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Chapter 412 "Possessive Tyranny"

Undeniably the identity of Nie Feng Hang's background was a heavy load on the woman mindset. She's no longer the same ignorant and fearless person from the past, not after being rejected by the Hong House anyways. What's more, this time the status of her man was even higher, making the odds much lower than the last.

Seeing the emotionless expression of the woman beside herself, Queen Liu was truly sympathetic of her peer. "You need not worry too much. I may not be able to help much in regards to you two, but I can definitely seal the matter with you becoming the first female general of Da Xia." As nice as that motion was from the queen, it didn't exactly have the sort of effect she had hoped.

Bittersweet inside, Ye Huang Yu didn't know whether to be happy or sad at the moment. She's long yearned for the post, yet when her dreams do come true, the emotions she got didn't turn out as she expected.

As both of them continued on with their one-sided conversation, it didn't take long for the pair of females to realize that both men were gone after returning to the main garden.

“If that's the case then I will accompany you to Mother's quarter," kind in her smile, Queen Liu offers to lead them in place of the messenger.

Inside the Hundred Phoenix Wing, the dowager was currently nagging at the poor general with pointless questions while a young maiden of exceptional quality sat next to them. Based on that peachy face, it's pretty obvious the girl was eyeing the man constantly using those affectionate eyes.

“Feng Hang is my grandson. He is such a naughty kid when he was young you know. Whenever he himself into trouble, he would run to my place to hide everytime. You have no idea how annoyed his father Marquis Guan Wu was whenever he did that." Happy in her mood, the old queen was enjoying her time a lot right now.

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“Oh Feng Hang, this is Miss Ruyu, daughter of the Ministry of Rites. She's eighteen this year with a strong proficiency in calligraphy and painting, a famed woman of talent inside the capital. What do you think of her?" Turns out the old queen intends to match the general with this Miss Ruyu.

“Ruyu, come, come, come, tell me what's your take on my Feng Hang?" Seeing how deadpan her grandson was, the old queen knew she had to work it from another angle. Sure enough, the young maiden swiftly nodded her head out of consideration for that stalwart appearance and deep connection with the royal family.

“Oh Feng Hang, tell grandmother here, what do you think of….." Satisfied with the young lass's answer, the old queen promptly turns to the man for a reply. Those eyes were literally beaming with a light that demanded a confirmation.

“Grandmother said Miss Ruyu is proficient in art and calligraphy?" Snapping at the nagging, Feng Hang finally cuts off her grandmother's word and took the lead.

“Just a bit General,” blushing hard like a red blanket, the poor girl could barely keep her head up from being gazed at by the handsome hunk.

“These…. I do not know General." Slightly changing in her complexion, Miss Ruyu didn't understand where this was leading to.

“Then Miss Ruyu, are you able to eat a pound of meat that's still bloody in the middle? Drink water that's still filthy? Or help a soldier mend their wound?" Relentless in his words, the general's voice was now somewhat harsh and stern.

“I… I don't know any of these." If earlier her complexion was only a little bit white, now its both green and white. Just imagining that sort of scene would make her nauseated, let alone actually put it into practice.

“What are you doing Feng Hang! How can you ask such questions to Ruyu? Those things are only meant to be done by others of vulgar nature, how can you expect a lady to perform such tasks?" A tad angered by the rudeness, the old queen immediately lectures her grandson.

“What's the matter Queen Mother, there's no need to get so angry now do you?" Just as the old queen was fuming there, Queen Liu finally arrives on scene to chime in.

“Oh Liu, it's good that you are here. Come talk some senses into this boy. He's so old already yet he's still not watching his words." Clearly the old grandma wasn't done, which quickly incited the queen to come forward in appeasement.

As for Nie Feng Hang himself, he didn't miss the fact that his love was deliberately keeping eye contact away from him. The reasoning? Ye Huang Yu didn't miss the last remark from the dowager.

Vulgar woman…. The bitterness in her heart only grew stronger, Her Grace is right, how can an ordinary woman do those kinds of things?

“This is?” Seeing how there's an outsider here now, the old queen knew its improper to continue fuming. Quelling her anger, she looks to meet the soldier in uniform and found it oddly strange that the contour of the person to be very familiar.

“So it's Feng Hang's subordinate. Oh look at him, such a good face, even some of the women's out there would have a hard time competing with him. Captain Ye is it now? Come, I'm trying to help your general here seek a good wife. Don't you think Miss Ruyu is a good match for him?" Finding the young man very pleasing to the eye, the dowager went ahead and asked for an extra opinion without realizing what she's done.

“Grandmother!” Drastically changing in his complexion, Nie Feng Hang fears greatly that his love would have a misunderstanding here.

“It’s a really good match,” casting her eyes low, Ye Huang Yu quietly mumbles this using an undertowing voice.

Yes, a really good match. That Miss Ruyu is young and beautiful, truly fitting for them both who's from a noble house.

“isn't that right? I too think they are a great match…." Smiling like a jolly go grandmother, the old queen was finally stopped by a loud slamming sound that came from the side.

“I dare you to say it again!” The man was overwhelmed with the urge to swallow that woman whole.

He thought they would be in perfect understanding of each other by now, especially after experiencing all of that together. Yet, when confronted with the morals of reality, she's the first to retreat and shirk off any responsibility!

“What's wrong with you Feng Hang? Captain Ye is only stating the truth." Both the dowager and young maiden were left in utter shock, especially the former who's never seen her grandson act so out of place.

“General, I am saying you and Miss Ruyu is very compatible. You should marry a woman worthy of your status and background." In light of the sharp bursts of pain stinging her heart, Ye Huang Yu nevertheless forces her own emotions down and bluntly state what she believes are for the best. However, before she could state anymore idiotic rubbish, a powerful pair of hands had stretched over to pull her in.

“Mhmmm!” Those lips were being smothered with a tyrannical level of possessiveness.

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