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Published at 29th of January 2020 07:30:08 PM
Chapter 890: 890

Chapter 890: Since You’ve Come Don’t Even Think About Leaving

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“Brat, you want to kill me? You’re not qualified!”

When she saw the sinister look in the demonic cultivator’s eyes as he charged towards her, Feng Jiu smirked: “Then I shall show you that I’m qualified!”

As soon as she had spoken, she stopped concealing the cultivation and breath of her body . In an instant, the breath of the Foundation core peak permeated from her body, the powerful strength of the ancient beast also poured out of her like a flood . She turned into a fierce beast and charged towards the Nascent Soul demonic cultivator .


“This, this is… . !”

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He sucked in a breath of cold air, disbelief in his eyes .

As a Nascent Soul cultivator, he was able to feel the ancient pressure from the young boy’s body . Naturally, he was also able to feel the breath of the Foundation Core peak that exuded from his body at this moment . It was actually a horrifying breath .

That, that was the breath of heaven… . . he, he was the Foundation of Heaven!

The powerful airflow from the ancient beast had captured him, he was only able to feel the breath of death that hovered above his head as his body stiffened . At that moment, he saw a flash of green light before his eyes and then felt the excruciating pain on shattered bones .


The moment Qingfeng came down, a bloody arm flew away from the body and spun around in the air multiple times before it fell about ten metres away . A piercing scream burst through the skies at the same time and shook everyone’s ears .

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“Hiss! How, how is that possible?”

The Golden Core demonic cultivators and Foundation demonic cultivators were stunned by the scene . Their eyes were wide in disbelief as they watched the bloody arm fly through the air and landed on the ground covered in sand and stones .

The Nascent Soul demonic cultivator held on to his severed arm and stepped backwards, the shock was obvious in his eyes . He hadn’t expected Feng Jiu to be so fast, nor could he believe that he, a Nascent Soul demonic cultivator would have his arm chopped off by a Foundation Stage cultivator .

The severe pain from his arm and the warm sticky blood that he could feel told him that this was clearly not fake, it was real! His arm was really chopped off by this boy!

Feng Jiu stood with the sword, her robes moved with the wind and a bloodthirsty breath permeated from her . She lifted the Qingfeng sword in her hand and pointed at the Nascent Soul demonic cultivator in front of her, and gestured at him .

“Do you know, last time I only moved the sword slightly . The next time it won’t just be your arm that gets chopped off . ” She sneered at him mockingly: “You know that I possess the ancient beast and have the Qingfeng sword, and you still dare to provoke me? Ha! You’re asking to die!”

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“All of you! Kill him!”

The Nascent Soul demonic cultivator was backing away, but he ordered the other demonic cultivators to attack . When those demonic cultivators saw what had happened to the Nascent Soul demonic cultivator, none of them dared to make a move . After all, who wanted to die?

Upon seeing that no one had moved forward to attack, that Nascent Soul demonic cultivator turned around and glared at the demonic cultivators who had moved at last ten feet backwards and shouted at them: “Attack! Why aren’t you moving? Kill him!”

After he spoke, he felt a coldness and murderous air behind him . He turned around and saw the young boy in red was walking closer with the Qingfeng sword in his hand . The murderous air was so severe that he couldn’t help but flinch . He gritted his teeth and used his uninjured hand to gather a violent airflow directed at the young boy . He had planned to turn around and flee . If he kept his life now, he could take revenge in the future!

“You want to leave? Since you’ve come, don’t even think about leaving . ”

Her voice was bloodthirsty, and the murderous intention filled the air, which made everyone around shiver in fear… .

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