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Chapter 1974: First Fight

“What do you mean by a waste of talents? Heavenly Pill Tower is obviously strong, just look at the few people who have come out, any one of them can be hailed as the top cultivator in Hundred Rivers City. There are only a few people who have come out, but who knows how many more are hiding?”

“That’s true, otherwise, why would they dare to display such precious pills in Heavenly Pill Tower for people to look at?”

“It seems that those four people will find that it is going to be difficult to make the red-clothed woman fight. She has many capable people around her! Even the black-robed man next to her is extraordinary.”

“Maybe the strength of the red-clothed woman isn’t actually that great, maybe she has many capable people around her because she can refine medicinal pills. Isn’t it just against nature that someone can refine medicinal pills and also have extraordinary strength?”

“Quite right, after all, she is a woman, and it is already amazing that she possesses this kind of alchemy skill.”

While everyone was talking, those two people were fighting. Because they had retreated so far away, the airflow created from the two people fighting didn’t reach them or hurt them.

However, their hearts got excited as they watched movement and the momentum of the fierce scene before them.

It was rare that they would see peak-stage Celestial strong exponents fight against each other. Just watching the scene made the people whose strength weren’t as strong excited and envious.

If they could possess this kind of combat power, strength and cultivation base, they would be treated differently anywhere they went. If they had this kind of combat power, they wouldn’t use their lives and fight over a dead person so hastily.

In their opinion, the owner of Heavenly Pill Tower may not have lied, the old man might actually have been on his deathbed when he had rushed in, and her diagnosis of his condition later on was that his internal organs were damaged and he was severely poisoned. Even if there was a miracle medicine in Heavenly Pill Tower that could save him, they would have to be willing to part with it!

Which medicinal products above grade five weren’t priceless on the market? Why would the owner of Heavenly Pill Tower take it out freely to save someone she doesn’t know? Of course, there was a possibility that the owner of Heavenly Pill Tower knew the old man. But even if she did, very few people would fight against and offend such an unknown force to defend an old man.

What’s more, human nature was selfish, so when the red-clothed woman said that the old man’s corpse had been taken into the back courtyard and dealt with, they absolutely believed it.

From every aspect, the more beneficial it was to them, the better it would be.



A sharp sword aura swept across and a gasp followed. Everyone looked and saw a splash of blood in the air and a severed arm that fell to the ground with a splash of blood. As they watched from a distance, it looked like red rain, it was extraordinary.

The gray robed man screamed, he held the wound of his severed arm and backed away quickly. He glared at the man in front of him with a sinister look in his eyes, he wished he could rush forward and rip him apart!

When the gray robed leader saw the man’s arm had been cut off by an opponent who was the same level, peak-stage Celestial strong exponent, his eyebrows twisted slightly. As he watched the opponent rush towards them with his sword, he gestured with one eye and the woman in their group swept forward with a long whip in her hand. It made a popping sound as she struck the whip.

When Feng Jiu saw the woman attacking from behind, she flipped her palm and a silver needle shot out from her hand with a slam towards the woman’s wrist. But at that moment…

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