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Chapter 417 “Father to Daughter, Sister to Sister”

Ye Ling Yue is the daughter of Ye Huang Yu?

Even if there were cause for suspicion earlier, but to hear the truth from the girl himself, not even Hong Fang can remain unfazed by it. It’s simply far too shocking for everyone that the usually ice-cold Hong Ming Yue could not resist casting her eyes over at the girl in question.

“Hong Fang, Zhu Ge Rou, Hong Zhen Yuan (Marquis Hong), I will have everyone know today how despicable your entire family is.” Kneeling before the king, Ling Yue went over in precise detail of how treacherous these people are. “Hong Fang is heartless and cruel. For wealth, he would abandon his wife and child for the sake of another. Zhu Ge Rou is dirty and immoral, seducing a married man to steal their man for her own. Then to conceal her dirty secret, she twists the story for her own gain and self-deceit. Hong Zhen Yuan is also guilty. Doing nothing and supporting the foul actions of his son, this person doesn’t deserve to be called a senior or father. Their entire family are full of sinners, criminals of the moral world!”

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The king was dumbfounded, this included the other lords as well. In fact, they almost couldn’t believe their ears, which in turn greatly shamed the members of the Hong House in due process. This was especially true for Hong Ming Yue who had the most trouble believing the cold hard truth.

She has always looked up to her father as an upright and just person, yet the truth can’t be any further from that. Aside from her mother being a third-party slut who ruined someone’s family, her father was in fact a deceitful liar and a heartless man…. For a while there, this ice beauty couldn’t respond to this chaotic confusion.

And how did Ye Huang Yu suddenly become the mother of Ye Ling Yue?

“Majesty, you mustn’t listen to this witch. I, Hong Fang, only have one son and two daughters in my life. I never had a third daughter.” Seething with rage at having his deep dark secrets pushed to the forefront, Hong Fang will never recognize Ling Yue as his discarded child, especially after what the lass did here today.

“Your Majesty, whether or not Ling Yue is my biological daughter is of no importance. So long as she lives, I, Lan Ying Wu, will recognize her as so and nothing else. If Your Majesty must punish Ling Yue and her mother, then I as your subject can only resign from my position and head back to my old home in retirement.” Taking this opportunity to remove his battle armor, Lan Ying Wu refuses to get up from the ground.

“My king! My king! General Nie is currently outside the palace with over a thousand soldiers of the Tiger Wolf Army! They are requesting for the release of General Ye from the dungeon at once. The soldiers are saying they will collectively retire if their demands are not met!” A messenger eunuch suddenly barged into the hall with this message, which greatly startled Marquis Guan in the process.

Oh why did I make such a unfilial son! Oh the sin! Poor the old marquis. Because of his son’s action, the father nearly had a heart attack there.

“Reporting to Your Majesty…”

“Alchemist Mei from the Royal Hospital is saying….”

“Enough, enough! I know they want to plead for them!” waving the second messenger down, the king wanted to curse at his own misfortune today.

“My king, I implore you to punish the mother and daughter pair!” Naturally the people that wants the pair dead wouldn’t sit idly by either.

“Your Majesty, that’s not what I wanted to report. It-it’s the Northwest. Alchemist Mei wants me to inform you that there’s a huge outbreak of a strange disease currently rampaging across the land. She is requesting urgent support to see to the plague.” Risking his own hide under the threat of losing his head, the chief eunuch continues to speak regardless. Just that the voice was quite weak, evident of how nervous the poor guy was.

“You damn dog, why didn’t you say so earlier!” Only now does the king realize the urgency of the situation.

“Your Majesty, I and my senior are here specifically for the illness in the Northwest. Please permit us to go have a look.” Although Hong Ming Yue was still quite irritated at heart over the whole mess here, but she’s not so daring to ignore the mission from her sect.

What’s more, they have the support of some spirit artifacts for fast traveling. It will only require a day’s worth of travel and they could make it there and return the next without issue. By then, she can seal the deal in the capital using the merit of solving the plague.

Regarding the lass, the king definitely held an opinion of his own. Whether it be his son Xia Hou Qi insisting on not taking a wife, or the ugly truth about his now former son Xia Hou Hong, all of it were either directly or indirectly caused by the girl. Matching it all with her sharp personality, the king was rather displeased and wanted to use this occasion to temper it somewhat.

Of course, there’s also the other factor of pleasing the Three Life Valley. The members of the Hong House can see that and was very much obliged to see it go their way.

“Ye Ling Yue, whether or not you are my sister is of no importance. The very fact that you offended me is enough to seal your fate.” Narrowing her eyes at her half-sister, Hong Ming Yue didn’t dally around after leaving behind this threat and directly took to the Northwest with their flying artifacts.

“Lord Wu, General Lan, let’s just leave this matter be. Even the Three Life Valley is getting involved. This time His Majesty isn’t going to change his mind.” If Marquis Guan still had any resentful feelings towards the woman earlier then now all he has was pity and sympathy.

The behavior of Hong House was simply too excessive today. But really, what can they do? The gap between the nobility and common class were far too and wide. Coupled with the pressure of the Three Life Valley, the end result can only be the sacrifice of this girl and her mother.

“As long as the royal decree isn’t handed down yet then there’s still hope.” In light of General Lan being disheartened by the situation, it was Marquis Wu who spoke up.

“I most certainly can’t compete with the Three Life Valley, but what if we add in the Underground Palace?” From Gu Cangtian’s (Marquis Wu) old face appears a layer of battle aura.

The Underground Palace? Marquis Guan’s forehead couldn’t stop trembling, What is he implying by that?!

“Then we can also add in North Qing’s Phoenix Manor.” Not to be outdone, Sir Qing also came forward with another suggestion.

“This… what is this all about? How many more people is there behind this mother and daughter pair?” Even after everyone had left, the elder here still wouldn’t budge. He never thought there would be so many forces behind this Ye Huang Yu and her daughter. I must go back and squeeze every bit of information from that brat!

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