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Chapter 726: 726

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The news of Teacher Lu's survival spread quickly . All the students in the academy knew that Feng Jiu had saved him . However, everyone didn't expect that Feng Jiu, who looked indolent and not attending to his duties, had the medical skills beyond the academy's two doctors .

The students wondered, how did he treat the teacher? But, they had no idea even after making some inquiries . They only knew that Teacher Lu's life was saved .

In addition to the two doctors, only the headmaster, the deputy headmaster, and Teacher Lü could visit Teacher Lu . Thus, were even other instructors not knowing what's going on inside?

In a different location, Feng Jiu, who had returned to her cave dwelling, made up for her lost sleep . She slept until noon the next day . The kitchen sent up a meal . She was eating with Guan Xilin and Ye Jing on the stone table newly placed under the tree . After the things on the table were removed, they drank tea and chatted .

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When the headmaster and the deputy headmaster arrived at the cave dwelling, Ye Jing and Guan Xilin had already left .

"Headmaster, deputy headmaster, why are you here? Nothing else happened, right? " When she saw those two, her instinct told her that something was wrong .

They couldn't help smiling . "Today we are here to chat with you . " They sat down and looked at the young man in front of them .

"About what?" She poured some tea for them .  

"With all due respect, with your reputation as Ghost Doctor, how did you come to our Nebula Academy?" The headmaster asked directly .

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"Of course, it's to study alchemy!"

She spoke as if it was a matter of course . Then, she shook her head . "I didn't realize that I was the only student in the academy's Alchemy division . I have to earn contribution points, and the teachers' alchemy cultivation doesn't seem to be very high . To be honest, I'm a little disappointed . "

Hearing this, the two were startled for a moment and then said with a smile . "It's not that the Alchemy division doesn't have high-level teachers, it's just that no students participated in the Alchemy Meeting for several years . Some of the top-ranked alchemy teachers have been poached by other academies . "

"Today, in addition to the two alchemy teachers, there is actually an Ancestor-ranked alchemist in the division . However, the Ancestor-ranked alchemist has an extraordinary status and generally does not teach students . The students are all taught and introduced into the Way of Alchemy by the two teachers . "

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"Ancestor-ranked alchemist?" Her eyes shifted slightly . "Is it the man in white who looks like an immortal?"

She only saw that guy refining pills or medicinal pills of high quality . She guessed that he should have been an alchemy teacher or maybe the Ancestor-rank alchemist the two mentioned before?

"An immortal in white?"

The headmaster and the deputy headmaster looked at each other with some surprise . They smiled and shook their heads . "No, that man should be Young Master Mo Chen . He is our guest, not an alchemy teacher . However, his Way of Alchemy's cultivation is really outstanding . A person like him is a rarity even among the first-grade countries . "

The headmaster smiled . "The reason why we're here today, in addition to thanking you, we also want to ask what kind of reward would you need? As long as the academy has it, we can accept your terms . "

Feng Jiu lifted her eyebrows . "Haven't you given me the reward already? Providing me three meals a day while I'm at the Nebula Academy will do . " 

They were slightly shocked to hear her answer . "How can this be enough? This kind of . . . " Before he finished speaking, Feng Jiu waved and interrupted their speech .

"If I say it's alright, then it's alright . However, I have the Ghost Doctor's identity . Please keep it secret . It's okay as long as you don't publicize it . I don't want people coming frequently to ask for my medical skills or for elixirs . "

Once again, they witnessed his eccentric temper . Indeed what spread out in the outside world was true, it's all up to his mood to save people .

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