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Chapter 411 "Love or Ill-Fated?"

Because of Nie Feng Hang's remark, this palace feast had long lost its flavor for the disguised woman present: she can only numbly drink her wine, eat her food, and answer the king's questions.

"Your Majesty, I can see you and Feng Hang have a lot to catch up upon. Why don't I take Captain Ye Huang and show him around the palace while you two do so?" After three rounds of wine, Queen Liu excuses herself by using alcohol as the reason. Of course, she didn't forget to invite the disguised woman to visit the ponds where the lotus flowers are currently in full bloom.

In response to how suddenly his nephew changed that tune, the king was truthfully taken aback at first. Waving his hand, the man dismisses the maids and eunuchs away, leaving only the two of them alone.

What came next was exactly as expected, the king flew into shock following the truth about Xia Hou Hong not being of royal blood and of how Consort Luo was colluding with someone in North Qing.

"Is this really true?"

"Absolutely. If Uncle you still have some doubts then we can summon Consort Luo to confront her. I also got someone to seek out the original old eunuch responsible for bringing the woman into the palace. According to his words, we have proof that she was never a virgin to begin with has been with child for over a month when she entered."

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"Someone come! Bring that bitch over to see me!" Sure enough, the king erupts into a seething rage after confirming the truth by interrogating the personals involved.

To think I actually became a "Green Hat" for all these years and nearly allowed that bastard child become the next king.

"Reporting to Your Majesty, Consort Luo is no longer in the palace and her maids and eunuchs have all been killed." By the time the royal guards arrived at the designated quarter, what welcomed these soldiers were nothing but a scene of carnage where rotting corpses lay untouched for days.

Under normal circumstances, such a large murder scene would never go unnoticed for so long. However, due to the news of the fourth prince perishing in the Northwest, its only normal those not involved would want to stay far, far away from the location. That's how the woman managed to escape in secret, no one wanted to poke at the hornet's nest when the queen was in a fit.

"Uncle, about Captain Ye…" Hesitant in his words, Nie Feng Hang didn't know whether or not he should bring up his future wife's gender before the king under these circumstances.

"It's fine Feng Hang, I've already tasked the department to investigate his history. If it comes up clean in the report, I will naturally bestow upon him a general's title. Leave me for now, I'm tired." Waving his hand, the king dismisses the man without a second thought.

Helpless and worried, Nie Feng Hang promptly went in search of the two woman that's supposed to be gazing at the flowers. However, the more he looked, the more anxious he became for some reason.

"Prince Feng Hang, the queen has tasked me in bringing you over to them. Please come with me." Just as the man was brooding over where to look, one of the old maids in service to the queen had stopped him in his tracks. According to the information he's given, the pair had left for the smaller garden here to the side.

Meanwhile at the same time over at the side garden where a pool of green was littered with flowers of various colors, two women stood side by side gazing down at the beautiful picture.

"Captain Ye Huang, do you know your crime!" Originally Ye Huang Yu was still stuck in her daze until she heard this hollering cry from the side.

Jerking back to reality, she swiftly looked over to the source, "My Queen, please forgive my offense in being absentminded before your presence."

Sighing at the poor display, Queen Liu could only shake her head and help the woman up. "Ye Huang Yu, how long are you going to continue concealing your identity?"

Naturally the receiving end would be shocked beyond imagination after being caught.

Initially, Queen Liu was quite upset over the reckless actions of this person before her; however, that anger was quickly overtaken by sadness due to the tragic experience in the story. The queen too was a woman and mother, how can she not relate to the pain of someone being discarded and left to fend for themselves? Furthermore, Ye Huang Yu have contributed greatly to the wellbeing of Da Xia, its only normal for Queen Liu to want to support such a great heroin.

"Speaking of it, we almost became in-laws actually. Shame though, my son Hou Qi didn't have the fortune of taking Ling Yue as his wife." Sighing again, the queen still laments the fact that their children couldn't get together.

The main reason for that emotion was due to Xia Hou Qi himself. Since being rejected, the sixth prince have refused to take in any consorts in light of the constant pressuring of his mother the queen and grandmother the dowager.

"His Majesty have already made a case with the military department. Out of consideration for your merits, you would surely be elevated to the position of a general. But the part about your identity, how long are you going to keep it hidden? And the relationship between Feng Hang and you, what do you plan to do?"

Queen Liu was no fledgling when it came to love, plus she can clearly see how protective Nie Feng Hang was back there. Based on her judgement, she's certain the man had fallen heads over heels for this brave woman who would break all the norms for revenge.

Now, the only issue was the fact that Ye Huang Yu have already married before and also gave birth to a daughter. Surely it wouldn't be easily to convince Marquis Guan Wu on the matter, especially when the senior was known to be very stubborn.

After some thoughts on her options, this scarred woman and mother knew very well she's in no position to seek out better things in life. Nevertheless, it doesn't change the fact that her heart was feeling quite sour and bitter inside.

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