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Published at 10th of November 2019 01:35:06 PM
Chapter 725

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The moment the door opened, the headmaster, the deputy headmaster, and Teacher Lü quickly turned around to take a look . They saw Feng Jiu, wearing an azure robe, and Guan Xilin coming out together . They both had an indifferent look, nothing special . But after seeing the two doctors, their hearts sank .  

Could it be that it's impossible to save him? After eight hours passed, based on what Mo Chen had said before, Teacher Lu should have died four hours earlier .

"Headmaster, deputy headmaster, he's inside . I have given instructions to the two doctors . You can manage the rest! I don't think there's anything else I can do, so I'll take my leave . " Feng Jiu and Guan Xilin walked out and left .

When those three heard Feng Jiu's words, their hearts palpitated . He's indeed dead? Were they supposed to deal with the funeral arrangements?

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They rushed inside .

When she was outside, Feng Jiu told Guan Xilin and Ye Jing . "I'm dying . I didn't sleep enough this morning . Now I had to work hard for eight hours . I must go home and have a good rest . "

"Mm, then go take some rest . I won't bother you today . I'll wait until noon tomorrow to see you!" Guan Xilin smiled and motioned her to hurry back .

"Alright, I'll go first . "

As she spoke, she smiled at Ye Jing, who was eager to ask yet held herself back . "Don't worry, Teacher Lu is okay . The operation was successful . I have told the two doctors the rest . He should be up in two days and well enough to be out of bed and about in half a month . "

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Ye Jing finally put her mind at rest . She took Feng Jiu's hands gratefully . "Thank you, Feng Jiu . "

"Don't mention it . "

She waved, smiled, and sat on the flying feather to return to the cave . She sighed inwardly . She felt that she's too busy cultivating in this academy . There were also so many things . Not to mention beauty sleep, she couldn't sleep well at all . If she's not careful, it's possible that someone would blow up her cave-dwelling .

Meanwhile, the three academy's officials paused their strides when they saw the two doctors' pale faces and slightly quivering lips .

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"How's Teacher Lu?" The headmaster asked as his gaze fell on the two doctors .

When two doctors saw them, they exhaled softly and calmed down . "Don't worry, headmaster, Teacher Lu is alright . "

"He's alright? He's truly alright?"

The deputy headmaster's voice rose slightly, pointing in disbelief at the man lying on the bed behind them . "Isn't, isn't a hole is opened in his head? Do you still say that he's alright?"

Hearing this, the two doctors turned a few shades whiter again . They nodded . "Mm, Feng Jiu said he's alright . His life is saved . He will wake up in two days . If he recovers well, he will get out of bed in half a month . "

Teacher Lu was out of trouble, but the two of them nearly had an accident .

They had never seen anyone dare to open a hole in the head . When they saw that scene, their legs were soft . Teacher Lu's life was saved, but they, who saw everything from the start to the finish, braced each other tightly for support and tried not to faint from the fear .

Even if they didn't want to admit it, they still had to say that Feng Jiu's medical skill was top notch . It made them fearful, yet astonished and shaken at the same time .

As doctors, they knew clearly that it was a treatment method that they had never seen before . It was unknown to common people . There were doubts in their hearts how someone could control such a method .

This Feng Jiu, who on earth was he?

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