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Published at 30th of January 2020 06:16:53 AM
Chapter 882

Chapter 882: I’m going with you

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His meaning is obvious, that is to say, this Five-Element pill was today’s winner, the best of all the pills .

Several other Alchemy evaluators heard what he said and nodded, showing they had no objections, because it was true . Their qualifications were higher than those of the people in the field, so they had heard of a Five-Element pill .

The difference was that they only heard about it in the past, but today they had witnessed it . This Five-Element Pill was the most popular among all the pills today, no matter what aspects it was viewed . Naturally, it was also widely expected to win .

So, the convention lasted for several hours and ended after Feng Jiu’s Five-Elements Pill was presented . She won the first place without any suspense .

When Leng Shuang came back with the pill and prizes, she also had several people tailing behind .

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Those Alchemy judges, together with Mo Chen, followed her to the door of the room . After Leng Shuang came in, those people waited outside .

Inside, Feng Jiu put away the pill and looked at the prize . In addition to three extremely rare egg spirit fruits, there were two precious packages of spirit herb seeds, several valuable medicinal materials worth thousand pounds of gold and a piece of 500-year-old ginseng .

“There are a lot of prizes . Some of them can’t be bought outside with money . ” She looked at this and that before finally putting them away .

“Mistress, several Alchemy judges are waiting outside, wanting to see Mistress . ” Leng Shuang spoke, looking at her happily .

Feng Jiu sipped her tea . “Let them in!”

“Yes . ”

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Leng Shuang went to the door and opened it . However, when the door opened, there were obviously many more . Seeing this, she just said to those Alchemy judges, “My Master invited the Alchemy judges in . ”

Those Alchemy judges couldn’t help smiling to hear that, while others behind them looked surprised . Someone asked, “Girl, please also notify him on my behalf . We want to pay our respects to Ghost Doctor, too . ”

“I’m sorry, my Master is very busy . ” After inviting those Alchemy judges in, the door closed again, without paying any attention to their stiff faces .

There were four Alchemy judges, two of them were acquainted with Feng Jiu . When the Shangguan family’s Third Elder saw that the room was indeed Feng Jiu’s, his smile deepened . He came forward with his fists cupped in greeting . “Young Master Feng, we met again . ”

“Please take a seat . ” Feng Jiu nodded, inviting those people to sit down .

Mo Chen sat next to her . Seeing her gaze at him with a smile yet not a smile, he looked away indifferently .

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The other two Alchemy judges also came from the first-grade country . After meeting Feng Jiu, they first introduced themselves and then clearly stated their wish to ask whether Feng Jiu had any intention to go to their country to make progress .

Feng Jiu chatted with them idly . About half an hour later, she told them, “The convention is over and I should leave these two days . If someday we have another chance to meet, I’ll invite you all to drink!”

When they heard this, they knew what she meant . Then they got up to leave and went out . Seeing that other people were still around, they mind their own business and left .

In the room, Feng Jiu looked at the motionless Mo Chen and asked, “You’re not leaving?”

“It’s not the first time I met you . Why do I need to act like we’re estranged?” Mo Chen said, his gaze fell on her face . “When will you go back? I’m going with you . ”

Hearing this, Feng Jiu raised her eyebrows lightly . With a smile, she asked, “Do you want to go to the academy again?”

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