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Published at 29th of January 2020 11:40:07 AM
Chapter 888: 888

Chapter 888: Dark Magic

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“Yes . ” The two of them responded and looked at each other .

“The two of you guard the manor . I will go outside to take a look . ”

After she had given them instructions, she walked outside and stepped out of the formation . She saw that the surrounding leaves were not moving and a bloodthirsty coldness exuded from her lips .

“Why are you hiding? What? Are you afraid?”

“Haha, so you are Xiang Hua’s new master? Chu Batian’s successor?” A dark voice drifted out, and then a man in a black cape and a long scar on his face appeared .

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When the man walked out, the people who were hiding in the woods also came out and followed behind him . The breath on every one of them was not condensed, dark magic breath slowly permeated the air, the breath was bloodthirsty and wicked . When Feng Jiu saw the bloodthirsty air around these people, she knew immediately that they were demonic cultivators .

Moreover, they were demonic cultivators with great strength, the dozens of people behind him were Golden Core strengths and the others surrounding the manor were Foundation Core strengths .

They were not from Green Gallop Country!

Correctly speaking, Green Gallop Country didn’t have any demonic cultivators, they usually came from at least third grade countries .

“Did you kill my subordinate?” She was very surprised that she was able to speak to him in such a calm manner .

“Do you mean Xiang Hua? Hehe …”

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The cultivator at the front laughed and stared at Feng Jiu: “I gave him a chance to submit to me but he refused . Hence I ordered my people to teach him a lesson . It was boring to just torture him, so I searched his soul personally . He was so stupid to destroy his core and commit suicide . Haha, so stupid . ”

“I was going to feed his body to the beasts, but I found some useful things when I searched his soul, so I decided to give you a present . What do you think? Are you satisfied with my big gift?”

The man stared at Feng Jiu, his voice was cold with a hint of madness: “You’re Feng Jiu right? Hand over the Ancient Swords of Qingfeng, and maybe I can leave your body whole . Otherwise, hehe…”

When she heard his words, Feng Jiu’s eyes moved and she said coldly: “So you’re after the Qingfeng sword? I’m curious, why did you target us?”

“It’s not just us that have targeted you, all the demonic cultivators have their eyes on the Qingfeng sword . Young lad, you have no power and you dare keep the Qingfeng sword, you are seeking death . ” After the man finished speaking, his black figure swept away and his palms like claws aimed at Feng Jiu .

She stared at the man attacking with his claws, her eyes narrowed slightly as the air of power surged through her body . Although she was stood still, but the murderous air shot out of her body and with a swift movement of her palm, the Qingfeng sword appeared in her hand .

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The sword released an energy that was sharp and powerful, the deep coldness from it was breathtaking . With a wave of her hand that held the sword, it could be seen that it was no ordinary sword . When the sword struck, it brought with it a powerful airflow .



The fierce and powerful airflow from the sword spread to the surrounding area in an instant . The men in black who were unable to escape the airflow were sliced off at the waist . The ones who were quicker to respond had avoided the blow .

However, when the men who had avoided the blow stood up, they broke out in cold sweat and stared at the Qingfeng sword in disbelief .

If they had been half a second slower, they would have died by the Qingfeng sword!

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