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Chapter 410 “Another Miraculous Cauldron”

“But our son is already dead and no one knows how he died. Even if we want revenge, it’s too late Milord.” Consort Luo was dreadfully haggard in her appearance. To this mother, losing her only son was more painful than anything else, leaving her in a state of dread and despair.

How can a body speak? Because of doubt, Consort Luo forgot to even cry like she was supposed to.

Not minding the lack of confidence, Chen Hong Ru went ahead and materialized the cauldron from his forehead. This thing was huge, big enough to easily swallow a person. But rather than be defined by its size, what defined this cauldron was its bloodish red color, which was also what coined its name: Bloody Snow.

Spewing out a gush of reddishly dark flame from within as per the man’s command, it didn’t take long for the fire to engulf the entire snake’s body. The flesh burned against it, yet there were no foul odors found here that’s become quintessential of burning flesh. Instead, what appeared next was a brilliant glow of light illuminating the room, turning the very fabric of reality into a form of mirage that’s similar to a modern day television.

When confronted with the scene of her son’s death for real this time, Consort Luo practically screamed in horror without ever realizing how loud her voice was.

The reason? It’s because the picture was far too dramatic. Earthly spikes popping out of the ground as far as the eye can see, a giant blade of light smashing down from the sky, who can possibly remain unfazed against this astonishing image? Of course, that’s not what the two were here to find out.

Sure enough, the image that came afterwards gave them the answers that they sought: first was Xia Hou Hong crying out for help after leaking his true heritage out, then afterwards were Nie Feng Hang and Ye Huang Yu climbing out of the snake’s belly with Ye Ling Yue and her group rushing over to help them. Everything was perfect to the teeth here without a spec of deviation from the truth. Truly miraculous.

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Unlike Ling Yue’s cauldron though that’s capable of devouring all sorts of otherworldly things, this cauldron that’s known as Bloody Snow also had a very unique ability. Exactly as what was displayed, it has the amazing ability to replay the last scenes of the dead before they perished. Of course, that’s under the premise the user can get their hands on the body in question like the double-headed python used in the ritual.

“So that Ling Yue is the newly ordained Chief Alchemist of Da Xia?” Towards this name, Chen Hong Ru does hold a faint impression for it’s the very same person whom intimidated his subordinate earlier.

“That’s right it’s that bitch! Milord, you have to help our son get revenge on the culprit!” Consort Luo reverts back to her weeping self as she pleaded.

However, that face didn’t have quite the effect as she hoped. The man was already quite upset and depressed after seeing the whole back and forth, now to be bothered by the cries of a woman, its only normal he be annoyed by the nagging.

“Enough, I have my plans so you need not fret. As for you, I want you to return to North Qing since our son’s identity is exposed. You are to stay in the Dan Palace at all times less I give explicit permission to go out.” After leaving this order behind, the man then whisks his sleeve and disappeared from sight.

“Milord!” She frantically exclaims.

Is the Lord planning to cage me up? But if I don’t return now then I be dead once Nie Feng Hang and his subordinate returns to the capital.

Deliberating between the pros and cons of the options laid before her, Consort Luo knew she can only leave. At least back in North Qing she will still be alive versus being killed here once the truth comes out.

“Lan Ling Yue, you will die by my hands one day!” Packing her belongings, Consort Luo fled the palace on the very same night without consulting anyone.

Three days later.

As per expectations, Nie Feng Hang and Ye Huang Yu finally arrived in the capital as planned. Oddly enough, they were summoned into the palace garden instead of the assembly hall for an audience with the king. This greatly perplexed the woman while her partner was very pleased instead.

No matter what, this was still the first time Ye Huang Yu ever entered the palace and faced the queen and king of their nation. As a result, her actions were very rigid and awkward.

“Rise the both of you. Since this is not a formal gathering there is no need to be so cautious. Someone come, give them a seat.” Due to his son perishing in the Northwest, the king only showed a glimmer of smile in front of the pair. Otherwise, he would continue to mourn for the boy like he’s done ever since he’s caught wind of the news.

“Feng Hang you rascal, are you going to continue to stay in the Northwest till the end of time if I didn’t summon you back into the capital? Even I, your uncle, was wondering if I will ever get to see you again.” Within those words of the king are plenty of complaints and protest.

Uncle? Ye Huang Yu was absolutely shocked.

“I would never dare Your Majesty. I only stayed in the Northwest because of the rampant stirs of rampaging animals. If possible, I too would’ve liked to return for a break. I implore both Uncle and Grandmother to forgive me.” While explaining his difficulties, Nie Feng Hang also didn’t forget to cast his future wife a peek to see the reactionary expression.

“Prior to my mother marrying Marquis Guan Wu, my mother was first the Princess of Da Xia. She’s the daughter of the dowager and the elder sister of the king,” the general softly explains to the woman like he’s afraid she would get mad.

Marquis Guan Wu, isn’t that one of the four great nobles around? As a result of this amazing piece of information, Ye Huang Yu was so taken aback that she couldn’t keep a firm hold of the cup in her hand, thus spilling the content as a result.

“Don’t worry, there’s no need to fret. This is a new experience for Subject Ye, its normal that you would be a bit nervous on your first visit to the palace.” Coming to the rescue was Queen Liu with her kind words. However, both of the hosts here did find it odd that Nie Feng Hang would go through the trouble of explaining their relationship to someone else. From what they’ve heard, the man have always been a strict and harsh leader in the Northwest.

As for the person himself, Nie Feng Hang truly didn’t want to keep his woman in the shadows. He really did want to explain his background to her, just that…. The journey was arduous and long, making it unsuitable for something so important. Then when they arrived at the city gate, they were quickly intercepted and brought before his uncle the king. That’s why it turned out like this!

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