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Published at 29th of January 2020 07:30:08 PM
Chapter 889: 889

Chapter 889: A Life For A Life

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The demonic cultivator who had evaded the blow were staring at the Qingfeng sword in Feng Jiu’s hand as it gave off a cold green glow . His eyes were filled with immense greed and excitement .

“This is the power of the Qingfeng sword? It’s not bad, really not bad, what a great ancient magic sword . ”

He stared at Feng Jiu’s sword and laughed sinisterly . The sound of his laughter spread, the surrounding airflow was affected by his power, and it had made it difficult to breathe . The ridiculous laughter sounded eerie in the night .

Feng Jiu hadn’t looked at anyone else . She only stared at the demonic cultivator leader . Since he had killed Xiang Hua, then it’s a life for a life, she will take his life!

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The red figure was bursting with spiritual energy and enveloped by a stream of flames . She was a dazzling sight obvious even in the night .

She held the Qingfeng sword in her hand, the sword was pointed towards the ground . Her stare narrowed, and her voice was cold and dangerous spread through the night with bloodthirsty vengeance: “If you kill my people, you have to pay the price . ”

As soon as she finished speaking, her red figure swept past like a ghost . Her movements were extremely fast and if it weren’t for the blazing fire that enveloped her, one would not have even been able to see her movements .

At that moment, everyone felt an overwhelming murderous energy projecting from the body of the young boy in red . The murderous energy was like water that rushed through a turbulent river and the mighty force seemed like it was going to devour them like a raging wave . What surprised them most was the murderous energy possessed an ancient force that made them tremble!

“I will let you taste death by insult!”

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A chillingly cold voice came from Feng Jiu’s mouth, accompanied by the destructive force from the ancient sword . The air seemed to be sliced in half by the purring sound of the Qingfeng sword . It came at the Nascent Soul demonic cultivator at a cracking speed .

The Nascent Soul demonic cultivator was taken by surprise at the murderous power that Feng Jiu exuded . A flash of light glazed across his eyes . As he was unable to dodge the blow, he was only able to roll away . However, he was still affected by the startling airflow from the sword . Numerous wounds of various sizes had appeared on his body .

The smell of blood filled the air, he felt the pain throughout his body . He grinned at Feng Jiu, he stared at her and grinned .

“Hahahaha… . ”

The sinister laughter gradually became a loud burst of laughter . The powerful sound of the Nascent Soul demonic cultivator spread out, the tremors shook the ears of those stood behind him . They covered their ears and moved backwards in haste .

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“The breath of ancient beast… . . hahahaha! It’s actually the breath of the ancient beast!”

He laughed loudly with his arms spread wide open towards the sky . When the laughter stopped, he looked at Feng Jiu, there was a strange ray of excitement in his eyes: “Not only do you have the Qingfeng sword, but you also have the breath of the ancient beast! That means that if I kill you and destroy your soul, it will all be mine, it will all be mine . Hahahaha!”

“It depends on whether you have the ability to kill me!”

Feng Jiu waved her hand and moved the Qingfeng sword . The aggressive airflow from the Qingfeng sword rushed out at great speed towards the Nascent Soul demonic cultivator . The speed was so fast that only flashes of green light could be seen in the light of the night . The figure of the Nascent Soul demonic cultivator was dodging the flashes of light as he charged towards her .

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