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Published at 29th of January 2020 09:35:06 AM
Chapter 883: 883

Chapter 883: Leaving through the window

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“From the way you speak, you don’t seem to want me to go to the academy?” His voice was soft with a gentle yet indifferent tone .

“Haha, how come? It doesn’t matter to me whether you go or not . ”

As she spoke, she stood up . Flicking her robe, she faced him . “I now stay at the inn in the west of the city . Now that the convention is over, I said just now to leave in two days . However, I plan to leave now . Do you really want to go? Then hurry back to pack!”

“I’m travelling light . ”

He also stood up . “However, I don’t think I can go out now . Apart from Yi Country’s royal family, there are also first-grade countries’ people waiting outside . ”

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“It’s simple . Leave through the window . ” She gestured toward the window on the other side . “The window at the back is towards the back of Alchemy Assessment Hall . Nobody’s there if you take this exit . ” While speaking, she truly took Leng Hua and Leng Shuang to go from that window . Once she went through, she left from the rear door .

Mo Chen’s lips curved imperceptibly . He thought it was very interesting, so he followed her to leave through the window .

Outside the room, the people were waiting for a long time but they didn’t see anyone coming out . Thinking that Young Master Mo Chen didn’t come out after he went in, they exclaimed, “Are they still in there? They shouldn’t have left, right? ”

“This room doesn’t have a back door . They should still be there . ”

“It’s true that this room doesn’t have a back door, but it has a window in the back . They won’t leave through the window to avoid us, will they?”

With this reminder, all of them were stunned . They thought it was a little inconceivable . Wouldn’t it be too beneath their dignity to leave through the window? However, it was said that Ghost Doctor was eccentric in nature . He might do what they wouldn’t do .

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So, after knocking on the door without getting any response, someone pushed the door and went in . At this time, the room was completely empty without leaving any trace of a person . However, the window in the back was open .

“They really left through the window?”

Everyone was shocked, some were incredulous…

Feng Jiu gave them no time to react . Her party went back to the inn to bring along the Cloud Swallowing Beast . They left the Imperial City and went back . However, when the public heard the news and rushed to the inn, they were still a step behind and did not see her figure .

On the mountain path, after a long walk, they were resting on the grass . Feng Jiu sat with her legs crossed, looking at Mo Chen sitting beside her . With a smile, she asked, “If you follow me like this, will they say we are together? Colluding to take the prize? ”

Mo Chen faced her, answering her question with another question . “Did you really refine that Five-Elements Pill? Did it work? ”

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“Of course, I made it, where else can I get it?” She raised her chin and motioned toward Leng Hua . “See, after taking the Five-Elements Pill, it resulted in a single water spirit root . ”

Mo Chen’s line of sight stopped at Leng Hua, then he lowered his eyes . If it’s someone else, it couldn’t be done, but she… always made the impossible possible .

“Mistress, have some pastries to fill your stomach . ” Leng Hua took out a box of pastries and put it in front of them . He smiled and told Mo Chen, “Young Master, eat some too, so you won’t get hungry on the way . ”

“When did you buy it? How didn’t I know? ” Feng Jiu’s eyes brightened . She picked up a piece to eat while telling Mo Chen, “Don’t stand on ceremony, take it yourself . ”

“I bought it when I was out of town . ” Leng Hua took out a box to share with his sister .

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