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Chapter 414 “Shock the Court”

In no time at all, three days had transpired, giving ample time for the Ministry of Affairs to review the person’s history for any bad behaviors and military exploits. And since no fault could be found, the expected coronation occurred as planned.

General Lan, Ling Yue’s godfather, was all tense and worried on his face, giving off a counterintuitive vibe to his existence compared to his peers.

“In accordance with the king’s will, Captain Ye of the Tiger Wolf Army is now bestowed with the position of General for his great merit in slaying a ninth rank python. General Ye, please step forward to receive the edict.” The eunuch’s sharp raspy voice was crystal clear as it echoed across the assembly hall.

In light of the summon, the disguised woman never budged an inch under the encouraging eyes of her man to the side.

“Majesty, your subject here has something to say. I-I am a woman….. In order to serve my nation, I concealed my identity and joined the military.” Absolving her armor on the spot, she firmly loosens her hair to reveal that beautiful face for the world to see.

Countless eyes became pinned to that contour. There were definitely some blaming eyes going on, but more were shocked at her female sex.

As for General Lan, the man can only sigh with pity. What he’s been dreading have finally come to fruition….

“Uncle, I and Huang Yu have endured countless life and death situations together. I love her and she loves me. I hope Uncle can absolve her of the crimes she committed and fulfill my request by pairing us together.” Taking this opportunity to butt in, Nie Feng Hang asks the king to give them a marriage arrangement on the spot.

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Hong Fang’s ex-wife?

Not even the king can remain unfazed under the weight of that explosive news.

“Outrageous, this is absolutely outrageous. Ye Huang Yu, do you know your crime in deceiving royalty? Someone come, bring this impudent woman away while she awaits execution!” The king roars, enraged by the deceit.

As much as Nie Feng Hang wanted to stop the order, he could do nothing under the circumstances. Eventually he was knocked out by his father Marquis Guan Wu and dragged away.

Before long, the farce in the palace that was today had spread far and wide that even Hong Fang who was still in the Northwest had caught wind of it.

Ye Huang is Ye Huang Yu?

Although he had long discarded Ye Huang Yu many years ago, it doesn’t change the fact that the man holds the woman as his own. In his view, whether she be dead or alive, the person should still be his and subject to his disposal. Or at the very least, wither away until she’s haggard and lifeless. For his ex-wife to be living so superbly while he himself was in the gutters right now, Hong Fang simply can’t accept it. Moreover, he still hasn’t forgotten the eyes Nie Feng Hang made when eyeing his ex-wife. Its the very same look that someone would make when presented with a treasure of extreme value!

“Commander, His Majesty has sent a message and is demanding your presence back in the capital,” a messenger suddenly barges into his tent.

In light of all the unexpected things, this did give Hong Fang the much-needed opportunity to escape this place he deemed a hellhole. A pleasant surprise indeed for the repulsive bastard.

Sure enough, Hong Fang didn’t need any urging. Dumping all of the military affairs without a care for anyone, he immediately rushed for the capital on horseback.

Like the bastard, Ling Yue too have also received the news about her mother from Queen Liu and General Lan’s letter. “I knew Mother have always been a strong headed woman, but to think she would confess everything in front of everyone. And then there’s Nie Feng Hang, I knew he was brave, but to demand a marriage arrangement right on the spot! Wow, he’s more than what I had hoped for.”

“Ling Yue, how can you still smile here when things have come this far?” Lan Caier on the other hand was anxious to death couldn’t sit still like her sister.

“Sister, whatever needs to come will eventually come, we can’t avoid this forever. At the very least I know Nie Feng Hang have my mother in his heart. I have a few letters here, please help me send them out while I head to the capital. While I’m away, I will need to bother you and Alchemist Chou to look after things.”

The things with the Northwestern Plains have temporarily come to a halt, mostly due to her efforts in cleaning up some of those dark matters scattered around the land. At the very least the chaos won’t occur for the next while.

What’s more, in comparison to this frontier, Ling Yue would much rather rush to her mother’s side in support.


“You really have been lost to that woman. You want to marry her right? Fine, I will go to the king right away and have him execute her immediately. Such heresy, how can she be any good at all!” With nothing more to say, the old lord whisks his sleeve and departed for the palace.

“Damn you old fool. If you dare lay your hands on Huang Yu then I will have the Nie House forever end with me! I will go into the palace and become a eunuch tomorrow!” In light of being locked away, it couldn’t stop the general from screaming out in protest.

In response to this tense situation, the old madam and mother to the general could only weep her hearts out at the constant banging. She was at a loss on how to deal with this.

Inside the palace.

It didn’t take long for Marquis Guan Wu to arrive outside the study room of the king. However, before he could enter to make his case, the chief eunuch had stopped him in his tracks.

“Your lordship, are seeking an audience with the king?”

“Please be calm anger Milord. The royal study room is already with a guest. Even if you wish to see His Majesty, we must still follow the order of arrival.” With that said, the chief eunuch then casts his eyes over to the side.

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