove Ye Huang Yu away.

“Humph, you think I would back down? Hong Zhen Yuan, if anything happens to my disciple then I will flatten your Hong House!” Snapping the porcelain cup in his hand, the old marquis causes the tea to drip across his fingers and onto the floor.

They are both reincarnation masters of the fifth element. To release the full extent of their powers against each other, its only normal for most of the valuables inside the room to crack under the pressure and become worthless junks.

This wouldn’t bold well for anyone, especially for those caught in the crossfire. In their haste, Lan Ying Wu and the eldest son of the Hong House can only pull at their elders to stop this. As some of the closest individuals to these two masters, the men can already see half of the entire capital falling into ruins as a result of their fight.

Meanwhile in the middle, Marquis Guan Wu was starting to have a new outlook at the woman instead of his former negative opinion. In particular was the tiny piece of information about Ye Huang Yu being a reincarnation master.

For that mistake, his own wife had more than once been very angry with him and would constantly make the poor man suffer by kicking him out of their bedroom.

Aigh, if only Ye Huang Yu wasn’t a discarded member of the Hong House, Marquis Guan Wu was filled with worry on his old face.

“So Lord Qing, is there a reason you and your son is here too?” The elder has no reason to believe this pair of father and son would randomly come get involved with this mess.

“We are also here to support Ye Huang Yu under the request of a friend.” The answer from Lord Qing once again surprised the marquis.

They are businessmen first, politicians second. Knowing this fact, Ling Yue had specifically sent them a letter several days ago. According to the content, the girl had confessed her true identity and the relationship she holds with her mother. And as a bargaining chip to make the Qing House move, she’s willing to offer up a portion of her rights over the sale of North Qing’s Cloud Silk.

Although Sir Qing have long known about the lass being capable, but he never would’ve thought Ling Yue to be able to get the exclusive rights to such a fine product. Combining with the fact of how quickly the girl was rising, its only normal for the Qing House to side with her.

While the elder was at a loss on what to make of all this, the door to study room was suddenly swung open and out came the people inside.

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