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Chapter 1973: Waste Of Talents

As soon as those words had been spoken, the air suddenly became cold and a powerful pressure started to envelope Heavenly Pill Tower. It was the pressure from the four people that was approaching Heavenly Pill Tower and directed at Feng Jiu and the others.

“Dealt with? Huh? Do you think we will believe that?”

The gray robed old man said in a solemn voice, his sinister gaze directed at Feng Jiu with coercion. The invisible coercion turned into a series of spiritual blades that were aimed at Feng Jiu’s spirit intent. If it was an ordinary person whose spirit intent had been attacked by a peak-stage Immortal Sacred strong exponent, they would have been unable to bear it.

However, Feng Jiu’s expression remained unchanged, a small smile appeared on her beautiful face: “So what if you don’t believe me, what can you do about that?”

As soon as she had spoken, the four people moved their hands. With weapons in their hands, they said: “If he is alive we have to see him, if he is dead we have to see his corpse! If you don’t hand over his corpse, don’t blame us for being ruthless!”

“Do you intend to fight?” Feng Jiu’s lips twitched: “Have you thought about it carefully? Once you make a move, there will be no chance for you to escape.”

“Really? Then we really need to see what skills you have! Let me have a go first!”

The cultivator with the lowest strength out of the four of them, one who was a peak-stage Celestial strong exponent, shouted and charged towards Feng Jiu with a longsword in his hand. The moment he had struck out towards her, a strong spiritual power aura burst out from his body and the long sword in his hand flashed with a sharp, cold light. The sword whistled through the air.

In the crowd, Yang Xiao Er held her breath nervously and looked at the scene in front of her worriedly. She couldn’t help but pull her father’s sleeve and asked: “Father, can Sister Feng and the others beat these people?”

Patriarch Yang looked at Feng Jiu and Xuanyuan Mo Ze who both appeared calm and relaxed. He thought for a while and replied: “I think so.”

After all, the depths of the strength of the two of them wasn’t even visible to him. Moreover, if there was no certainty, why would they dare to provoke those people? He just didn’t know what level their strength was. How would they fight against those people?

As he watched, he saw that neither Xuanyuan Mo Ze nor the red-clothed Feng Jiu made a move. Instead, Feng Jiu was standing quietly watching with a smile on her lips that indicated that she didn’t regard her attacker as a threat.

Just when the crowd was starting to worry for her, they saw a gray robed figure dart out from Heavenly Pill Tower and attacked the peak-stage Celestial strong exponent. At the same time a cold groan could be heard.

“You want to fight against my Master? You’ll have to go through me first!”


When the weapons of the two people collided, it made a clear clanging sound. The coercion of the peak-stage Celestial strong exponent spread out and permeated through the air as the two people fought against each other. The surging waves that could be seen by the naked eye whistled through the air as they wielded their swords.


“Clang! Clang! Swish!”

As the two people fought against each other, a gust of air curled up towards the sky. Flashes of light darted around and everyone retreated in shock. At some point, several black-clothed men appeared on top of Heavenly Pill Tower and blocked the energy from the swords to prevent it destroying Heavenly Pill Tower.


The people who had retreated to a distance breathed a sigh of relief and looked at the people who were standing on top of Heavenly Pill Tower: “The people from Heavenly Pill Tower are actually blocking the energy from the sword? That means they are all at least Celestial strong exponent level or even higher, they, what a waste of talents!”

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