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Chapter 1975: How To Leave

The gray robed old man had noticed the silver needle flying out and immediately flicked out a gold coin. However, just as the gold coin was about to hit the silver needle, it was shot down by another silver needle.


The woman drew a breath suddenly, she felt a sharp pain on her wrist, and soon, she lost all feeling in her arm and it hung down limply. Naturally, the whip that she had flung out in her hand also fell down, and the spiritual energy aura that had condensed on the whip dissipated instantly.

When he caught a glimpse of this out of the corner of his eye, the gray robed old man retreated quickly from Heavenly Pill Tower and didn’t pursue anymore. Just as his Master had said once before, if you know your strength is not stronger than your opponent’s, then don’t make useless sacrifices.

“You have good skills!”

The gray robed old man stared at Feng Jiu in shock. This woman was able to use a silver needle to knock away the gold coin he had flicked out, her cultivation base must not be inferior to him. However, she looked very young, so how could she have such a terrifying strength and cultivation base?

He thought to himself, if he left like this and returned to his Master, he was afraid that his Master wouldn’t spare them. However, if he were to fight, the consequences would be inestimable…

He couldn’t help but feel at a loss…

“We at Heavenly Pill Tower are never afraid of trouble, so if you want to cause trouble and make an enemy out of us, how difficult would it be to destroy all of you anyway?” Feng Jiu’s voice was cold and arrogant, and everyone gasped at her words.

This woman in red is really arrogant to speak such words.”

“Arrogant? If she didn’t have the strength, that would be arrogant. This is called self-confidence. Besides, why would she tolerate being bullied?”

“That’s true, immortal cultivators are inherently arrogant by nature, let alone someone with a powerful strength. A strong exponent should not be provoked easily.”

“But I didn’t see the woman in red make a move! How did the old man say that she has good skills?”

“That’s because your cultivation base is not strong enough. It only takes an instant for a strong exponent to make a move, so how can someone like you with only the strength of a Golden Core notice?”

The onlookers in the distance talked. In fact, most of the people hadn’t seen Feng Jiu make a move, only the city’s family patriarchs and talents noticed it. Just that glimpse of a moment was enough to be shocked by Feng Jiu’s strength.

The gray robed man also realised that the situation was not promising and went over to the old man: “Let’s withdraw first! We will go back and tell Master the news. I believe that Master will not punish us. After all, there is still a chance for us to make our move later on.” He didn’t want to be defeated here just like that either.

“Retreat!” The old man said. Just as he started moving, he heard a laugh.

“So you want to withdraw? Did you think you can insult our Heavenly Pill Tower at will?” Feng Jiu sneered at the few people who were about to leave. Just as she had spoken, a dozen or so men in black had appeared and blocked the path of those people.

When they saw the strong aura and the strength of the cultivation level of the dozen of people that were blocking their way, the gray robed old man’s face turned red and he stared gloomily at Feng Jiu.

“So that means that you won’t let us leave? Have you thought about it properly?” There was a hint of threat in his words.

“You can leave if you want to but you have to sever your own arm! If we act, then the consequences would be unimaginable.” Feng Jiu spoke unhurriedly. Although she had a smile on her face, no one thought she was joking.

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