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Chapter 884: 884

Chapter 884: Promoted to seventh-grade country

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“Leng Hua, no wonder my father told me to take you wherever I go . There’s no need for me to worry about your work . Cultivate well . When I go to the Empire, I’ll take you two siblings with me and then I’ll let you be my steward . ” She said, smiling with her eyes squinted .

Leng Hua immediately replied, “Mistress, don’t worry, I will do my best to cultivate . ”

Mo Chen ate the pastries elegantly as if he was not in the mountains but in the luxurious mansion’s hall . He sat upright and tasted the food slowly while listening to their words . Without lifting his eyes, he said, “I don’t recommend you to go to the empire before you have become a Nascent Soul cultivator . ”

You are not recommended to go to the Empire until reaching the Nascent Soul rank .

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Feng Jiu’s eyes jolted . She heard this again . Previously, Xuanyuan Mo Ze said this . He told her not to go to the Empire until she reached the Nascent Soul rank . Mo Chen said the same thing as well . Were the people in the Empire really so strong? That terrible?

“Is it possible that all the people there are above the Nascent Soul rank?” She couldn’t help asking .

“In that place, even taverns employ Great Spirit Master cultivators as waiters while Golden Core cultivators can be found anywhere . Moreover, when people are in disagreement over some remarks, they would directly go for a duel . ”

After eating two pastries, he wiped the corners of his mouth and continued, “If you’re not a Nascent Soul cultivator nor having anyone with powers to take you under their wings, you’ll have to keep a low profile constantly . ”

Feng Jiu was silent . She was now at the Foundation Building peak level . She had set a goal for herself to upgrade her strength to the Golden Core within one year . However, when she returned to the academy, she still had to participate in the list . She estimated that there would be a time when she wouldn’t be able to cope with it .

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As for the Nascent Soul rank, she wouldn’t need to think about it within these two years .

Her appointment with Xuanyuan Mo Ze was ten years, but she only planned to raise herself to the Nascent Soul rank within five years . Now, over a year has passed .

Perhaps the topic was too heavy . The two people were sitting without talking about it . They rested for a while . Feng Jiu looked at the sky and took out the airship . She told the other three people, “Let’s go on the airship! It will be faster and you can take a rest on the ship . ”

When Mo Chen saw the luxurious airship, he took another glance at her as if saying, “You have this stuff, yet not taking it out earlier” and gazed at Feng Jiu wordlessly .

The airship was fueled with spirit stones and went all the way to the Green Gallop Country .

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On the other hand, when the Shangguan family’s Third Elder, still in Yi Country’s imperial city, learned that Feng Jiu and others had gone, he also left with his people . He planned to return to the family and immediately sent someone to investigate Feng Jiu’s identity .

He needed to know whether he had some connections with the Feng clan besides his identity as Ghost Doctor .

In about half a month, Feng Jiu returned to Green Gallop Country . When she arrived at the country, she put away her airship and told Mo Chen, “We’ve reached the boundary here . I have something else to do, so I won’t go back to the academy with you . ”

Mo Chen glanced at her and simply nodded . He left on his flying sword without saying a word .

After she left, Feng Jiu took Leng Shuang and Leng Hua to the manor to pick up Old White and return to the academy . When they arrived at the manor, they saw the eight Feng Guards welcoming them .

“Mistress, you’re back . ”

Those eight men looked at her happily and welcomed her to take a seat inside . Then they reported, “Mistress, there is news from the Phoenix Empire that our has passed the evaluation and has been promoted from ninth-grade to seventh-grade country . ”

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