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Published at 11th of November 2019 12:40:06 AM
Chapter 727

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"Don't worry, we know . "

Those two smilingly spoke . Inside, they were deeply moved . Although he saved people according to his mood, it was necessary to say that he saved Teacher Lu's life despite a former grudge . In addition, he didn't require a reward . His broad-mindedness was enough to make them admire him .

Finally, although they did not raise the issue of a reward the second time, they kept it in mind and tried to make it convenient for him in other ways . After chatting and sitting for a while, they got up to leave . When he was about to leave, the deputy headmaster seemed to remember something .

"Feng Jiu, I heard that Ouyang Xiu sent you a challenge?"

"Mm, that seems to be the case . " She nodded .

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When the headmaster and the deputy headmaster heard her reply, the corners of their lips were drawn tightly . It was clear from that reply that he's not at ease . However, if he's not at ease, Ouyang Xiu was perhaps also not at ease . It's estimated that he was getting ready to meet him on the Cloud Wind Terrace in three days!

"Mm, that's it! Come see us if you have any problems you can't solve . " As those two spoke, they stepped on the flying swords to leave .

After they left, Feng Jiu took the token left by the headmaster and looked at it . It was said that with this token, she could get in and out of the academy at will . With this token in hand, it also provided many conveniences .

"I'm earning so much profit . After saving Teacher Lu, not only will the kitchen cook my food, but I also got such a thing . It is really cost-effective . " Her eyes beamed with smiles . She collected the token and went back to the cave-dwelling to cultivate .

She did not take the challenge to heart . However, three days later, Ouyang Xiu wore the academy's white uniform, waiting at the Cloud Wind Terrace early in the morning . The audience was full of students from the Spirit and Mystical divisions . Everyone was looking forward wholeheartedly to this event .

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Although they didn't think that Feng Jiu would dare to come to this battle, they were still looking forward to his appearance . In this way, they could see how he was taught a lesson by Senior-brother Ouyang .

With the passage of time, more and more students were congregating, waiting to see the challenge battle . Ouyang Xiu was still standing on the stage, while the azure-robed young man was still nowhere to be seen . . .

"It can't be that this Feng Jiu is not coming, right?"

"It's possible . This youngster must be a coward . He's heard of Senior-brother Ouyang's greatness, how would he dare to fight him?" 

"True, I reckon he must be hiding, not daring to fight . "

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"It's a pity, I still want to see him being taught a lesson by Senior-brother Ouyang!"

Listening to the comments, a student lowered his voice and spoke, "We can talk about it here, but don't let the teachers hear it or we will be punished severely . "

"Why? Aren't we allowed to speak?" Another man disapproved .

"Haven't you heard? Teacher Lu woke up this morning . Now, the teachers are convinced of Feng Jiu's medical skills . Every time they speak, they always protect him . Do you think if they can hear us saying that they are looking forward to Feng Jiu being taught a lesson, wouldn't they teach us a lesson instead? "

"Ah? Teacher Lu has indeed come to ?"

"It's true, ah! He's woken up . This morning, the headmaster and the deputy headmaster came to see him . "

"It's so unexpected! That youngster really has the tricks!"

"Exactly, it was said that two academy's doctors helped him out that day . Tsk, that's a great honour . Those academy's doctors, my family couldn't invite them even if we want to . But, they went to be the youngster's assistants . "

"Ai ai ai, quick, stop speaking . Look, Senior Ouyang is coming . " Someone below the stage spoke and motioned the others to look at the person on the stage who was stepping on his flying sword to go towards the Alchemy division .

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