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Chapter 413 "Only She Can Be My Woman!"


Nie Feng Hang likes the same sex!

While everyone present were either too dumbfounded or too shocked from what they were seeing, the man himself on the other hand was relishing in his actions by ravaging those divine lips he so forcefully took.

“Grandmother, Your Highness, I'm sure both of you saw it with your own eyes. In this lifetime I will only have her in my life." Minutes later, the barbaric brute finally released his victim and proclaimed his custody.

With nothing more to say, Nie Feng Hang promptly grabbed his love and departed from the place, leaving behind the group of women still dropping their jaws at the astonishing statement.

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“Outrageous! What is this all about? How can Feng Hang and his subordinate…." As if the very idea was enough to make her pass out, the old queen clings onto her chest like its in pain.

Part of the old granny's reaction was partly due to her own self denial; however, its also true that her old age was at play here. Her grandson falling in love with another man, no regular person can take such a shocker and remain unfazed…..

“Queen Mother, please calm your anger first. This is a misunderstanding, Captain Ye… he, no its she is a woman!" Queen Liu honestly never expected things to devolve to this point so fast, nor did she expect the man to be so recklessly rash.

“Queen Mother, Ye Huang doesn't have any ulterior motive. The truth is, she's Princess Yue's birth mother. She… she is Hong Fang's ex-wife." Seeing how its impossible to keep the secret under wraps now, Queen Liu finally confesses the whole story to the granny.

After a long period of silence.

“How unexpected, to think there is so many twists and turns to this whole thing. No wonder she felt so familiar the second I laid eyes on her. Thinking back on it, their contour really do hold a lot of similarities. Its such a pity this pair of mother and daughter have to face such misfortunate in life." The old queen's complexion became much better after learning the truth, nevertheless its still plagued with worry at the impending future. "But in any case, they shouldn't have been so bold in their actions. After all, a woman disguising herself to join the military is a crime worthy of the head."

“Queen Mother, things are not so simple anymore. Don't forget, aside from becoming the first female general of Da Xia, Ye Huang Yu also have another layer to her identity - she's the mother of Princess Yue. Unlike back then where the girl was nothing but an adopted daughter of the Lan House, Ling Yue is now both the Chief Alchemist of Moon City and a rank holder of the Dan board." Not wishing to go down without a fight, Queen Liu earnestly reminds the dowager of this important point.

Sure enough, the old granny immediately picked up on that meaning. Indeed, the current Ling Yue was no longer that country bumpkin that only first arrived in the capital.

The girl may not be in control of a massive military force, but the fact remains she's the active Chief Alchemist of one of the critical supply lines of the Northwest. Furthermore, a fourteen-year-old getting onto the Dan ranking board was no laughing matter. If all things goes well, surely the Nine Sects and Three Schools would eventually take notice of her and propel the lass into greatness.

Out of consideration for all these factors, the Royal Family must be extra cautious here in choosing a side. Otherwise, it might just come back and bite them in the back later down the road.

“Queen Mother, you mustn't decide so quickly. Don't forget, Hong Ming Yue is a recognized daughter of a noble family with near limitless resources to raise her. While Ling Yue though, she's a discarded child without any background support. If you must compare them both, I believe the ladder is more resilient for she has proven again and again to be capable." Unlike the old granny, Queen Liu was naturally more inclined towards Ling Yue here. The girl may not have been able to become her daughter-in-law, but the woman truly does like the lass from the heart.

“So your meaning is?” The old queen remains puzzled.

“Let's wait a while longer and observe the situation,” Queen Liu reaffirms her stance, hoping time will help change the outcome.

Outside the Hundred Phoenix Wing, Ye Huang Yu was currently being dragged away by her man's powerful hands when she finally broke free after much struggle.

“Have you gone crazy?! How can you do something…. something so obscene in front of everyone!" Recalling back to how they were kissing so intimately in front of so many eyes, the woman immediately started to burn in the cheeks.

“What did I do? I kissed my own wife, what’s wrong with that?” Cocking his head like a thug, Nie Feng Hang instantly devolved into an unreasonable brute that won't take no for an answer.

“I didn’t lie to you though, just that you didn’t ask. Besides, the matter of you and I have nothing to do with the king and that old fool. It's not like they are taking a wife, its me. Don't worry, even if that old fool back at home doesn't agree, I can just do it anyways. Not like I can't support you without their help." Confident and heroic in his voice, Nie Feng Hang completely crushes any doubt about his conviction.

“I… you really are too unreasonable. Our business, it's over between us!" The woman was at a loss for words.

“What over? We already kissed and slept together, who else are you going to marry after all that?" Cheeky in his smugly grin, the man starts laughing like a bastard.

“Who-who slept with you! Nie Feng Hang, if you keep ruining my reputation then I will report you to His Majesty." Helpless against the man's twisted ways, she never thought that by simply sharing the same bed under harmless circumstances would result in this outcome.

Mother, in this lifetime maybe only Nie Feng Hang would love you so wholeheartedly. You mustn't let go of this opportunity because I will always support Mother from behind.

All of a sudden, tears started to roll down those cheeks as she nodded heavily after recalling the departing words of her daughter.

This time she firmly believes it, she's not making a mistake like the last. The reason, all because the man was Nie Feng Hang, the man whom so willingly jumped into a snake's belly for her!

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